part of the challenge of reclaiming some of the D&D villains for Queercoded has been that the writers for these queercoded monsters (from demon lords like Graz'zt, to vampires like Strahd) decided to base their personalities on using magic to sexually assault people
like. It's actually a pretty big theme - there aren't really any positive depictions of sexuality outside of the cishet nuclear family unit unless you count homicidal creatures from the abyss

it's a literal demonization of sexual freedom rofl
I don't even think this was intentionally malicious, I just don't suspect the designers over the last 30 years ever really noticed the bias, which says a lot. Neither is it unique to D&D, mind, but it's certainly fascinating to read about and try to fix.
I can see why some people just get exhausted with this game and go elsewhere lol, I don't blame them. alas, I was ever a sucker for a sisyphean task - patching it up like the Ship of Theseus keeps me occupied

(puts Graz'zt onto the anvil and starts hammering)

• • •

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19 Feb
the real blessing of having my D&D writing do well is that I can pay my friends their asking price for the gay art they make, it's all I've ever really wanted
the boy and I are moving later this year and the walls of our next place are going to be gay as fuck
idk how many days I have left on this planet but I would like to spend them surrounded by needlessly flamboyant and/or homoerotic art
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7 Feb
anti-homeless architecture is evil enough as it is, but if you remove all seats and put spikes everywhere you're also giving a big middle finger to every disabled person who can't walk far

I'm a narcoleptic. I may need to take a rest occasionally. Stop putting spikes on stuff.
No-one, I repeat no-one, is sleeping on a bench or a train because they have better options. So leave us the fuck alone, it's doing no-one any harm
I am not a goddamn pigeon. I am not vermin, and I will goddamn start tearing down your bullshit architecture myself if you don't stop making it hostile
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2 Feb
so open this image, take it all in, and walk me through why we get big boob D&D muppet but not ginormous wang bulge D&D muppet 😂
the complete absurdity of this discourse is honestly the only reason I even stay on this hellsite anymore
for the record I am not in the least bit mad, I'm so amused I can't even express it

what has my life come to
that I am here
talking about this
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23 Jan
hi yes t.e.r.f.s dont like the term 'queer' because it's inclusive and it's difficult to use it as a weapon to divide or exclude people
if you consider that queer doesn't only represent gay and lesbian communities, but also bi, trans, asexual, nonbinary, aro, genderfluid and many ever increasing communities across sexuality and gender, that makes it a powerful word for uniting people

ofc hate groups despise it
the entire point of the word is inclusive, it's an umbrella term which only ever expands to protect people as our understanding of how diverse the human experience is changes

when we find new terms to describe ourselves, they can go right under 'queer' no questions asked
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19 Jan
now I love a musical but I made the mistake of watching 'the last five years' and after seeing anna kendrick give desperate life support to a non-existent plot for 2 hours I would like to petition it be renamed 'straight people yelling about nonsense'
all the characters do is scream at walls for hours

i can do that myself at home
i went to make tea and I came back and I had no idea if the song had changed
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17 Jan
one of the things I've tried to do with the Infinite Staircase is develop the #dnd5e planes less as different coloured monster repositories, and more as ways to look inwards

the Feywild helps you understand strong emotion
the Shadowfell is about memory and loss
the planes are meaningless except as a reflection of mortals, and they have the most narrative value as a way to pose existential questions, such as Hell and the implicit 'what will you give for the power to change things'
even visiting somewhere as innocuous a pleasant, idyllic afterlife can pose questions about whether it's ethical to rest while evil exists, what the meaning of Good is, and the complacency of celestial entities far removed from mortal suffering
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