SCOTUS last November: "No worries, we're busy right now but we are going to consider your election fraud case in February"

SCOTUS this February: "Nah, too late now, case is moot"

How long do these people think they can push us around and laugh in our faces?
There is a saying in Romania: "Mamaliga nu explodeaza" (The cornbread doesn't explode). The meaning of it: the Romanian indigenous population of Transylvania used to be derisively named by the wealthy Hungarian occupying nobility "corn bread eaters".
This was because Hungarians were of the opinion the Romanian plebe eats cornbread because they cant afford wheat bread. So when somebody was saying "cornbread doesn't explode" the meaning was the cornbread eaters (Romanians) don't have the courage to revolt against their masters.
Unfortunately for Hungarians, the Romanians proved the cornbread can explode when after WWI the communist troops of the Soviet Hungarian Republic invaded the Romania. The conflict ended up with the Romanian troops marching two months later in the capital of Hungary.
Also, Ceausescu put a losing bet on cornbread making a lousy explosive material. It took a while for the Romanian cornbread to reach critical mass, but when it went off on December 22, 1989, the blast of the explosion made Ceausescu and his odious wife full of holes.
So the present day question is: are the Dems, their SCOTUS allies and the lap dog media betting the American cornbread being a lousy explosive?
Looks like they are, otherwise they wouldn't stupidly thumbing their noses at us.
But the history of this country tells the opposite.
Justice Thomas gives a warning:
"The consequences could be catastrophic"
I think American cornbread should come with a warning sign, so I made one.
Pretty sure like many tyrants before the Demsheviks are going to ignore it until it will be too late.
It's just because we don't want them to say after the fact " should have warned us!"

• • •

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22 Feb
When his Voice is Stilled
(A tribute to Rush Limbaugh)
By V.S.A.

What are the words to describe him?
What will the ages ascribe?
What will the annals of history 
Write on his ledger’s side?
Grateful, audacious, bombastic, 
Spontaneous, steadfast, and sure,
His voice in our memory lingers;
His thoughts and passions endure.

Remember when first he started,
A lonely voice in the West.
Ridicule, blame, and outrage
Were the laurels he earned from the press.
With half his brain tied behind him,
His throat lashed to a Golden Mic,
A talent on loan from Almighty 
He vanquished the foes of the right
Freedom, the Constitution, 
Christ, and Common Sense;
History, and pursuit of happiness,
Hope for our Nation’s Defense.
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21 Feb
This is where Democrats are taking us if we don't find the courage to stop them in their tracks:…
Get a box of paper tissues before you start reading the article. You're going to need it.
Communism and Nazism are twin ideologies. If you thought only the Nazi got rid of the "undesirables" and the children with "defects", you are wrong. Communists did it too.
Yes, It was that horrific for the abandoned children. But very few people in Romania actually knew what was happening in those orphanages from Hell because the Ceausescu regime kept a tight lid on it.
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19 Feb

What interesting times we live in when Russia just did something to protect free speech while in the US (and other Western countries) the coordinated assault of the Big Tech and the leftist media on the First Amendment liberties intensifies.
Also Poland just passed a law protecting its citizens from being censored or banned from social media for expressing legitimate political opinions that are not considered crimes under the Polish law.…
"Poland spent 45 years under communism, and that experience has taught it the value of free speech and that when the country sees these disturbing new trends toward censorship, the red light goes on" said the Polish Justice Minister who is also the author of the new law.
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18 Feb
The leftist enviro-kooks have abandoned the "Earth is burning up" from the Al Gore movie era in favor of "climate change"
So in other words whether if it's getting hot or getting cold, they still claim they are right: human activity causes weather change.
Problem is Prof. Zharkova explained in 2018 climate change is real; however it's not caused by humans but by the Sun. Zharkova’s models have run at a 97% accuracy and suggest a Super Grand Solar Minimum and a mini ice age is on the cards beginning in 2020
What you're seeing these days in TX it is just a sign of the times to come for the next 400 years while the mini-ice age we are witnessing is running its course. We humans cannot do anything about it, other than increase electricity production by building nuclear power plants.
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15 Feb
I hate myself for being right.
Biden is slowly closing more of the country down as he has thousands of troops occupying DC. Source in his administration said the National Guard will remain deployed in the capital until the…
Now we learn the Biden administration is beginning the process of confiscating firearms.
This is how the communists came to power in 1947 Romania.
First step: cheating in the 1946 elections.
Second step: taking control over the media, the intelligence services and the military. Suppression of free speech.
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11 Feb
@SvrncTprunkov In RO it was official called "resedinta" but people referred to it as "buletin de (*oras)" which translates in "identity card of (*city)"
A college graduate couldn't pick and choose the city he wanted to live and the company he wanted to work for. That was called "repartitie".
@SvrncTprunkov At graduation, a "repartitie" form was handed with the diploma. Within 30 days the newly the newly graduate engineer or doctor or teacher or agronomist was required to report to the new work place, usually hundreds of miles away from his home and family.
@SvrncTprunkov The requirement was to live and work there for minimum of 10 years. Being married and your spouse having a repartition order in another part of the country was not considered reason for not obeying your own order. Many newly wed families with small children had to live separated
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