Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/22/2021 - 02/28/2021

Please apply towards your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
“Left Brain” vs. “Right Brain”
(Cancer - Scorpio - Pisces)

Alright, I see two people thinking about one another. If you’ve been thinking about someone a lot lately, it’s mutual, they’re doing the same. If you’ve been FEELING them around you or even smelling their scent even though-
🥁: -they aren’t around, they’re experiencing the same

However the LB energy (left brain) is pondering on a plan? They’re trying to think of a strategic move to get in contact with you. They could be a Taurus or have Taurus placements or even a Taurus Mars?
🥁: Or they’re Mars Ruled. They’re hoping you’re waiting and wanting to hear from them

Meanwhile I see you, the RB (right brain) getting to the point of “why am I still here waiting?” There has definitely been some past energy with this person and I’m seeing you’ve given
🥁: this person hella chances (I’m specifically feel three HUGE chances but that’s not for everyone)

And you feel like you’ve given already so much of yourself to this connection. There’s “one chance” left but you’re hesitant to even give it because it’s the last and you’re
🥁: wondering if you should just “play it safe” and move on and give that chance to someone that deserves it

You’re tired of all the sorrow this connection has brought you but I do see that this connection has helped to transform you BIG TIME. You now have a lot of new
🥁: wisdom from going through what you went through with that person.

You don’t WANT to move on because you do love this person, but I heard “I will if I have to”. From both sides I’m hearing “I just wish things were different”. They’re regretful and you’re exhausted.
🥁: I do feel a conversation coming soon between you two. I feel like this conversation will help you to determine what to do; give them another chance or move on. If you’re prone to purely letting your heart lead you, you’re being advised to tone down on that and to be logical
-•- Added Signs -•-

•Lavender (the color)
•Peaches and Mangos
•Frank Ocean
•full voluptuous breasts

Song: Gangstas By Pop Smoke
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(Aries - Sagittarius - Leo)

Okay, so someone can expect something to come to a completion by this up-in-coming Virgo full moon. This “situation” is on track with the moon cycle? But I’m also hearing January 27th.
🪐: This feels business related if you started your business around that time or did a “rebranding”

For some I’m specifically seeing a financial manifestation that you did? Expect to see the results of that very soon. “Waxing Gibbous” is standing out strongly too. Free your
🪐: mind of expectations of how things will play out especially if you’ve been manifesting but DO expect some things that will trigger many new avenues of new beginnings starting to unfold in your life!
🪐: Pay attention to signs especially signs you see in nature because they’re leading you! But you HAVE to free yourself from expectations because rarely do things unfold in the way WE want them to; you just have to let Spirit be Spirit, but PLEASE stay balanced and have patience
-•-Added Signs -•-

•shredded orange peel (“for zest”)
•blue toy train with red detailing
•house plant vines
•Kelly Rowland
•Lemon cartoon character

Song: Patek Water By Future & Young Thug ft. Offset
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(Capricorn - Virgo - Taurus)

Someone is really in their head this week. I just heard “how do I become a better me”. I was also hearing “connect to your chi”. If you didn’t know, the concept of “Chi” comes from traditional Chinese culture.
👾: Its your life force energy! You may have heard “prana” before which is the same thing

They must’ve wanted me to use “chi” because some of you may have ties to traditional Chinese culture or you practice it currently, but to those that don’t,
👾: simply “connecting to your life force” is universal and I feel as if it would help for you to clear your mind and to “relight you back up” if you’ve been feeling energetically dull lately.
👾: “Find your peace”. I’m specifically seeing going to a place physically that brings you peace if you can. Make it a routine to schedule time aside daily if you can just for YOU. To clear your mind. Try meditation for those that haven’t yet but if you struggle
👾: with that, simply sitting and enjoying your peace and “relaxing your mind” is enough.

This form of self-care, being mindful of your mental and “sorting through your tendencies”, will result in you becoming that “better person” you seek!
-•- Added Signs -•-

•Sage Green (the color)
•little succulent plants by the window
•orange pipe
•”lay low”
•Someone named “Layla” (spelled like this)
•sleeping bag

Song: Happiness Over Everything By Jhené Aiko Ft Future & Miguel
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(Gemini - Aquarius - Libra)

Okay, so this week I need you guys to be less worried about your love life, whether you’re single or in a relationship, and refocus some of that energy towards your own personal growth.
🖖🏽: I want you guys this week to prioritize making sure YOURE balanced and that your seeds are planted and that you’re nurturing them

I want you to remind yourself of all the things that bring you joy and if you cannot think of much, begin the process of trying new things
🖖🏽: to see what brings you joy whether that be hobbies, trying new food places, trying new movies, meeting new people and etc
🖖🏽: Once you focus more of that energy back on you, expect to feel more well-rounded and joyous in every corner of your life. As your well-being elevates, your life will transform to match the new vibration you’re now giving off
-•- Added Signs -•-

•Red Balloons
•puzzle of a hot air balloon
•senior citizen care facility
•knows how to play Mozart on the piano
•hot tea
•gloomy day; rainy

Song: Roaring 20s By Flo Milli
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Zodiac Weekly Forecast
02/15/21 - 02/21/21

Apply to your SUN, MOON, and/or RISING sign!
(Scorpio - Pisces - Cancer)

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I’m so so tired of explaining this I wanna rip my tongue out.

Im not a tarot reader. I’m a medium. Tarot is simply a tool like every other form of divination that I use. I do not attach so much power to cards because it’s ME channeling the messages at the end of the day
Not the cards, the cards are just cards to me. I could use uno cards I could use regular playing cards, does not matter.

So if you see a video of me with a card and I say something and you’re like “that’s not the meaning of that card” I know.

All that goes out the window..
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I promise it’s not the end of the world.
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