Kate and her husband David were thrilled when they found out they were having twins after 3years of trying for a baby

On March 25th 2010, at 26weeks (6months),Kate went into labour and had to be rushed to the hospital where she delivered her twins prematuredly...

She delivered a boy and a girl, the girl let out a huge cry when she came out but they noticed the boy who came out 2minutes earlier didn't make a sound...

A 20 man health team was working to resuscitate the baby boy but it looked like a lost cause as he stopped breathing and...
heartbeat was almost gone. After about 20mins they stopped working on him and the attending doctor walked up to the couple...

"Have you choosen a name for your son?" to which they replied "Yes, his name is Jamie"

The doctor said "I'm sorry Jamie didn't make it, we've lost him"
Kate saw Jamie gasp but the doctor told them, it was no use that he was dying and that they should say their goodbyes

Kate took the baby off the doctor and asked everybody to leave the room immediately...

Jamie was already cold and she wanted him to feel warm, she felt guilty..
She unwrapped him and ordered her husband who fainted when he heard Jamie was dead to take his shirt off and climb into the bed...

It sounds crazy right but she said "If he is still gasping, there was still a sign of life so I wasn't going to give up on him easily"
She placed Jamie on her chest with his ears hearing her heart beat and David lay close topless on the bed

And they started crying, they couldn't believe they were going to lose their son after 3years of trying

But suddenly they started talking to lifeless Jamie, explaining his
name to him, telling him he had a sister whose name was Emily and was going to be ok that they needed him to come back and look out for her

They told him that they had big plans for him and they made a whole lot of promises to the lifeless Jamie

They were enticing him to stay!
They were still holding him when HE STARTED TO MOVE!!!

They were shocked, they called the doctor and asked "What's Happening, He's moving"

The doctors and midwives came back in and told them "He's dying, you need to say your goodbyes"

They held him "skin to skin" still hoping against hope and then...HE OPENED HIS EYES AND GRABBED HIS FATHER'S FINGER

Kate said this...she said "If we had let the doctor walk out of the room with Jamie, Jamie would have been dead"

And that's true...She was led by God to take...
Jamie and to place him on her chest skin to skin...her actions of faith led to the miracle that brought her baby boy back to life...

Jamie and Emily during their 5th birthday heard the story of their birth and Emily burst into tears and has NEVER stopped hugging her brother...
The couple was also worried about Jamie developing a health condition called "CEREBRAL PALSY" because of the lack of oxygen to his brain at birth...

But till date, Jamie has been fine with no record of any medical problem till date and the couple had another son named Charlie...
Its been proven skin to skin contact helps regulate a baby's heartbeat...

No other form of communication is universally understood as touch.

The compassionate touch of a hand or a reassuring hug can take away fears and soothes anxiety and feel the emptiness of being lonely.
Guys do you know that a 20 second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter called "OXYTOCIN" that is nature's ANTIDEPRESSANT and ANTIANXIETY drug.

So Hug More...Touch More...Hold More!

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