A fun thing about these surveys is that they never control for attendance rates. Do that and you'll find that the percentage of Catholics who support legalized abortion is about the same as Catholics who never go to Mass.
We know, for example, that Catholic Democrats are the least likely group to actually practice Catholicism. So it's not a surprise when people who don't believe Catholic teachings about worship don't believe Catholic teaching about other stuff.
Catholics for Choice and other groups that pull this nonsense are just producing elaborate tautologies.

"People who don't believe Catholic doctrine don't believe Catholic doctrine" is all that's been said here.
People do this to us in the LCMS as well. "You know, 40% of LCMS Lutherans think abortion should be legal in some or all cases."

Cool. Guess what percentage of our members haven't been to church in 5 years.
We have one of the most fiercely pro-life church bodies on the planet. The idea that 4/10 of the people regularly sitting in our pews on Sunday morning are cool with Planned Parenthood is laughable. I doubt things are much different in Catholic churches.

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22 Feb
The "we need to stay in lockdown even after the vaccine" people are not driven by science. They're consumed by the crippling fear that comes from never having contemplated your own mortality.

And we need to take all of their cultural/political influence away.
I've said it before and will say it again. People who have made peace with the fact that they will one day die cannot share a society with those who haven't. We will destroy each other.
Fauci needs to be put into cultural exile. His disciples likewise. We cannot have a functioning society until the "oh no, there's a 10% chance that a vaccinated person might give a disease with a 90+% survival rate to someone" people are shamed into silence.
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12 Feb
Yesterday I talked with the folks at @IssuesEtc about Gina Carano's firing. Let me revisit something I said there:
To understand the woke mindset, here's an analogy: Imagine you're a Lutheran pastor like me. One Sunday morning, you go to church and there's a Muslim imam standing in your pulpit. You ask him what he's doing. He says he's going to preach to your congregation.
So you say to him, "uh, no. That pulpit belongs to the person who is going to confess what we believe, someone who will speak things we say are true. And you don't believe those things. So you're not welcome in that space.
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12 Feb
Impossible choices, a poll thread:

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2 Feb
I understand this sentiment, but it's a good example of what I'm talking about wrt presuppositions.
People are convinced by those who can offer them a solution to a problem. And public cross dressing creates a problem, as we've seen with the transgender bathroom debates of recent years.
A man adorns himself like a woman, goes out in public and needs to use the bathroom. But this causes a problem. If he uses the men's bathroom, well, there's a lady-looking person in the men's bathroom. If he uses the women's bathroom, well, there's a man in the woman's bathroom.
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1 Feb
Folks, you're not going to keep boys out of girls' sports until you're willing to jail doctors who perform "gender confirming surgery," terminate parental rights of those who embrace the trans-identities of their children, and jail people for public cross dressing.
The side that follows its presuppositions to their logical conclusions is the side that wins culture war battles. This is why liberals always win and we always lose.
If male and female is determined by biology, then gender confirming surgery is mutilation, parents who put their children on that path are unfit to parent, and cross dressing is destructive to society.
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1 Feb
"Dog whistling" is a term for when a woke scold pretends that you said something you didn't say in order to get mad at you for saying what you didn't say.
A few years ago I wrote an article about how men and women should stop pretending that they can be friends and just get married and have babies and I had people accuse me of dogwhistle to white supremacists who are terrified about white people not having enough babies.
They talked about how I was covertly rehashing arguments that were all over white supremacist publications--publications I had never heard of, let alone read.
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