Funniest thing on internet today: A Pasmanda disguised as an Ottoman, taking dig at Rajputs. XD

Coming back to the topic:
Jo Masjide tod ke Mandir Banvaaye, Azaan Ban karke Qaaziyo se Ram Ram Bulvaaye- Woh Ajit Singh Rathore- #RAJPUT...
Jis se darr ke Badshah Farukshsiyaar, Mughal Haram me ghus jaaye, aur jo Badshah ko Mughal haram se ghaseet ta hua laaye aur ussi ke Mahal me uski aankhe fod ke usko thikaane lagade, woh Ajit Singh- #RAJPUT 😉
Jis se darr ke Badshah Farukshsiyaar, Mughal Haram me ghus jaaye, aur jo Badshah ko Mughal haram se ghaseet ta hua laaye aur ussi ke Mahal me uski aankhe fod ke usko thikaane lagade, woh Ajit Singh- #RAJPUT
Jo Nawab ki Begam ko ussi ke Mehal se utha ke apni concubine banade, aur fir Nawaab jiske saamne Nawaab haath malta rah jaaye woh Gaj Singh Rathore- #RAJPUT
Jo 22,000 Rajputo ke saath 52,000 ki Mughal Fauj ko Harke, 2200 Mughalo ko 72 hooro ke darshan karade woh Ranbakure- #RAJPUT
Jo Bahlol Khan ko ek hi vaar me Ghode sahit do tukdo me baant de, Woh Maharana Pratap - #RAJPUT
Jo Ahmadnagar ke Qazi ki beti se, vahin ke Prince Bahadur Khan ke saamne Dance karvaaye, Wo Maharana Sanga #RAJPUT
Badshah Shahjahan ki fauj ki Naak Kaatne vaali Rani Karnavati Parmar #RAJPUT
Jo 1 Lakh ki Mohammad Bin Tughlaq ki fauj ko 72 hooro ke paas pahucha de, vo Prithvi Chand Katoch - #RAJPUT
Last, but not least :)

Jo choti si Fauj ke saath "Ottoman Empire" ko Haraa de aur 1500 Ertugral "Ghazi" ke Vanshajo ko dhool chata de, Woh #RAJPUT

• • •

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23 Feb
Biggest setback for Hindu Society:

1. Hindu society under the influence of Congress revolted against Rajputs.
2. Rajputs who were protectors of the people, fought for 1000 yrs were institutionally demonised in last 70 yrs through Media & Cinema.
Eg. Vijay Punia & @aapkadharam
Hindu society made Samants into aatankwadis.
Samant = Rajputs

Just imagine people like Dharmendra were so deeply involved in this institutionalised marginalization of Rajputs, there are many such players in the plot.
One of the scenes from the movie 👇
The institutional caricaturing of Rajputs caused a hit on their social image. Rajputs were respectfully called as Datas/Hukums, Bapus/Darbars, Thakur sahabs and Babu Sahebs for several centuries, these cartels targeted the same social image, they thought that this is the only way
Read 22 tweets
20 Feb
आज अद्भुत संयोग का दिन है।

आज ही के दिन पितामः भीष्म ने अपना देह त्यागा था, जिसे हम भीष्मअष्टमी के रूप में मनाते हैं,और आज ही के दिन कलयुग के भीष्म,पिता द्वारा मजाक में कही बात को निभाने के लिए अपने वंशजों की तरफ से भी मेवाड़ की गद्दी का त्याग करने वाले चूण्डा जी की जयंती भी है। ImageImage
क्षत्रिय कुलभूषण पितामह भीष्म ने 58 दिनों कि प्रतीक्षा के उपरांत उत्तरायण के शुभ दिवस पर देहत्याग किया।
गंगा पुत्र भीष्म उस महान क्षत्रिय परंपरा के शिखर पुरुष थे, जिसका अनुसरण करने का प्रयास आज हम सब करते हैं। वचन पालन के लिए अपना सर्वस्व न्योछावर करने वाले पितामह को सादर नमन 🙏🏻
वस्तुतः गंगापुत्र भीष्म कि मृत्यु के बाद भारत माता ने भी ना सोचा होगा कि अब इस धर्ती पर फ़िर से कोई भीष्म आएंगे।
किसे पता था कि क्षत्रिय कुल में फिर १ बार चूण्डा जी जैसे वीर जन्म लेंगे,जो फिरसे अपने अजन्मे भाई के लिए,अपने वंशजों सहित विश्व की सबसे गौरवशाली गद्दी का त्याग करदेंगे।
Read 6 tweets
1 Feb
Jai mata ji ki everyone, an update on the earlier made announcement.
After we announced the closure of our account, we got several requests from many of our friends and seniors to refrain from abandoning the twitter space, we tried to continue for sometime, but it gets difficult-
for us to keep a balance between our professional/personal fronts & the Twitter space. As some of us are venturing into new dimensions of our professional careers, it is further going to be a strenuous task for us to keep a balance between the both.
We started this handle as a platform for alternative history, about which no one else was interested, we never really cared about the reach & followings but twitter peeps have been gracious enough to lend their support through out the last year, we started this in
Read 8 tweets
1 Feb
"Some men were made to remind others, what being a Man looks like"

Major Deep Singh Sengar, IMA, IIM-A
21 Para SF
Gallantry Awardee, got shot twice(once in CI other in Kargil)- doctors said he could never walk again, was asked to switch to a non combat arm, decided to quit Army-
Cracked CAT, got admits from 15 top B Schools, Joined IIM Ahmedabad, did his second Masters from Univ of British Columbia, interned at Lehman Brothers, joined Microsoft and right now a top management professional at Microsoft USA.
This is not the end--
After 10 long years on Crutches, he decided that it's enough. He chucked his crutches into a corner & decided to rough it out, slowly & with tremendous perseverance he started walking. He went back to his old unit & completed BPET with loaded backpack & a weapon at the age of 50.
Read 5 tweets
31 Jan
These were the same Rajputs who gave the Marathas a chance to make a treaty with Shahzada Muazzam, the same Muazzam who later turned against Aurangzeb.

Sambhaji did the treaty of Ahmednagar with the Mughals with the help of Jaswant Singh Ji.
And when Shahzada Muazzam tries to become independent with Jaswant Singh's help, Aurangzeb sends a message to Jaswant Singh to return from the south.

These were the same Rajputs who were weakening the Mughals.
And in the same year Aurangzeb issued a farman to demolish the temple situated in the Govardhan Parvat.

Damodar brings the idol from there to Rajasthan itself and he does not think of any other place safe & this is later known as Nathdwara (Gateway to Shrinathji).
Read 4 tweets
29 Jan
Who gave you the authority to decide who is a Rajput and who is not? A non rajput can't dictate his terms on our lineage.
Dogras, Kumaonis & Garhwalis Rajputs are our rajput brothers & have been a ferocious lot, they don't need your certificate.

#IRupeePerHead #JaswantSinghRawat
1. Thread on Raja Baz Bahadur Chand of Kumaon who led his army to Tibbet and won in 1841.

2. Thread on the greatest military general of 19th century, Gen Zorawar Singh and his Victory over Tibetan & Chinese Forces.
Read 4 tweets

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