Hear these words:

“I participated in actions that in hindsight were deplorable and detrimental to the advancement of my own Black people. My actions on behalf of the NYPD were done under duress & fear.”

Raymond Woods, black NYPD officer…
NYPD, in collusion w/FBI, arrested Malcolm X's entire security detail right before his speech at the Audubon Theater, "guaranteeing Malcolm X would not have any security" they day he was killed. This BLACK officer had this deathbed confession delivered to Malcolm X's 3 daughters
And on top of all this, this BLACK cop showed up at Malcolm X's funeral to escort his family & give his personal condolences to Malcolm's widow Dr. Betty Shabazz. Look at this picture very closely paying close attention to the two black cops immediately to her right.
Dis mafucka orchestrated this letter 2 B released as a dying declaration in hopes of revealing just how deep the FBI's tentacles went N2 destroying black leaders. We dont know the half. Malcolm, Martin & Chairman Fred Hampton all had traitors in their midst &



This is why I'm a loner. No matter how pro-black you think you are, white people will always be able to pick off 1 of your own to bring you down. This is just how airtight white supremacy is. My old pastor & father in ministry, the Rev. Dr. Jesse L. Douglas Sr., who just passed,
once told me, "Look around your immediate circle. Scrutinize all family, friends & frat. If U ever hear a report that says, "anonymous sources say, Dr. Alexander Hamilton xyz, know that it came from 1 of those people. If you watch them very close, they will tell U who they are."
Dr. Douglas was speaking from experience. He was the first president of the Montgomery Improvement Association & he was appointed by Dr. King as the first Secretary of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). He shared w/me a lot of deep stories about DrKing &
specifically he detailed why he was always afraid that something would happen to him. Dr. Douglas told me that Dr. King had too many jealous people around him & that he would not put it pass many of those around him to be working w/J. Edgar Hoover & the FBI. This blew my mind---
until I read the original FBI files on DrKing. Then it became apparent that it was no way the FBI could have as much info on King w/out some1 close to him leaking that information. It later came out that King's photographer & an SCLC staff member were both FBI informants.
I actually believe it was much deeper than that & I will share what my research has uncovered at a later date. For now, you need 2 be constantly examining those around you. For me, I have no friends. Only family & that circle is very very very very small. I implemented a process-
of elimination years ago. I eliminate people from my life primarily based on their decisions & judgment in their life. If you watch people long enough, they will show you exactly who they are. I don't fuck w/any1 doing illegal or unethical shit. Deeper than that, I don't fuck-
we people who live risky lives & do unhealthy shit. During this pandemic, I closely monitor whose taking this pandemic shit serious & who is not. For those who don't, they can't come nowhere around me. Some family members have found this out the hard way.
I also examine people close for the potential for criminality. Keep in mind, in many of the situations where the FBI is able to co-opt some one its' because that person put themselves in a situation criminally for the police to have them by the balls.
A person who the government has under their thumb will always turn on U. The point is you have to be able to ASSESS PEOPLE'S JUDGMENT. If my antennas go up in any aspect where I might question your judgement, I vanish like Casper n2 the night. U can tell big things about people-
from small things they do & this doesnt have 2 have anything to do w/me. If I see you making bad decisions in your own life, I don't fuck with you. Too much to lose. In a society dominated by white supremacy, one wrong move by a black person can bring down everything around you.
Like Dr. Dre's "Watcher," I have watched these tragedies play out in real time over the years. Call me out a sellout all you want my nigga, I will be damn if I let any 1 nigga bring down all the shit I've worked hard for & put my family at risk. If you don't get this, cool beans.
I'm meticulous w/this shit. I watch people very closely. My wife can tell you first hand, not every1 can cross my door seal. We don't invite nobody into our home. I've seen too much. Just ask Washington Redskins Sean Taylor's ghost about this lesson.
Mr. Taylor, a multimillionaire football player had a birthday party at his mansion only for his sister's friends to return later in a home invasion & murder him. There are too many of these type of tales w/black people. I dont fuck w/nobody who I don't know eerbody dey fuck with.
Either U can be got by da police or by one of your own. Niggas gotta be on guard 24/7 for every damn thing this fucked up society has 2 throw at them. Call me crazy all U want. It is this attention to detail that will keep U alive & thriving. Now 2 B clear, there is no guarantee-
for black life in a society dominated by white supremacy. These are just a few rules for the road 2 increase your chances of survival. U could do all this shit & still end up dead. Thats a helluva way 2 live, but then again, black people don't get to live. We only get to survive.

