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22 Feb, 12 tweets, 2 min read
It’s my opinion that Trump was always going to lose this battle. Maybe @shipwreckedcrew can chime in.

This headline is not wrong but it’s easy to be confused. The Manhattan DA subpoenaed Trumps accountants for their copies of Trump’s Tax returns and by Trump probably more so the returns of various business for which he has an interest.
His personal tax returns are unlikely to be particularly informative. The Manhattan DA can NOT subpoena the IRS. The IRS will simply refuse to even acknowledge the subpoena. The IRS only responds to federal court orders.
So all this talk about IRS audits, etc is a bunch of nonsense. These are the accountants’ records.

As an aside, there is very little to stop abuse of a Grand Jury investigation. They can secretly investigate people for any reason without so much as a legitimate allegation.
And that’s exactly what’s going on here. “Trump is corrupt” is the reason for the investigation which is now “expanding” into whether property the Trump business donated to charity was “inflated” for a higher tax deduction.
Even if it was, A) that’s only falls under Manhattan DA purview if it relates to city or state taxes B) highly subjective and C) very highly unlikely that Trump or his family was involved in the process. You think these people do their own taxes?
There will be multiple layer of appraisers and accountants and lawyers.

And what will the tax returns tell them? Nothing. They undoubtedly have already subpoenaed most of Trump’s financial records from elsewhere.
Even Weismann’s team couldn’t find anything. That’s why they went after obstruction. Same here with Manhattan DA. They’re expanding their fishing expedition because they can’t find anything.
I can hear all the leftists crying “well what does he have to hide?”

These are statements by idiots. Would you want law enforcement sniffing through every little thing in your life? Or worse, in this case.
Looking through all of your life, all of your relatives and friends’ lives, and then leaking to the media who will contort very fact to make it look like you’ve committed some atrocity?
Proving intent of somebody like Trump is always difficult in a tax case because there are so many layers; the tax returns are extremely complex; and usually the principals are not involved in preparing said returns other than providing records.
Even then, the principals have people like bookkeepers and accountants who handle that.

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13 Feb
@zach_baylor @WisenbergSol The person who was part of the conversation would have to testify and be cross examined. That’s why you have to take everything said now with a bit of skepticism because right now anybody can say whatever and say it in a manner that appears the way they want it too.
@zach_baylor @WisenbergSol In a real criminal case a lot of this would have been investigated and vetted ahead of time. A good prosecutor would distill the case and evaluated the evidence for any potential defenses. In this case, we have no idea what really went on and neither do the house managers.
@zach_baylor @WisenbergSol Good prosecutors have agents running around before trial chasing the most innocuous points so that every possibility is known. Here the Democrats rushed and have no idea if there’s exculpatory evidence that could blow up politically. That’s why there’s chaos now about what to do
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8 Feb
I usually wait for more info before offering my opinion on the use of force. But I’m going to offer my preliminary opinion here.

*warning the video in the retweet is graphic*
The officer gives a verbal warning initially, at least that’s how it sounds. It’s a bit muffled and I’d need to watch it more closely just listening carefully to the audio. Also appears the subject is telling the officer to shoot him.
Based on the report of a traffic accident as well as the actions, it seems to me the guy is on some sort of drugs. We would need toxicity reports to confirm. But the indicators are all there.
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5 Feb
Gonna remind you all. If a Federal Agent arrives at your door, politely inform them that you’ve been advised to consult with an attorney before answering questions. Talking to them without an attorney will result in your being “cleared of wrongdoing.”
The FBI doesn’t give you a “cleared of wrongdoing” card. Usually you won’t ever know if they’ve decided you weren’t involved. Your attorney might get some assurances from the US Attorney’s office.
If you are a victim or completely innocent, your attorney can pass along that information without you speaking to an Agent. Or make sure everything is on the up and up before you talk to anybody.
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2 Feb
I don’t have many followers but I’ve been saying this for a while. The left wants your kids and homeschooling is an easy target. We abandoned the fight at the public schools and gave it up for private schools and homeschooling. You think the left is going to stop?
I send my kids to private school and I’ll be the first tell you that we’ve lost public schools so you need to pull your kids out of there. Now. But because we’ve abandoned that battlefield we now have brought the battlefield where we retreated. In my case private school
In yours to your home. My private school is a little safer. All the rich people send their kids to private schools. That’s going to be more protected. But homeschoolers are easy to pick off. They just pick you off one at a time.
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28 Jan
I hope you all understand where this GME ends. It ends with the government taking over your 401k for your own good, of course.

Biden already has a plan that would affect the tax benefits of your 401k. And it’s not exactly a secret that Democrats have been eyeing the 401k accounts for years. First they want to collect the taxes that you’re saving by using a 401k. It’s a lot of money.
That green new deal? Oh yeah that’s gonna be crazy expensive. It’s gonna mean deficit spending that makes precious deficit spending look like a balanced budget in comparison. Worse yet is that it’s going to cost jobs. Lots and lots of jobs.
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21 Jan
You all should read this thread. HT @ajzeigler. Provides a lot of insight into the communist mindset. A lot of facts are wrong (FBI watching you is the funniest).
What will be rather amusing to watch is the growing dissatisfaction with Biden as he cannot possibly deliver what they want. The communists called these people “useful idiots” because they were true believers who were used to destabilize society.
But they had to be eliminated because they’d become disillusioned with communism and continue to cause problems. The idea that the FBI is going to arrest people for merely saying they don’t like Biden, is laughable. Even under the worst case scenario.
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