This op-ed is based on an assumption that is not in evidence: That is a bad thing to have an uptick in migration from people seeking political asylum. That is not a given, especially after the Trump slowdowns.…
The pandemic isn't an all-purpose explanation, either. As the article notes, refugees are crammed in squalid camps in Mexico, which has somehow managed to mishandle the pandemic worse than us. Letting them over to live in better conditions likely reduces transmission.
Bigger picture: I would have wished that the Trump era taught us to stop treating immigrants like they are inherently a problem. Trump was able to exploit decades of misleading rhetoric that assumed that immigration represents failure, instead of opportunity.
It's particularly dumb to hang-wring about low birth rates and then turn around and reject an influx of people who are young and ready to work hard to make it in a new country.

• • •

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24 Feb
I haven't taken a deep dive on the Britney takes, but I think it's important to remember that music fans experienced 1999 as a vicious misogynist backlash to 90s-era feminism. It was the year of the Woodstock rapes, the surge in toxic masculinity bands like Limp Bizkit.
Spears was very much experienced, at the time, as a bunch of misogynist music producers issuing a blanket "fuck you" to riot grrrl, the Lilith Fair, and bands like L7 and Hole. It was the year of the great reclaiming of pop music in the name of misogyny.
I am recognizing that people who were kids then (I was 21-22) didn't see it that way and just liked the music (which is often good!) and Britney's talent (undeniable). But in 1999, at least, it was widely understood her lack of autonomy was the point.
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23 Feb
The Supreme Court did Republicans a huge favor by allowing NY to access Trump's financial documents. They are hungry for Trumpism without Trump, and can have it — if he's in prison.…
Republicans want Trump's base and Trump's anti-democratic agenda, but they understandably don't want the guy around who tried to have them murdered. But if he was in prison, well, that solves their problems. No surprise they're largely mum on this NY investigation. Image
Frankly, I think a lot Republicans would love a Trump-in-the-clink situation. They could treat him as a martyr, all without having to sit next to him while he farts and drinks his eigth Diet Coke in an hour. Image
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23 Feb
Not that anyone is surprised, but Ted Cruz's apology tour was total bullshit and he can't believe you — his word — "assholes" would dare criticize him for abandoning his state while people froze to death.
Man, this entire interview is just a massive expose of what a useless piece of shit and narcissistic asshole Cruz is. He whines that his neighbors had Beto signs, as if they're obliged to coddle his feelings.…
And he does that creepy thing conservative men do, where they talk about how "smoking hot" their wives are, as if this somehow makes them more manly and virile. Image
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23 Feb
I reiterate my worry: If the message is "vaccination changes nothing, you get zero more freedoms", people will wonder why they should bother to get vaccinated. The promise that if we all do it, we get to be freed is not enough.…
Americans are especially bad at conceptual understandings of the collective, which is why that no amount of messaging about how masks protect other people sunk in — people just assumed it was a self-protection thing. Health measures framed in terms of personal benefit do better.
Otherwise, we're in a shitty prisoner's dilemma where everyone is standing around saying "you first" to the vaccine. We have to find some way to tie more personal freedom to the shot, or we're never getting to herd immunity.
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22 Feb
Part of the problem for Democrats is that they never have quite enough power to make change. But in order to convince people to vote, making change has to happen. Winning office means showing voters it's worth their time to vote, which isn't easy.…
It can seem really unfair and is really unfair that the majority of Democrats who want to win elections are being held hostage by two Democrats (Sinema, Manchin) who, for whatever dumb reason, do not seem to want their party to win elections.
But unfortunately, there is no way to convince voters to vote outside of seeing their votes matter. So Democrats have got to find a way to make that happen. Or people will stop voting. Again. And right now, the path is straight to people-quit-voting-ville.
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22 Feb
There's never been a better moment for Democrats to draw a sharp contrast with the failed GOP and prove government can work.

So why do I get the feeling they intend to spend the next two years twiddling their thumbs, guaranteeing a poll massacre in 2022?…
A coronavirus relief bill is not enough. To stop the cycle of GOP destruction followed by not-good-enough Democratic clean-up, Democrats need to pass real bills, not just budget reconciliation. Or Republicans may lock down power permanently.
Coronavirus relief isn't enough, just like the 2009 bailout wasn't enough. Saving the country — which is the only way to save Democrats — requires passing real bills. But you can sense all enthusiasm for the idea draining out of Democrats.
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