I think the issue is that the librarian rap star is a white entitled woman at Smith, which is a monarchy of white entitled women*, so it's impossible to tell someone within that system that the system is not theirs to abuse.
I side with @espiers's latest Substack on this, which is that white folks should think twice and achieve VERY HIGH proficiency before rapping.
*I went to a Seven Sisters school so...I have seen this in action
Tell me when we're ready to talk about how women's colleges started out "in loco parentis" or, essentially, controlling the freedom of students as if the university itself were everyone's mother and father, and how some staff and students still see it that infantilized way.

• • •

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25 Feb
One consequence of therapy is that it's a little annoying, still, to see those people who bombastically reject self-awareness like "SO YOU'RE SAYING EVERYTHING THAT'S WRONG WITH ME IS BECAUSE OF MY PARENTS HAR HAR HAR"

Like: Yes.
Also, as long as we're here, literally everything you think is your personality is actually how you have filtered and sublimated your fear of abandonment into useful character traits.
If u think I'm kidding:

Funny? "I'll make you laugh so you never leave."

Snarky? "You're probably going to leave anyway so I'm testing whether you'll stay"

Kind? "I'll be of service and earn your love so you never leave."

Smart? "Can't figure things out without me! Stay!"
Read 7 tweets
24 Feb
These property taxes in Sag Harbor are more shocking than the $18 million price tag for a one-story cottage on less than two acres.

nytimes.com/2021/02/19/rea… Image
Glad to see John Steinbeck was a Wife Guy tho Image
What are people paying $33,000 a year in property taxes for in Sag Harbor?? The place barely has schools. It used to be made of potato farms and fishing shopsz
Read 4 tweets
24 Feb
Do you all need to hear that this is classic narcissistic abuser behavior? Because it is. And the worst narcissists can't change, because they refuse to accept that they are not perfect. They seek, and thrive within, systems that enable them.

medium.com/@lindseyboylan… Image
I've tweeted this before but: Narcissists are always obsessed with exes. They will constantly compare current "crushes" to their exes. And they like to keep a lot of women around them - not out of feminism but as a sign of domination. Their main language is mockery and contempt. ImageImageImageImage
Related thread. Earlier this week I talked about how narcissists specifically target women with achievements, beauty or prominence -- as partners, colleagues or friends. Please stay educated about narcissists and their tactics if you meet that description.
Read 8 tweets
24 Feb
Buzzkill hour:

There are many things to say about this but the big one (IMO) is that if you are forgetting to eat or eating badly that often,

you are engaging in chronic self-neglect and work addiction,

both of which are forms of trauma avoidance.
I know I know, we don't think of it this way. But any addiction is a habit that eventually harms you, and $1400 a month of fast food is a way to neglect the body in order to work more, which (when taken to an extreme) is a way of neglecting the emotions and the soul.
All that activity -- TV, video games, work, whatever -- when done for that many hours is a way of avoiding life and dissociating from your body. It's a trauma response. Eventually you'll have to deal with those emotions or they'll keep causing you to harm and avoid yourself.
Read 4 tweets
24 Feb
Just going to re-up this because remember: A 16-year-old cannot have agency in a world of adults. They don't even have full legal rights.

"Mature" 16-year-olds are mostly traumatized kids who were parentified and forced to take on adult roles early.

Feel free to picture yourself as a sheltered Southern 16-year-old from Louisiana, taught to never talk back to adults and always be polite and docile, in a room full of misogynistic, exploitative and pedophile-adjacent music executives and please reconsider "agency."
Still waiting to hear back on why all my favorite male musical artists always perform fully clothed in roomy shirts and trousers, and all the famous women in music have to perform in glorified spangled underwear. DM me if you know.
Read 4 tweets
23 Feb
Two tendencies to watch for in internalized misogyny. The girls who want to be Not Like Other Girls or a Cool Girl are specifically turning their backs on other women (and themselves!) in a desire to be attractive or employable to straight cis men.
All we ever teach young girls is how to betray themselves and "be nice" and "go along" and they are shamed into ignoring their own needs so that they're empty, so that men can take them over without much effort.

Then we wonder why adult women are in a mental health crisis.
It's no coincidence that "you're not like other girls" is a common line used by adult straight cis men when they are predators aiming at young girls. After a lifetime of being silenced and told to ignore their feelings, those girls want to feel special and seen.
Read 4 tweets

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