lol what superhero? Basically every Indian character introduced by Marvel is a superhero version of an IT guy (go look up Raz and Grid) or a maths topper & I'm really not interested in Big Bang Theory But With Powers. Push for greenlighting an IP worth hiring a Dev Patel for
The only actual decent Indian superheroes, like every last one, was written in India by Indian comics writers and literally none of them will ever be greenlit by a big Hollywood studio like ever so lets just bury this whole tangent already and move on.
Don't get me wrong there are some great, talented writers working in comics here, inc in Marvel. Many are even Indian. But ffs Marvel, actually let those talented people create something new and cool and real for us.
to cite just one name, pretty sure that @runwithskizzers would legit blow us all away if they'd just hand her a set of keys and let her drive that damn bus.

• • •

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22 Feb
Writing a Patreon piece about my dad's friend Amar Uncle and this guy honestly should have been a 10 season TV show that was just a camera following him everyday. He's so far out there he made us all think my family was normal for years.
Amar Uncle once got an electricity bill that was Rs 200 more than he should have got that they refused to change immediately so he did the only logical thing and cut off the electricity connection and informed the family they would just have to manage with oil lamps from today.
Amar Uncle was on holiday in Shimla one time & the hotel issued an advisory that due to aggressive monkeys please don't leave food or clothes on the balconies so Amar Uncle did the Amar thing and went and bought a LITERAL FUCKING SPEAR and stood on the balcony to guard his undies
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22 Feb
I actually want all companies to market like this. I'll happily choose between Coke and Pepsi if I can watch both CEOS beating the shit out of each other on national TV with lathis
Please don't forget to notice the big stoic guy in a blue shirt who's half heartedly lathicharging random people but when he falls down he goes into proper full Dhalsim mode and kicks ass
That uncle there has stolen Blankas hair too, this is legit the Streetfighter movie we really needed
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21 Feb
I don't understand the hate for brussels sprouts and broccoli in a society that actively pushes lettuce on the innocent
"would you like a salad?"

"No I bloody well would not because when you say salad what you mean is lettuce and some other stuff and then some dressing because you futilely hope it'll disguise the taste of the lettuce."
My actual breaking point came when someone was like "it's not the taste, its the texture" and look, eat what you like but I'm here for food not upholstery so sorry, hard pass
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21 Feb
I dunno if I've ever made a trip to the airport that didn't involve nonstop calculations all the way of how long the next x traffic signals will eat up & their impact on the odds I miss the flight.*

*I don't miss many flights, I just really hate waiting on this side of security
Basically if the flight leaves at 10:30 and security closes 45 min before, I'll be there in time to reach security between 9:40 and 9:43.
My actual fav thing is to be the last one through security and just keep walking and seamlessly join the gate queue as the last one there and just keep walking all the way to the bus. And its totally manageable with a little practice without making anyone wait.
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19 Feb
bro have you even read Old Testament, it has pages and pages of God cancelling Bible characters
Ezekiel 28 is literally about how God cancelled Lucifer
God even cancelled all but one couple from every species of animal
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18 Feb
Serena Williams is so great she has a sister who was once the single greatest prospect tennis had seen since Martina Hingis, who won 5 Wimbledons, 2 US Opens, a Grand Slam Cup, a WTA Tour Finals, 4 Olympic medals, has a 76% career win record-& we don't even talk about her
In any other family maybe ever Venus Williams would be the superstar athlete who was the cynosure of all eyes and he no. 1 topic of conversation and centre of attention at every holiday gathering- but in the Williams home she's the other kid who also played tennis.

Lets be clear, Venus Williams has had one of the greatest tennis careers in the history of the sport. She's a lock for the HOF. She was a lock by the time she was 24. It just so happens she's in a house with the greatest career maybe in all sports. What are the odds
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