Typically male approaches to problem solving address them with a top down approach aimed at fixing big systems in strong but simple ways. This is particularly useful when it comes to things like war and epidemics and climate change.
What we have with CSJ tho is a cultural problem that is rooted in psychology, language, attitudes & moral intuitions. It needs to be addressed on those terms.
You can't fix it like you'd fix a car that has stopped working. E.g., identifying the problem, pulling out the faulty parts and replacing them with functioning ones.
You have to fix it like you'd fix a person who has become mentally unwell, by diplomatically and compassionately communicating with them to help them see the flaws in their thinking and make incremental adjustments to their perceptions until they are healthy and balanced again.
We have data gathering software now which is helping us to identify precisely what kinds of problems we have, where they are & what is working best to fix them. We can see that women are being more successful at pushing this nonsense back.
Of course, much of this is likely to be to do with a central belief of CSJ that men are not worth listening to & are just wrong by default. This is almost certainly why our non-white members do better than our white ones at pushing back at CSJ.
But I think some of it is also to do with women being (on average) more diplomatic, patient & gentle & willing to compromise and work slowly & steadily towards incremental change using communication skills and engaging with people's empathy, compassion & moral intuitions
We've heard from another Counterweight member (what we call people who use our service) today that she has convinced her (large) organisation not to do mandatory white fragility training. I am feeling optimistic.

• • •

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21 Feb
My mother and I are trying to research any records of my great grandmother whom family lore has as one of the mistresses of Edward II. Don’t know about that but she did have 4 children by 4 different men & then emigrated to New Zealand at the age of 92. She sounds great.
She seems to have been the absolute queen of not giving any fucks. I feel sure we would have got on. Sybella. Two surnames she was known to use was “Nunn” and “Pritchard.”
Edward VII, I meant, obviously. I’m not that old.
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20 Feb
Yes, reconstructing spoken English would be harder than Latin. I found Latin quite easy to learn because it is very logical & consistent. This also means medical texts became easier to understand when they went into Latin in the 16th century.
I took a break from studying religious texts to look at medical ones during my postgrad study of late medieval/early modern writing. It was really interesting.
For example, it was very difficult to know what English medical texts were talking about in the late medieval period. Splenosis is a word that can be broken down & understood from its parts but the late medieval term for it was 'elf cake.' ???
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20 Feb
I continue to be amused at the husband attempting to make his phone's dictation function navigate his Cockney accent. Non-cockneys but particularly non-Brits, would you know what 'frowdahn" & "trahziz" mean?
I admit that my Essex accent has caused Americans some problems. The thing I tend to say which results in confusion is "su"ink." Any takers, yanks?
I don't always talk like I do on podcasts & this isn't a pretentious thing. I'm not consciously trying to sound "posher" on podcasts. I just seem to have developed a public speaking voice which differs a bit from my relaxed voice.
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20 Feb
Then you're taking a very narrow definition of Critical Race Theory. She, with Ozlem Sensoy, sets out a precise definition of what critical social justice is & then focuses specifically on race & whiteness & her approach is best-selling & widely implemented in training. 1/2
I find it seldom helps to try to redefine problems out of existence because they continue to exist but it just makes them harder to talk about. 2/3
In Cynical Theories, we have a chapter on Critical Race Theory & a chapter on Critical Social Justice scholarship & we put DiAngelo in the latter because there is a difference in their intellectual history & influences & approaches & she fits better in the latter. 3/4
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20 Feb
Socialism aligns with my moral intuitions - from each according to his ability to each according to his need - but I need to rely not on my moral intuitions but on evidence of what works best to achieve the goals I seek - people all having homes, food & medical care.
Just so I can piss even more people off, another thing that aligns with my moral intuitions but has been overruled by reasoned & evidenced arguments that I cannot refute is the pro-life position. I am grudgingly pro-choice.
The intuition that embryos are babies comes from my own personal perception of my own embryos as babies, though, and having lost & grieved the loss of two of them. This is an intuition that doesn't stand up to scrutiny & I have supported friends through abortions.
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20 Feb
This is true tho we have received many small donations from generous individuals some of whom we have helped & people who want to help others & I contributed a few thousand made from Cynical Theories. Crowdfunding might be more effective than waiting for rich people to help us.
Contrary to the popular narrative on the CSJ left that there are rich people lining up to pour millions into initiatives that challenge 'wokeism,' the people who have enabled us to function thus far are average people donating their limited time and/or a few quid here & there.
Obviously, should any wealthy philanthropists feel like chipping in, this would be much appreciated & enable us to fund some solid empirical research into issues of social justice, but so far its been low to middle income people helping us to help people with low to middle income
Read 6 tweets

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