Counsel, having established the law on criminal assault ( and battery) in your response to @Mochievous' tweet, I find your conclusion extravagant and not supported by the same law - S.252 of the Criminal Code - which establishes the offence whose ingredients you distilled
Actual harm is not central to the finding of guilt in the case of criminal assault (and battery)- See Omohodion v Commissioner of Police (1961). Apprehension of harm or fear of harm or violence is sufficient. See Commissioner of Policee ( 2016; Unreported)
So reading S.252 of the Criminal Code, there are two ingredients that must be proved by a victim of criminal assault (and battery) thus:
1. That there must be threat to apply force;
2. That the act puts a reasonable person in fear of battery. In other words,
the victim of assault is in apprehension or fear of battery.

For number (1) above, what the victim needs to prove is that she was apprehensive of immediate battery or was in immediate fear when the youngman tried to pull her hair
If I point a gun at you, it is of no moment if the gun is loaded or not, the mere pointing of the gun is an assault because it puts you in immediate fear. See the old English case of R v St. George (1840).
See also Smith v Supt Woking Police Station (1984)
Where the court held that peeping at a woman in her bedroom in the night constitutes assault as it places the victim in fear of personal violence.
For 2 above, it is sufficient that the act places any reasonable person in fear of violence. The test of what is reasonable is objective.
Considering the fact ( as shown in the video), and extrapolating @Mochievous' tweet, the question is: would pulling a wig from a woman's head or the slippers off her feet constitute criminal assault (and battery)?
My answer is: YES.

There is no way the wig would be removed or the slippers pulled off without the threat to apply force or without making the woman apprehensive of immediate battery or fear of violence.
Your authority, Agbo v State (2006) aids us in our #Endsars
fight against police brutality and unlawful killing. It is not relevant to criminal asault (and battery).
Thanks for igniting the discourse. Trust you are good.
Happy New Year

• • •

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23 Feb
"Their ammunitions are out this world. I have seen such type of arms in my life"
- Freed Niger kidnap victim narrating his ordeal.

Two things raised to my mind reading the ordeal this morn:

1. Very likely that none of our security forces took the victims in for debriefing
2. That our security forces are increasingly useless.

For number (1) above, if the debriefing ever happened, the victim would not have been allowed to speak to the media. Placing such information in the public place has two implications:
a. Creates mass hysteria
b. Blows off the cover on the ammunition pile of the terrorists, who would now have to increase their ammo power, knowing that their capacity has been exposed.

Whichever, it doesn't look good for the security forces.
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17 Feb
It is no more news that I have stepped down as a trustee of the Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation, SIAF. As indicated in the early hours of this morning, here is my statement:

1. A formal resignation was sent to Sega at the beginning of the third week of January
2. He replied that Distinguished you are going nowhere.

Following my appearances at the #Endsars judicial panels in the south east and south south, I did a quick review and thanked my colleagues @EphesisL who central to our work. I tell my colleagues that I would review
My pro bono work and relationship with the #Endsars movement, considering the mistakes that were made during the struggle and personal politics that was clearly endangering the movement.
In October, at the height of the struggle, I did speak to Sega and expressed my reservations
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16 Feb
Absolutely, May. They targetted some of us that had voices on these streets because we insisted that as minorities we had stakes in Nigeria. The campaigns of hate were led by some of my comrades in the students movement, fellow writers in Nigeria's writing fraternity
They - including that your Isoko brother - cooked up lies against me. I fought them and exposed their lies. To silence my voice, they hacked into and took control of my first handle with 20k followers. I was locked out of my handle. I began afresh.
All that I expressed about Buhari has come to pass. I am glad they are living through the nightmare they brought to power and are living on Ponmo and Boli. Me, I love the simple things of life; hunger nor dey beat person wey dey live spartan life.
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15 Feb
This is BS and you know it. An inscrutable sophistry; a poor attempt at masking the truth. If #Lekkitollgate was not closed, what was LCC application to gain access for assessing insurers claims about? It should have walked into it without coming to the Panel for permission
"It would be foolhardy of any reasonable tribunal to say that the toll plaza be closed for the lifetime of the assignment of the tribunal"
-Judtice Okuwobi (Rtrd) while ruling on the LCC application to reopen #Lekkitollgate.

If it wasn't closed, why did the judge use closed?
"It is unheard of that a crime scene of this nature would CLOSED ad infintum"...(Uppercase is mine)
- Justice Okuwobi

Again, if the #Lekkitollgate was never closed as you now claim, why did the retired judge allude to its closure?
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14 Feb
Absolute nonsense to me. Clear case of an ambush. 4 members who voted against were absent during hearing of application of LCC, while 5 who supported were present ba? Does it not tell you of something?
Since the Report was already before the Panel, was it adopted as an exhibit of the Panel? No. The Report was never considered by all parties for the locus - crime scene - to be disposed off for the LCC application to be entertained. It was procedurally wrong
All that is stated here is not new to me. A journalist sent a whatsapp message to me as the proceeding was underway. I forwarded it to @segalink for his position as he was named in the whatsapp message. He responded. I replied him.
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14 Feb
I read absolutely tosh on these streets and shake my head. It was last week I read the tosh from some SWesterners who claimed that the Igbos "who hate the Yorubas wanted to burn Lagos".

Another one quipped, they hate our leaders.

I was chuckled.
The appeal to base sentiments on these streets is maddening.

How could they have hated your leaders, when in a little over 27 years ago, they massively voted for Yoruba/Kanuri sons, while rejecting their son who was the VP candidate to a Fulani son? Remember Dr Ugoh!
If memory serves me right, Tofa/Ugoh won in Imo, Enugu and Abia, while MKO/Kingibe won Anambra. Both parties garnered 700k plus votes, with just over 50k votes separating them. The Igbos voted for MKO, in spite of Ojukwu's late politics of anger when he stormed out of SDP
Read 4 tweets

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