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Thread for hope.

1. Don’t be sad, Allah is with us” 9:40

When Prophet pbuh reached the cave of Sawr where he and Abu Bakr hid for 3 days while being pursued by Kuffar of Makkah. Abu Bakr knew what was supposed to happen, so he became sad. Why?
2. Because they had worked so hard for Islam & now this end seemed too unfulfilling.

It was not supposed to end like this. Noticing Abu Bakr to be gloomy, Prophet said to him “Don’t be sad, Allah is with us” 9:40. Surely, Allah is with us so there’s no need to be sad or worry.
3. This should be our motto in our life. Whenever life hits us and crushes us, we feel overwhelmed, numb, helpless. We feel crushed by our hopes and dependencies. We had given our everything for that degree, job, person and yet it fell short of enough.
4. Then we ask ourselves why did Allah bring us here in the first place if this was meant to end like this? Allah could have surely guided us to something better without us being heartbroken in the end.
5. We could have pursued another career, we could have joined another college, that marriage proposal shouldn’t have come, that marriage shouldn’t have happened, we could have been born at a different place in a different time.
6. But the thing is, as Iqbal says,
Barhna Payi Wohi Rahe Gi, Magar Naya Khar Zaar Hoga

Lovers’ wandering will be the same but only deserts will be new

The heartache was meant to be in your life, it would have been due to something else.
7. The verse teaches us that, the ache in your heart and soul is too inconsequential when compared with the mercy of Allah. Allah can cure that heartache and he will InShaAllah.
8. As Prophet was saying this to Abu Bakr, he meant that even though Kuffar were many in number, had best trackers with them, were closing on them, Prophet and Abu Bakr were accompanied by Allah himself and whomsoever is accompanied by Allah can never be sad.
9. Who can be sad in the company of Allah? Why would you be sad in the company of Allah?

Abu Bakr became sad because he saw the pursuit in accordance to the laws of dunya. The footsteps led to the cave, so he was sure that this was the end.
10. But Allah had better plans, HE always has. We might wonder why did Abu Bakr have to undergo mental torture of being inside the cave while Kuffar were just outside? Allah could have made them have a head start & reach Madina safely without suffering emotionally and mentally.
11. Just as we ask Allah why HE led us to something that was never meant to be ours, we were better off without then why did he make us hope for that particular job, degree, person, child. It was just for us to be closer to HIM.
12. So that when all of this is over, you are closer to him than before and for you to receive more than what you expected. Like what happened with Abu Bakr, when all of this was over, he was overwhelmed by the mercy of Allah.
13. And whoever fears Allah, He will make a way out for them and provide for them from sources they could never imagine. And whoever puts their trust in Allah, then HE is sufficient for them” 65:3-4
14. Abu Bakr feared Allah and a spider came to his aid!
"From SOURCES you can never imagine"
Laws of Duniya don't make sense when Amr of Allah is in effect.
A spider weaving its web at the mouth of the cave and a dove brooding over her eggs is unfathomable but it happened!
15. So, trust Allah and HE will be sufficient for you!
What comes after will surely be better than what was lost before.

This too shall pass!
InShaAllah Khair.

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