1/The zero-carbon narrative for climate change is as stupid as it is for zero-COVID. At a basic level, reasonable (the minority) grasp that living organisms like mammals have a symbiotic relation w plant-life, in O2-CO2 exchange. So zero carbon means plant life starvation.
2/I write "starvation," not "suffocation," bc this symbiosis is not in the way people think. Humans & plants have things we take in & waste products excreted out. In humans, it's & food nutrients, H2O, & O2. In plants, it's CO2, soil/fertilizer nutrients, & H2O.
3/O2 is considered the CO2 symbiotic waste material for plants. It's not. Plants take in minerals from soils like do we from sea salt & food. Then they produce their own food nutrients directly from CO2 itself. As, plants produce the carbs, proteins, lipids get from EATING.
4/Humans use O2 differently than plants use CO2. Plants use CO2 in reactions requiring WATER (H2O) to produce carbohydrates (& so on). Plants use WATER, not C2O, as the symbiotic correlate to oxygen intake for humans. Humans use oxygens to catalyze oxidation reactions to break
5/down dietary food nutrients & produce anything we need from those nutrients. Humans use H2O mostly as the fluid just to transport all our cellular components (water lets cells travel up or anywhere. As in, plants use WATER in the way we do O2, NOT CO2.
6/water (H2O) is. Human waste--urinary and fecal--provides the minerals (largely) that makes it a good fertilizer, & CO2 we exhale is just another waste product we get rid of through our lungs. So people do not understand the actual CO2 issue for "climate change" & "zero carbon."
7/Since it is H2O (& in a different way, light) that plants actually "breathe" in the way humans use O2, you can increase water for plants (their version of O2), but it is CO2 require as light primarily get from mammals like humans. Reducing CO2 does not increase oxygen, bc
8/plants need it to produce oxygen. CO2 reduction STARVES plants of the FOOD (which we get in dietary food intake, which plants do NOT do) they need to pair w soil minerals (sea salt for us for ex) & the plant symbiotic correlate of human O2 intake, WATER (H2O, not CO2).
9/Plants use CO2 to create their food nutrients (create carbs etc). If they don't have the CO2 available in quantity for this, plants starve, LIKE US, resulting in less waste--O2 for us. In fact, even the ratio levels now of CO2 & O2 in the air is causing problems for plants,
10/bc it's NOT ENOUGH CARBON. What does "no carbon" then mean? Reduced plant food. Again, H2O, not CO2, is plant equiv of oxygen for humans. Restricting carbon reduces O2 in the air we breathe. I guess "climate change" doesn't account for less oxygen, unless we're depopulated.

• • •

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22 Feb
1/Impressive if you're awestruck by a name & don't understand your own career field. Elon Musk adds his name to COVID-19 vaccine supporters, in contrast to his expressed view in the past. Basically, this report takes a wild ride of complex terms to say antibody responses can vary
2/in quality & quantity (of antinbodies)--no sh*t*--& that antibody responses (all subsequent "re-infections") depend on if you had mildly symptomatic initial infection or more overt. W more overt symptoms, more C19 specific antibodies & not as many for cross-reactive virus ones.
3/It then concludes that initial antibody responses from the C19 vaccines are a positive & may in fact merit needing multiple injections. If you want to know the contextual meaning for that "initial good response" in mRNA vaccines, it's here.
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12 Feb
1/The COVID vaccine is not a normal vaccine. It's an mRNA vaccine. What this means is as follows. A normal vaccine carries a dead or damaged pathogen like a virus, that your immune system can then fully destroy. It's like killing a champion boxer already on the verge of death.
2/Your "adaptive immune system" works by memory. Antibodies are the product of that memory, like homing signals that directly instruct your immune system exactly how to most deliver a headshot to the virus if you ever encounter it again. You might not even notice when you're
3/re-exposed in the future, the killing is so quick. What the COVID mRNA vaccine does is different. It doesn't have a dead or damaged COVID virus inside. Instead, it contains mRNA--instructions for making proteins. But this isn't your mRNA. It's made in a lab, injected into you.
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25 Jan
1/Ok, so basically, you're implying that the only possible reason I couldn't be for equal outcome is I think black people are inherently dumber. So, you think this is just about a direct one to one SAT score type issue. So you're an example of how complex things can be so easily
2/dumbed own. First, women and men don't go into the same fields, for the same reasons that men watch sports & women care about beauty. So you have no understanding of genetic differences playing out in behavior, including interests. Second, you don't have an understanding
3/of anything besides straight numbers. You think this is just about numbers. You have no understanding of culture & welfare. Black rises in educational achievement and income increases started to decline from the 1970s on. This is because of welfare economics. Liberal policies
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17 Dec 20
1/A study that just came out found COVID-19 has retrovirus-like activity. It's an RNA virus that seems able to reverse transcribe to modify DNA, like HIV. The effect it was found to have was causing unusually high virus shedding, whether live or dead viral particles.
2/This was bolstered by another study published just after, that found COVID-19 specifically reduces male fertility in those who had symptomatic infections. COVID-19 seemed able to make transcriptional changes that, for one, reduces sperm production.
3/The concern is an engineered interaction bt the experimental mRNA vaccine & C-19 itself, for a more serious HIV-like retrovirus activity. It's a lab-modified high-spreading virus, & despite already widespread antibodies, the push is for mass vaccination.
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17 Dec 20
1/C-19 on Male Fertility: "Transmission electron microscopy analyses revealed coronavirus-like particles in the interstitial compartment of the testes of C-19 patients, providing direct evidence that SARS-CoV-2 enters and attacks human testicular tissues." nature.com/articles/s4142…
2/C-19 on Male Fertility: This seems related to C-19's possible retrovirus (RNA affecting DNA)-like activity. "These results suggest that SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers dynamic transcriptome alterations at the molecular level in testes during specific biological processes."
3/C-19 on Male Fertility: "These bioinformatics data suggest that SARS-CoV-2 infection may lead to dysfunction of the genes that regulate spermatogenesis and inflammation-related pathways, thereby causing inflammatory immune attack in the testes and defects in spermatogenesis."
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16 Dec 20
Possible interaction bt the experimental C-19 mRNA vaccine & the virus itself. The virus has shown to have indirect signs it can act as a retrovirus like HIV--RNA alters your DNA. It is not significant by itself, but this could pair w the vaccine's mRNA in an engineered way.
2/We have an architect of these vaccines, Gates, who is obsessed w genetically engineering humans via vaccines. His experimental C-19 vaccines were rushed thru w no obvious DNA-altering activity. It's an experimental mRNA vaccine w a lab-modified virus that spreads to everyone.
3/How Gates' obsession fits has been unclear, so MDs cannot pinpoint where the gene-alteration is, until this found C-19, an RNA virus, can reverse transcribe to alter DNA. A virus-vaccine interaction would be the shrewd way to do this w/o alerting people. biorxiv.org/content/10.110…
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