Before I start this thread, I will be focusing on Western and Vedic astrology of what causes magnetism of exuded sex appeal and sensuality in someone's natal chart.
First off, let's talk about the important planets that would make you naturally exude sensuality and sex appeal. There are three sexual planets, meaning these planets whose influences cover areas of sex. They are Venus, Mars, and Pluto.
If a person was born with an aspect of any of these three planets, then the person has a sexual aspect due to the influence of that planet in their natal chart.
Venus ☆
Venus rules the signs Taurus and Libra. This planet represents two areas in our lives: Love and Money. Venus rules the sentiments in our lives of what we value, as well as the pleasures. Grace, charm, and beauty are all ruled by Venus.
Pluto ☆
Pluto is far far away from us, mostly always in the shadows but always seems to reveal itself. It is the planet of creative destruction and the great revealer of the hidden truths in the core. Pluto is also the ruling planet of Scorpio, so there is always transformation
Mars ☆
Mars is the action firey planet known as the "Red Planet" but is the planet of energy, action, and desire. Mars is associated with passion, aggression, and war. This planet rules Aries, and traditionally Scorpio. Our sexual desires come under the rule of Mars
Now that we've gone over the sexual planets and their influences. Let's go over aspects and the placements in someone's natal chart that would create sexual, alluring and charming nature.
Scorpio Rising ☆

Scorpio is the sign of magnetism which if you have a Scorpio Rising, you tend to be very strong and proud whilst also keeping this mystery with added fiercely determination to every you do. You are also very magnetic, especially to potential love interests.
Scorpio ☆

If you are a Scorpio or have any placements within this sign. Scorpio now is ruled by the planet Pluto, but at one time it was ruled by Mars. This sign is ruled by 8H which deals with intimate bonds which includes sex and attraction.
The sign is known for being dark, mysterious, and having intensity in almost everything they do with added charm. Scorpio's naturally have a very high sex drive and find making love very important as it allows them to express emotions.
Now let's talk about all the Venus aspects in a natal chart that would exude sexually and attracting energy. In the next section, I'll be focusing just on Venus placements and aspects.
ignore the typo in the title of the thread that was a mistake!!! eeep!
Venus conjunct Ascendant ☆
If you have a Venus conjunct Ascendant, you have a friendly attractive attitude towards others. Your attractiveness is the first thing people notice and that is very much a big deal to you. You generally have a good sense of style and your own beauty
more coming later! I’m currently writing an essay, and continuing this thread at the same time! thankyouuuu for the interaction and patience 🥺💖🥺
Venus sextile Ascendant ☆
If you have this, you have a sweet attractive demeanor and you are always on point with charming others like catching flies with honey.
Venus conjunct Midheaven ☆
Having your Venus conjunct your MC, you gain everything you want with your attractiveness as well as your charm. Anything involving luxury and beauty is something you will most likely succeed in with this conjunction.
Venus sextile Pluto ☆
If you have this, your romantic relationships are very deep, passionate, very intimate with added intensity on being emotional. It's essentially all or nothing. This also makes you highly magnetic to others and sexually pleasured by yourself.
Venus square Mars ☆
With this, you are most likely to not want to have just "platonic" relationships which cause a lot of tension, however, the whole world of romance, beauty. Your desires for sex fascinate you. You can also be burned out by pouring your energy into romance
Venus trine Ascendant ☆
You have a very appealing physical appearance with this trine along with winning things you desire along the way. You are always happy to give and please people around you with your charm.
Now let's go onto Pluto aspects, and how they influence your sex appeal due to the aspect in your chart.
Pluto conjunct Ascendant ☆
With this, you are extremely private and secretive with everything you do. You are very charming and are very influential on others. You always want deeper meaning in everything, and strive for your destiny whilst also helping others along the way.
Pluto sextile Ascendent ☆
You have a very clear vision for the unspoken and hidden in life. You may seem very intense to others which can overwhelm others and make them uncomfortable. However, there is a lot of sexual energy with this sextile which makes you alluring.
☆ Now let's get onto signs that have natural sexual energy. These signs would be Leo, Scorpio, Gemini, Taurus, Aries, Virgo, Libra.
Btw this thread is not finished yet! I have tons more information and other planets and stuff to talk about 💖
PSA: there are more sections coming! So if you see something that I have forgotten, I promise you it’s on my list for sections for this thread particularly! Pls be patient 🥺💕
☆ Let's go back onto more conjunctions, trine, and sextiles in your natal chart that would make you have seductive energy due to the placement of it. We'll go back onto the signs later in the thread. I wanted to add more as there's tons that effect seductiveness.
☆ Mars conjunct Venus
This is a very famous synastry, this conj works better for men and the trine/sextile for women. The soft energy works in favour of women with this, and the harshness is better for men. This will have many beautiful aspects to it.
☆ Venus/Asc Midpoint conjunct Asc
With this, it will cause a natural impact on making someone very innocent in terms of appeal with hints of subtle beauty features that stand out.
☆ Mars Conjunct Asc
This conjunction exudes raw sexuality unless one is uncomfortable w their sexuality etc. Men with these aspects gain a lot of attention, but this placement can be heavily intense. Yet, it still manages to attract.
☆ Mars Conjunct/Trine Uranus
With this aspect, first of all, it already brings a dreamy aura with sexiness added to it. With this aspect, it makes you look very interesting and makes you self-confident within yourself. Smart and sexy essentially.
☆ Neptune conjunct/trine/sextile Moon
With this aspect, you are considered to be extremely dreamy due to Neptune in conj/trine/sextile with the Moon. It also makes you incredibly innocent, whilst signifying beauty at the same time because of the Moon aspect
☆ Neptune Conjunct/Opposition Asc:
This conjunction/opposition impacts someone's features heavily and has a lot of focus on the face. With Neptune too, it also makes you very innocent but with very plump features and dreamy eyes.
☆ Let's not forget the very sensual placement being Mars in Scorpio. Having Mars in Scorpio is a very strong sexual placement. With this, you probably put a lot of raw intense energy into sex. You love to explore the depths of sexuality and are often extremely sexy to others.
☆ In the next section, we will be talking about the sexiest signs in astrology due to the sexualness in the sign.

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