Today someone asked me this:

“Ehrich, question. besides basic mechanics and delivery. would you say that mastering energy manipulation is the most important skill for a marketer?”

Here was my answer:

A thread.
Here was my answer:

Yes, look at Alex Jones, Jake Paul, Kanye, etc...

Guaranteed most of them have never a marketing book

But they are masters of 2 thing:

1- capturing attention

2- Manipulating energy

They are able to always Be in the forefront of the worlds mind
Constantly be spoken about

Constantly be relevant

When you can do this, you can make the impossible... possible

For example, Logan Paul a mere you tuber is able to fight floyd Mayweather
Donald Trump a reality star and real estate guy was able to become president of the most power nation in the world

Kanye a rapper able to make billion dollar shoe company

Neither trained marketers, but all masters of energetic manipulation and capturing attention
Their reality is SO strong, it makes everyone else’s submit to it

When people who worked with Steve talked about him, they described a “reality distortion field”

They said Steve had the ability to make ALL you cared about when around him was what he wanted
He made them see the future in a different way

He made them found innovations and ways to do things they thought was impossible

Do I think Steve ever read breakthrough advertising? Nope

But he was a devout Buddhist, who was obsessed with meditation & energy

The best writing And best tweets

Aren’t the zcheduled ones

They are ones we spit out with furious passion

People FEEL that


Because it’s real, thus it transfers

Energy never lies

This is just science

Personal brands are funny to me
because often the most SKILLED guys in theory, are the most mundane brands


they have the knowledge, but they ain’t got the ENERGY

so, even though they good at what they do

they’ll never ever move the needle

they can mayb run ads
but they’ll never create an audience of people who love them

they’ll never create buying frenzy’s


cause they ain’t got any idea how to influence energy

a good marketer is a confusion of an orchestra

he flicks his wrist, and the market moves
people thought a touch wouldn’t work before the iPhone

no one thought a normal man could become president until Trump

no one thought you could sell books on the internet until Bezo’s

but they were ALL masters of energy

They made reality submit to their will
And made miracles happen”

Anyway, I hope this cleared some stuff for you:-)

FYI: this’ll be removed after 100 likes, and only posted inside the Lambro’s community, along with another 4 articles diving into this deeper


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