• • •

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24 Feb

Wanting 2 speak 2 an American when I call customer service is NOT xenophobic. I pay way 2 much money 2 call n2 a company & cant understand who I'm talking 2. Furthermore, the outsourcing of service & manufacturing jobs-
for cheap labor sweatshops overseas is flat out unpatriotic & only designed to increase profits for wealthy executives. Enough. Bring those jobs back home & tax the hell out of companies that send these jobs overseas. I am American & I want to see Americans have these jobs at-
a good living wage. I am starting 2 examine closely the companies I choose to do business with & I am starting 2 move business away from companies that exploit cheap labor & export American jobs overseas. Real talk. If U want 2 take a stab at ending race & class tension in this-
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21 Feb

Here is a little known backstory to DrKing's adoption of Mahatma Gandhi's nonviolent strategy known as "satyagraha." Much of what DrKing learned about nonviolent direct action came from his mentors Howard Thurman & Morehouse president Benjamin E. Mays.
However, what is not know by many is precisely how did Thurman & Mays come to know about the Gandhian nonviolent strategy. Well, in 1936 Thurman & Mays took a pilgrimage to India to meet with Gandhi. Upon their arrival, Gandhi's first remarks were:
"Why has the American Negro adopted the religion of their oppressors?" Thurman & Mays were stumped & dumfounded by this question & had not retort. This is why the opening salvo of Thurman's theological masterpiece "Jesus & The Disinherited," Thurman asks,
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20 Feb

“My grandmother never thought about any harm the vaccines would do to us, but she trusted in the Lord that it would do us all the good,”

Peggy Tatum
Great Granddaughter of Willie Tatum
Black Man killed by Tuskegee experiment.…
Mrs. Tatum goes on to say:

"I do think they [black people] are using Tuskegee as an excuse...."

The great granddaughter of a black man who was medically murdered by the infamous Tuskegee experiment is lecturing black people & telling us to "trust in the lawd" like her granny.
She then goes on to say that any black person comparing this to what her grandfather went through is just "using Tuskegee as an excuse." So now, us lazy darkies are using yet another thing as excuse for why we should not do better & be better like eerybody else?
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18 Feb

If U remember from an earlier post I brought up Sen Elizabeth Warrens remark that "Obama did more for Wall Street than Main Street." I concur. U can ignore poor black people all day, but under no circumstance can U ever ignore poor white people.…
Now Biden must be careful not to repeat the same mistakes of Obama. Biden most go big & go big fast. Fuck inflation. Order the treasury to start printing money. You will not beat Trump by impeaching or prosecuting him. You must beat him on the battlefield of ideas & you do so by-
helping the people he ignored. People with good jobs, food on the table & a roof over their head dont have time to do insurrections. If U help these people, you will choke off the fuel to Trumpism. Some black people will criticize me for taking this approach. My simple retort is-
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17 Feb

Read carefully. This is raw capitalism. Come hell or high water, u must find a way to be TOTALLY SELF-SUFFICIENT & immunize your family against the whims of other human beings, especially elected officials. I'm insane with this.…
Trying to build my own power grid for my home, harvest rain water for my own water supply & learning to farm to supply my own food. My wife used to think I was crazy, until the pandemic hit. I can go months w/o stepping foot in a grocery store. I do not say this to boast, but-
to point out the the importance of independence. I don't want to depend on a damn person for a damn thing nor do I want my life to be a democracy for which anyone else gets a vote. If you're not born into wealth like some, to do this, you have to scratch, claw & struggle.
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15 Feb


"When I see Harris & her husband, I see us. Will more BW begin to see the same potential 4 romantic love w/white men? Harris' next 4 yrs in the WH could help provide an answer. The power of Harris' example."…
Black men, you are officially expendable, at least have the media tell you. And black women, to hell w/black men. White people will reward you handsomely following Harris' lead. Never forget this country was founded on breaking up black families. I predicted this would happen.
Make Michelle Obama white & Barack Obama's campaign doesn't sniff an ounce of support from black women. The reason being was that the picture of an intact black family in power was a beautiful sight for black women & fulfilled their greatest dreams. There is nothing wrong w/this.
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