Not nearly as privileged as white boy living in the richest country in the world with a mother who has dedicated her life to caring for him?

But you just keep hating on women because they are an easy target....
The way you speak about your mother...the constant use of the word motherf*cker, your obsession with treating women as either too old for sex or only there for very telling.
And your 'edgy humour' is just an excuse to hate on women.
I only got 3 I commend the control you have over your fanbase, Donnie.

That is impressive.
BTW. I don't just relate to you as a 'disabled person.' Those are the people around you on twitter that pander to the vile things you say 24/7.

I am treating you as a person...a man. I'm calling you out. I respect you.

Stop relating to women as carers or sex objects.
Your so called Twitter friends let you get away with the nasty things you say because they can't see past your 'disability.'

I can see past it...and that is why I am saying your 'edgy humour' is just an excuse for you to hate on another 'minority' - women.
So stop using your disability as an excuse and start treating women with the respect they and YOU deserve?

• • •

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16 Feb
People have the right to block when they feel threatened.
Not everything can be worked through by DM.
The world does not work that way.
Blocking is for self protection.
He no longer trusted you.
Having people waiting in the wings is not the way to go about it.
I too blocked those trying to add me to a group DM peopled by a group of people who had attacked me.
You cannot always expect people to behave as you would want them to...
I seriously think you need to acknowledge that trust is earnt.
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15 Feb
I'm flattered you listen to my comments, John.
Interestingly the word 'idiot' was first used to describe those with learning difficulties and over the centuries became the go to word for calling someone stupid.

The roots of words tell us a lot about society and how very little has changed?
Both the words 'idiot' and 'retard' are mired in hate directed at people with learning difficulties.

Rather similar to the N-word which has it's roots in the lynching and murder of thousands of black people over the past 200 years.
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13 Feb
The nest of vipers are out in force.
Best avoided.
Dreadful bullies. And teachers and governors too.
Just awful.
Muddling Along...the teacher who contacted a farm shop I frequent.
Mrs Khalid who monitors my account and follows and DMs anyone at all on Twitter that I may have a spat with...every single time for years.
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12 Feb
Mrs Khalid...the woman who could NOT wait to smear me to Matthew Tabor and Lucy Lieber.

She does it time and time again.
She lies.
There is a case open with Norfolk Police....and she should have known better than to tell them otherwise.
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11 Feb
It is breastfeeding and it always will be.
Men have breasts too.
Men have small amounts of breast tissue and can also get breast cancer.
Give it a rest.
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10 Feb
Ditch it John.
iPhones stink.
Apple are a US make....they are spying on you.
#commasmatter and Americans can't use punctuation for toffee.
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