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22 Feb, 10 tweets, 2 min read
You have clear evidence of a crime being planned. Their plans motive and intent was known. (No Standing)After the crime takes place it's "moot" because they got away with it.
How is the doj FBI ever going to argue "intent" again?
The SCOTUS is clearly compromised and part
Of the coup against President Trump and the US. I wrote about this months and months ago. Lin wood submitted evidence corroborating all of this.
At this point we have no more elections in this country. Anything resentment election is just for show. If they remain in power they
Their position daily. 2022, they will bring in more people with their phony elections, gain a supermajority, and they will change the Constitution.
Everyday it goes on will benefit them and destroy us. We must look to the positive things that we have to work with. Are we healthy right now? are we stable?
Can we take care of each other?
We are not alone! There are 100 million of us and only a few of them. "Might and Right" is on our side. When we all decide to work together and stop playing their game we can move mountains.
This is not over but it's about to get ugly 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
The SCOTUS is compromised.
As are many of the courts under them even locally. We no longer have "right to redress".
We cannot question our government any longer. If you have a problem with your government, taxes for instance.
If you have a problem with your employer, your child's School, a local regulation, a license or permit. You have no more avenue to fix the problem. We will be investigated our social media scrutinized for illegal thought or "Trump support". Or for being the wrong shade of human.
But there are no longer any checks and balances in place. No way to fix your problems, no way to fight back. At this point Justice is dead and their plans will move forward in 2 years at the 2022 election. They wanted a supermajority they can fundamentally change
The US Constitution. They will gut it, second amendment, First amendment gone, they will add amendments with their woke ISM garbage. All designed to silence and control us and destroy the country.
The courts and the politicians are corrupt. There are enemies at the gates. And there are 100 million of us. 🙏🙏🙏

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17 Feb
The DS, politicians, billionaires, hostile countries backing them. They all see their chance to transform the United States and the lives of everyone in it. The US has been cracked finally, as they see it, and they aren't wasting any time.
They're going to push through every new regulation and control they can think of, laughing at how much we'll take the whole way. Already plans to introduce a "cattle covid strain" where beef producers will be forced to destroy their herds.
While Bi-den is still barely mobile they will have him sign every disgusting communist piece of garbage he can as well as blank executive orders with no date. When he is finally removed from that position, they will fill them in
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15 Feb
This Friday, February 19th, SCOTUS we'll hear the first discussions of election fraud cases brought by Lin wood and Sidney Powell.
Information, interviews, and physical evidence I provided, will be on the supreme Court record for the first time.
I have provided the info/intelligence to prove this⬇️⬇️
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14 Feb
It's already being set up.
The "Biden admin🤮", keeps schools, businesses, etc. Closed because "Americans" refuse to take Covid seriously, and get a vaccination, mask etc.
Meanwhile they allow THOUSANDS of illegal immigrants into the country.
The "admin" anticipates people complaining about it. They are already set up to exploit it.
They intend to show, "thousands of honest, hard working, asylum seekers. Escaping violence. Eagerly accepting the Vaccine and Covid restrictions, FOR THE HEALTH OF THEIR NEW
"If they can accept responsibility and protect the Health of the United States, why can't you? Who are the real "Americans"?
Turns my stomach to even quote them.
They've been planning this for a long time.
From April:
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13 Feb
The fencing was always meant to be permanent, they will just keep 'bumping the date back ". They intend to "solidify their win", (steal the rest in 2022)
They want a supermajority, and they will keep this farce, endless charges, investigations going until after they steal in 2022
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