Fauci should be fired.
He has been downtalking the efficacy of vaccines at a time when we need precisely the opposite. He has been mirroring the administration's double talk on school reopenings.
I gave Fauci the benefit of the doubt for a full year here, but he is simply not an apolitical voice at this point. I'm not saying he's badly motivated. I'm saying that as the top voice for covid fighting in the US, his mixed messaging is harmful.
Note: I didn't say Trump should fire him. In fact, I said precisely the opposite. I'm saying that if the Biden administration's messaging around vaccines has been terrible, and Fauci is a major part of that. Biden should can him.

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28 Jan
Much of the enthusiasm for the GameStop prank is rooted in a fundamental misconception that the stock market is merely a casino. This is untrue.
The stock market provides three goods:
1. Liquidity options for companies;
2. Investment opportunities for stockholders;
3. Proper pricing of assets through aggregation of information, conveyed through transactions.
Those who trade in stocks each day are in it to make money, just as you do your job to make money. As a benefit of the free market, their trading, which is institutionally rooted in assessment of stock value, provides (3).
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27 Jan
So, today I pointed out that Politico's blow-up over me writing Playbook wasn't about me being cancelled -- it was about woke staffers cudgeling editors into never reaching across the aisle again. Now I have a pretty great example of this problem in action.
My friends @guypbenson and @mkhammer were also asked to jointly guest-write Playbook. I know this because they told me so the day of the firestorm. The editors had sought them out and said they were enthused about having them (the same thing that happened with me).
The editors were supposed to set a hard date for their slot. Then, oddly enough, just after my issue of Playbook, Politico went dead silent on them. Communications stopped for days.
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26 Jan
Once again, my point in Politico: conservatives feel that media attacks on anyone right of center are nearly always designed as a broader attack on conservatives writ large. Politico staffers just keep proving my point, over and over again.
Here's the thing: they can't cancel me. But they can certainly make life miserable for anyone who thinks of platforming conservatives at a non-conservative outlet in the future. Which is the entire point.
Also, I hope all those staffers enjoy their Leftist Tears tumblers. Gotta keep those laptops dry for future forays into journalisming.
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21 Jan
According to @KarenAttiah, white supremacy is going to threaten America because Politico let me write Playbook last week. How delightful. washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/…
So. Much. Unitying.
Note to @karenattiah: white supremacists despise me. The feeling is mutual. But thanks for proving, once again, that my Politico argument was right: for many on the Left, lumping all conservatives together with criminals and white supremacists is club to silence opposition.
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15 Jan
It's my birthday! So grateful to God for another year of life on this beautiful planet in the greatest country in history, at the greatest time to be alive in human history.
Also, it's time to play what I call, predictably, The Happy Birthday Game: how many happy birthday texts will I receive from liberal friends who won't say happy birthday on this hellsite out of fear of backlash for recognizing that I was indeed born of woman?
For each such text I receive, I shall post the following gif:
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10 Jan
Imagine if, in the midst of the massive BLM riots this summer, the entire tech infrastructure had deplatformed Facebook because some had used that app to plan events devolving into violence. People would rightly have called that an insane act of ideological fascism.
Yet today, media will celebrate Amazon doing exactly that to Parler. The tech bros are making a horrible and dangerous moment significantly more horrible and dangerous. There are no consistent standards being applied. There is reactionary deplatforming in the name of one side.
Private companies are by law free to do what they like. That’s why I have always said that the solution to the censorship of Twitter is alternatives -- which is what Parler was attempting to be, whatever its flaws.
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