#nofgm a quick thread for those who are not familiar with ny work.( Trigger warning) I got mutilated at the age of 6yrs . I was held down and got butchered alive. My age (51yrs) group almost 100% Were mutilated this way where people that you loved and trusted literally
Butchered you in the name of traditional or culture. That day there was no anaesthesia, no hygenic equipment, no painkillers. You were held down ,your legs pulled so hard yiu felt like they are about to pull your leg out. Then they used dirty razors. And my nightmare began.
First Cut and I screamed so hard that within seconds I lost my voice . There so many cuts that I couldn't breath. The pain was consuming ,engulfing. I felt I was burning from head to toe. Blood everywhere. My cutters hand coated on my blood. I prayed to die that day
The sun's hit the hut that I lay in . My world collapsed within minutes and I was swimming in my own river of pain. My body was in shock and it was protesting so bad. I has no control. I was shaking and every movement was utterly pain all over as the
Pain was travelling through my body. That is my personal trauma. That is what I carry , and that is what I will take to my grave. But I will not and shall not stop taking and educating the world about it. I am determined woman. There is no way I will be silenced.
I have been silenced for over 30 decades. I dedicated my life to end FGM. I am for women and girls. I am you and you are me. my women and girls of the world. Thank you for enabling me to fight for the voiceless. Thank you for been beautiful women of the world
Thank you for coming out and showering me with love and support. Thank you for simply been marvellous benign . Anything to do with women and girls I will fight for period

• • •

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31 Jan
#nofgm thread about getting period for the first time. Trigger warning. So in our communities no ones discuses period or sex. So you don't know that .you are suppose to get period and its part of life. You truly have no idea
The first time I got period. I freaked out . I thought, I was dying literally. I told my cousin I am dying
She asked how .I said I am bleeding and my abdomen is on fire 🔥. First she said you are not dying . You have become a woman .
There its my panic gear goes into overdrive. She mentioned the word woman. The source of my pain. I associate the womanhood with something terrible will occur again. Before the Mutilation. They throw you a party and what everyone says to you is. You are going to be a woman.
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26 Jan
#nofgm thread about immediately after I was mutilated . Especially me how I felt. Trigger warning.
So first My body was raging with pain. My soul was crushed. My humanity was protesting
Smell of blood was absolutely engulfing and horrific . I was violently shaking. I i didn't have any control over my body. Every move my body made. It was extra sharp pain which was everywhere. I just wanted my body to stop just for a minute so that I can catch my breath.
Then the cutter is screaming that if I don't stop shaking .my stitched will come out and she will have to stitch me up. But I can't control how my body is reacting,I can't. I cant scream either
My voice is gone from screaming. I am swimming in the river of pain.
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21 Jan
#nofgm thread . What happens during wedding night. Well if thought been mutilated or giving birth was difficult thread to read .I am about to share horrible one. Trigger warning
So if we couldn't urinate or memstruate normal. Now imagine having sex. Sex for first time is painful for many . Now a girl who has undergone Deinfibulation which means, total removal of clitoris and both Labias them stitched up leaving tiny hole where she can barely urinate
Now imagine that hole having to have sex. Its cruel and in some cases they call back the cutter who mutilate you to open you up. Imagine the thought of your worst nightmare come ,seeing your cutter again. This could be not the last time you see her.
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15 Jan
#nofgm thread about first time giving birth. I gave birth 1
time back in 1991. I didnt speak English. Finding out that I was pregnant was absolutely beautiful. Emotions were drowning me . So much to feel
Then after that so much anxiety set in. My joy turned into my nightmare
My trauma took over completely. I was panicking. I knew these doctors don't know about me. All I could think about was. I am going to loose the baby.
I couldn't tell the doctors about me and they didn't ask either and I dont think they ever Fgm or thought even that crossed their mind.we are talking back in 1990s. No much of health professionals knew. I was absolutely having flashback everday
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13 Jan
#nofgm @thegirdlengr if you go to @SafeHands_ there is a video where former cutter explains why she stopped cutting girls. This lady her whole village pleaded with her to go and intervene after her daughter married. Now her daughter was screaming for many nights because Image
She was infibulated that means she could hardly urinate and of the narrowing of vagina as they remove labias and stitched her up leaving tiny like a tip of a mattress. Now her her husband has been trying to consumate marriage for days. She has been screaming for day
Her mother was told .do something about it. Because her daughters pain she stopped cutting girls. This nightmare doesn't stop when the girl was mutilated. It continues to cause major problems for the rest of your life .visit @SafeHands_ see the video. I
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14 Dec 20
#nofgm. Thread about when you hit puberty. Becoming a teen is massive mile Stone. No one discusses periods at all. You don't know nothing . Then periods come. First I think I am dying
Second the pain is absolutely consuming. It feels like my abdomen is on fire. I am truly in trouble. I tell my cousin I think I dying. She asks why. I tell her I am bleeding. She says to me. No you are not dying.
You just become a woman. I look at her with dead eyes. Hate when they say that. I associate that been hurt.
I tell her, my belly is on fire 🔥 .she says itz OK stay in bed. She tells my mother and my mother tells other female relatives
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