The Testimonies on #Autophagymarathon

The reason you should join is now glaring.

Type 1 Dm and Cataract improved
Type 2 Diabetes Controlled.
Ulcer patient.

Hope you don't joke with your infused water.

Having an ulcer was never your fault, but it will be your fault if you keep living with it.

Take your health Back #Autophagymarathon

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4 Feb
Many factors affect the formation and proliferation of Cancer Cells.

But one very effective way of preventing and stopping the growth of cancerous cells is through autophagy

//Thread// Image
3 ways of inducing Autophagy


-ketogenic Diets

Much has already been written about Autophagy here👇
This thread seeks to Consolidate the use of fasting in treating Cancer and other metabolic complications that are implicated in Cancer e.g Obesity
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19 Jan
Three levers of Nutrition

Time restriction
Calorie restriction
Dietary restriction

A mini thread
Nutrition Is the most complicated field because of different variables in individual response to a given stimuli

You and I can eat the same thing at the same time under similar conditions, and it produces very different results
One of us might have a favorable response, and the other person totally messed up

Most of the dieting frustration are gotten from the facts that no two persons respond exactly to a given food stimuli

It worked for her, why is my own different,

Because you not her
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9 Jan
Why I fasted 48hours straight #AutophagyMarathon

Thread Image
Humans in modern society typically consume food at least three times Daily

Overconsumption of food with such eating patterns often leads to metabolic morbidities (insulin resistance and excessive accumulation of visceral fat

Especially when associated with sedentary lifestyle
Food overconsumption is the reason for metabolic disorders like obesity, TOFI(thin outside fat inside)diabetes, cardiovascular disease, etc.
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30 Dec 20

The Ultimate Diet intervention

A Peptic ulcer is a sore on the lining of your stomach or the first part of your small intestine(duodenum)

If the ulcer is in your stomach, it's called GASTRIC ULCER. If it's in your Duodenum it's called a DUODENAL ULCER

In some cases it can be Both which is called

Causes of Ulcer include.

-Bacterial infection by (H. Pylori)

-NSAIDs(Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

-Irritants like alcohol, Tobacco, soft drinks, coffee.

-stress or nervous tension, which causes Vasoconstriction and reduces blood supply to
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27 Dec 20
Cabbage; more than just salads

Heals Ulcer

The cabbage was already important food in the Greco-Roman period.

The Greeks in addition to enjoying them as food discovered their medicinal properties.

Hippocrates, Galen, and Dioscorides praised the therapeutic value of cabbage.

Cato the Elder, a Roman philosopher
Of the second century, B.C Declared that "if the Romans had endured the previous six centuries without Doctors,

it had to be because of cabbage

May they didn't have apples lol.

However, throughout history cabbage has been considered the food of the poor.

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27 Dec 20
How to make your luck and get rich.


Read, Retweet and Bookmark

Most question on people mind is how do I get Rich?

Here is the answer

enter a field where money can be made, and be extremely good at what you do.

What follows is a more in depth explanation of that formula.
2.Pareto Distribution
In every society wealth is pareto distributed. Within every field and profession where money can be made, the financial rewards are pareto distributed.

What this means is that a tiny minority of people at the top get the overwhelming majority
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