I think this is a great case study in how conservative media outrage culture works and why it's a no-win situation for their targets.

There were 4 ways Disney could have handled this:

1. Put the show up, no disclaimer, no edits
2. Put the show up, with disclaimer, no edits

3. Put the show up, no disclaimer, with edits
4. Put the show up, with disclaimer, with edits

And now I'll tell you why each and every one of those options gives right-wing media the content they need to feed their victimhood complex.

Option 1, which is what Fox is trying to say would be the correct thing to do, would have just led them to find some old episode of that show that had a controversial moment or whatever, and then go, "oh, so THIS is ok, but you fired the actress from Star Wars!?!?"

(This obviously doesn't make sense, but for them to latch onto something as an outlet for their outrage, they really stretch things — see: turning the story about Ted Cruz into a "Why aren't people talking about Cuomo!?!?" ragefest even though that was being covered)

Option number 2 is what happened, so we're seeing that play out. Lots of "ugh, people are so fragile" stuff. Eyerollingly stupid content.

Option 3 and 4 both feed the "omg, edits!? this is censorship!" narrative, which gives them a completely outrage outlet to go down.

The minute someone on the right decided to make the Muppets the subject of right-wing rage for the start of the week was the minute it was set. They'd reverse-engineer the outrage to match the situation. It's just what they do.

One thing that really shouldn't get lost here is that this is not new news! Disney slaps that disclaimer on all sorts of older content. And every single time it becomes rage-fodder in right-wing media circles. From October:


This reminds me of the outrage from the right that occurred when HBO temporarily took Gone With The Wind off HBO Max last June *with plans to put it back up with a little disclaimer*


Here was the story about GWTW and HBO. The tl;dr is that as the protests following George Floyd's death started, they took that opportunity to pull it for a couple weeks before putting it back online. It was never the plan to permanently remove it.

9/ vanityfair.com/hollywood/2020…
Let's look at that example for a second. Look at the uproar it led to on the right. Lots of "HOW DARE THE LEFT TRY TO CANCEL GONE WITH THE WIND" and urging people to buy copies of the movie to own the libs or whatever.

(The tweets in this post were all posted after GWTW was already back on HBO, which had been the plan all along as announced on June 9, 2020)

I really don't care one way or another about this stuff, but I suppose if you were to offer the option of showing a full film/show without edits but with a short disclaimer about context or editing/removing the film/show, I'd definitely go with the former.

This is always framed in a "the left has gone TOO FAR" kind of way, but when I think of "the left," I don't think top-execs-at-billion-dollar-companies. They're just doing what they think works best for business. That's really it.

There's a giant focus on culture war stuff right now, in part, because the Republican party isn't actually offering anything in terms of policy proposals at the moment. There's the GOP version of the COVID relief bill, but that's only got 10 of 50 senators on board.

But other than that, what is there? So they make their audiences feel like they're under attack, like something's being taken from them. And it's all very effective, so they do it.

Again, it was just a few years back that Fox was railing *against* the Muppets.

tl;dr The only bummer about an added disclaimer to movie is that it makes the intro longer. Other than that, who really cares? It's not much different than something saying "TV-MA" or whatever.

Keep cool heads, culture warriors. 16/16
P.S. Anyone who actually cares about "cancel culture" and whatnot might want to pay attention to all the things right-wing groups like One Million Moms (AKA the American Family Association) call to actually cancel. Like... the Muppets. From 2015: onemillionmoms.com/successes/the-…
I don't even understand how this is supposed to make sense. "Cancel culture?" What? They just put the show up! That's the opposite of "cancel culture."
It's like whenever someone on the right takes jokes on Twitter, pretends that they're sincere, and then turns that into a whole issue. Like when they pretended "the left" wanted to "cancel" Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. mediamatters.org/national-revie…

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