All back to normal now.

If you've already had the disease, the jab is quite like the symptoms you had first time around.

I've told you guys I lost my voice for a week when I had covid 05 to 21 December 2019 but otherwise it was a lame ass virus.

Sat, 5pm
When the needle went in, it was fine I didn't feel it but the deltoid did, felt like battery acid going in.

Fine, no anaphylaxis just my own anxiety over it, rested up, came home.

Took small for a 5km walk in the evening, no biggie.

Lots of throat muck in the PM.
By 10pm I was warm, 37.4, and my arm was hurting enough I couldn't raise it without significant pain.

Went to bed intending to sleep but I don't sleep well through through fever so was up and down all night, hot and cold

Sunday the headache began, I had it when I woke.
The headache yoyoed with the fever yesterday soxwhen I got it under control with painkillers, so was my temp back under 37

Never got higher than 37.5 all day

Nearly dozed off at 3pm

Headache threatened to return late evening but ibuprofen stopped it.

Slept hard.
Today temp back to normal, headache gone. Deltoid is still a bit sore.

So this further confirms I've already had the disease and now I am primed and ready.

Will I take the 2nd dose? Not sure.

Have an anti spike antibody assay sat here to do in 2 or 3 weeks' time.
I've never had a flu jab so I have nothing to compare with

But this illustrates to me I did fight it off well in December 2019. Which they say is impossible because it was "too early"
I said I would keep you up to date on what happens.

It is confirmatory to me that I had the disease, those antibody cartridges weren't wrong.
I had some criticism yesterday for future proofing

None of us knows what will happen with the vaccine passports.

I know I will be required it to see my parents

I know my boss is pleased and they can quit worrying about my maskless face

It wasn't "for nothing".
I agree it wasn't for my own personal physical health at this very moment in time either.

So we need to look at why that is and perhaps have a conversation about implicit and explicit coercion in our society when the dust settles.

Also for the record I am white American, 44, epilepsy, carer, group 6 for the jab

But otherwise no real reason to be especially susceptible

Was in fabulous physical health before the government ruined my life, I have picked up a few kilos and totally deconditioned sat here
The anxiety over this disease is really out of control. Really ridiculous.
Mental health is a whole separate tweet and I am livid to say the least that the govt ruined me straight out of a divorce.

No forgiveness. None.

• • •

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More from @leoniedelt

21 Feb
I told you guys I had a decision to make.

I made that decision. It was rather short notice tbh but it's done now.

Friday afternoon I got the vaccine call.

Yesterday afternoon I had the Pfizer one.

I'm not dead yet nor has my five g reception gotten any better.
I am happy to keep you up to date on evolution of side effects, it has been interesting yet very similar to the disease I had from 5 Dec to 21 Dec 2019

Judge all you like.

I believe more than anything it will become mandatory working w kids / travel.
I will say this, vaccine distrubtion is a well oiled machine, my god its efficient, the people were so lovely

No mask bullshit either.

I was offered a shield, which I had already bought at B&M In case they were going to insist.

I showed them a clear lateral flow.

Job done.
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20 Feb
I also did the divorcing, after he cheated and left. 19 years.

And ours was thoroughly amicable, though i still have the fury. We still "chat" even now.
Amicable in this situation just means they wont be pulling hair and slapping each other while fighting over money or custody.

They probably have prenups signed so all that is a doddle to cleave apart.
It was also a doddle for us, because half of nothing is still nothing - no assets to argue over.

I did all the work, as per usual. I did the divorce, i did the financial order. He signed, job done. He wanted freedom.
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18 Feb
Been reading up a lot about these jabs, esp as I know they are going to be a condition of a return to normality

Was on a zoom call last evening with a testing company that had some fascinating evidence on protection etc.

I have more reading to do.
I do not want to be coerced into something I don't want, BUT i want normal back as soon as possible.

Basically i'm at the point in my isolation and thinking that I'll take whatever just so this bullshit can end.
That is a desperate mindset, but so is 12 months of being cut off from the world.

All i have is what goes round and round in my head.

There's no one else to help balance it.
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15 Feb
I will not engage in LFTs every time I want to go somewhere.

I'm making that clear right right now.

I will not participate in that kind of hygiene theatre. This is psychologically damaging to my kids and I *will not* have it.

@SteveBakerHW @SirGrahamBrady @CharlesWalkerMP
I tweeted today on why I think it's causing escalating anxiety behaviours in ppl, constantly checking to see if they have a dread disease.

The govt NEED to be discussing the behavioural outcomes of this with psychologists etc because this will cause those on the edge to crack.
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15 Feb
Reposted to remove surname, duh

More like HIT (walk/run) than a run, but first outdoors since August, first exercise since 18 December.

Man I am out of practice! And I gotta figure out what to do w my hair, it's huge and in my way. Image
When I say run/walk, here's the evidence Image
Omg I am hiiiiigggghhhhh rn

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19 Jan
Just now at 9am stood at Butlers Lane by the train man that I have to wear the lanyard. He said I HAVE to cos if the police are here it'd an automatic FPN.

@WestMidRailway I bloody well DO NOT have to wear the lanyard!!!!! It's in my pocket!

What is wrong with your training??
I'm shaking from the argument.


When are you going to teach your staff the actual regulations?

Why do they KEEP harassing ME ffs

He said I might be exempt but I have to *show* it because that's part of the exemption.

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