Soya beans are about 19% fat. Soya oil used for human consumption and industry is about 17%.

That suggests it is the same soya beans feeding the humans and animals, which are mostly fed the soya bean meal leftover from oil production.
As they are different parts of the same bean we'd still have to grow the same amount of soya beans to provide the oil for human consumption and industry even if no soya bean products were fed to animals.
It just seems more like using data to push a particular agenda than trying to inform people.

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20 Feb
Covid spreads through the air, not through the chair.
Ventilating the air, not disinfecting the chair is what will help prevent the covid spread.
Unless you are licking the chair. But you shouldn't be doing that anyway.
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19 Feb
@WesselyS and his collegues have been screwing up our lives for so many years. They have built their professional careers on the suffering and marginalisation of vulnerable patients and yet they are still praised and even get honoured for it.

This from 1996:
These people gaslighted everyone for so long. They really believed patients were causing their own illness. They persuaded the whole medical profession that testing patients was unnecessary and that looking for a cause was a waste of time. Image
They couldn't help these patients and they ensured that no one else would help them either. No testing, no research. Who is going to give research funding to study the biological causesof an illness that the experts agree doesn't exist?

So many years wasted.
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20 Oct 20
Will eating sugar ruin your immune system? Surely a single small study from 1973 will tell us.

I've seen this shared online so many times over the years. So, what did it show?
They fed 10 people 100 grams of carbohydrate either as glucose, fructose, sucrose, honey, orange juice, or starch. One each morning.

Then they collected blood at 0.5, 1, 2, 3, and 5 hours afterwards.
But wait, how many people were there? It says 10 and then says

"For the 1-, 2-, and 3-hr periods, more than the 10 original subjects participated with fructose, sucrose, honey, and starch."

So there may be undefined extra people in some groups at some time points. But okay.
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19 Oct 20
This mouse study is used as evidence that seed oils (linoleic acid) causes obesity. It uses very well controlled diets. Mice eating 1% linoleic acid gained less fat than those eating 8%.

But I found the results a bit odd so I thought I'd look into it.
Another more recent study (that doesn't get cited much) also used very well controlled diets.

This one found no effect in mice varying the linoleic acid between 4.7% and 9%…
I've seen other mouse studies with high and low linoleic acid that don't have the effects seen in the first study.

The first study has a curious result that the feed efficiency in low linoleic acid diets was lower. This means they were eating more food at the same body weight.
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17 Oct 20
"Southern found that she loved being a contrarian. She didn’t necessarily believe the things she said or did, she told me, but the power of making her teachers squirm was intoxicating."

The amount of harm done in the world by people like this.…
Also the madly sureal.

"Hutcheson refuses to eat food originally from nonwhite countries, such as ketchup, whose origins are in China, so the two, facing limited restaurant options, chose the British-style Oxley Public House in Toronto’s Yorkville neighborhood."
Also this.

"Hutcheson looked uneasy as his girlfriend continued to talk about her career ambitions. “All of us Europeans have the responsibility to reproduce,” he interjected."...
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1 Oct 20
I've seen this claim that phytic acid in plant foods blocks the zinc from being absorbed from animal foods like oysters.

It does look like a worrying graph. But I don't think that the claim is correct. ImageImageImage
The graph is reproduced from this 1979 study. Studies aren't bad because they are old but they need to be in context of research since.

The key point is that it measures changes in plasma zinc, not absorption. ImageImage
One way to look at this is the "cited by" articles on pubmed that shows you which studies have cited this one. Only 8 have since 1979 and no other studies seem to have used this method to measure zinc absorption. Suggests there is something up with it.
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