I do not fancy birthday, but this thread is probably the best thread you will read on Twitter this year (If you take action).

It's a zero to hero, A-Z class on starting on Fiverr as a freelancer. If you don't need it, kindly RT for those who may need it on your TL
Who doesn’t need a little extra money now and then? We could all use a few dollars, or better yet, a few hundred or even thousands, to pay off a few bills, go on a vacation, or save a little money.
Or perhaps you, like me, are interested in starting a fulltime freelancing career
There is a way out of the rat race, and you don’t have to quit your day job to start. Virtually everyone is skilled at something. Perhaps you’re good at proofreading other people's work, you can use excel or PowerPoint, fierce at event planning or even make people laugh
You are good at something. Do you spend your idle time on your smart
phone, posting photos to Instagram or Pinterest? Believe it or not, many people don't know how to do that or don't even have the time. These are services you can render/sell. I know many freelancers who
help business owners and bloggers post pictures on Instagram and Pinterest and they are cashing out every month.

Do you know how to use Microsoft word? Excel? PowerPoint? Google Docs? Adobe photoshop? Wordpress? Canva?
Every single one of these is a skill you have learned
Not everyone knows how to use Microsoft Word, and many people
don’t know how to create graphics in Adobe Photoshop.
Guess what? You can sell these skills on a website called Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?
I’m glad you asked. Fiverr was created to allow every-day, normal creatives
Like you and me sell our skills in an easy and efficient way.

Of course, there are many other freelance job platforms that allow you sell your services in exchange for money. These include Upwork.com, freelancer.com, guru.com, etc
Most of these services, including freelancer and Upwork, operate by providing a method for contractors or freelancers to bid on projects. Let's say I need a logo, I will create an ad on one of the platforms explaining the requirements of the job.
Freelancers will then submit bids for me to review. When the skill set of a freelancer and the price is right, I accept the bid, pay the money, and the contractor can begin the work.

The beauty of Fiverr is it works the other way around.

You, the contractor, put out an
advertisement, or "gig", explaining the service that you offer. The gig may be found by people who need your service using Fiverr’s search function. These gigs remain displayed on the website permanently for clients to find.

When a client needs your service, they find your gig
listed in the Fiverr directory, review what you offer, select your gig, add any optional services, pay the fee, and then wait for you to do the work and deliver the product.
Once you’re established, you’ll find that Fiverr can bring in money steadily month after month. Sweet?

Most of what you think you know about Fiverr is wrong and will end up with you being frustrated because you aren’t making any money.

Aptly put, the money you are making isn’t worth the TIME you’re putting
into it. Pathetic!
Now is the time to do Fiverr the right way. And boy, money will start rolling in if you follow my teaching. This means doing less and earning more. It means dominating your niche and understanding Fiverr algorithms. It means independence. More mo$$

Absolutely, people. A lot of freelancers even make more than you are thinking. Still doubting?

Check the image below and these are for whiteboard gigs.

Note: This is not to say only whiteboard animators make this money on FIverr
Just doing the math, and I could be incorrect, it appears with 962 reviews the first freelancer has earned more than $200,000, and the second, with 549 reviews, made close to $80,820.

There are many whiteboard software apps available which make it easy to create them in minutes
Each of these probably requires less than an hour’s work to earn that amount of money.

These two gigs are to create eBook covers:

I’m just doing the math, multiplying the numbers, and I could be wrong, but it looks like first one has earned at least $21,060 and the second has
made $3,650 at the lowest price.

With templates, each of these eBook designers can create an eBook cover in under 15 minutes. If customization is required, the client would have to select a higher priced gig.

To answer UR question: YES. You can make money on Fiverr, if you do
it right. You might have noticed that all the gigs shown here sell for much more than $5. This is an important clue to how it should be done, we’ll talk more about that later.

But, before we get into the meat of the matter, let’s briefly go over some things to orient you just in
case this is all new. If you already know all about Fiverr you can feel free to skim ahead. For those among us who are new to the whole idea of selling services on Fiverr let’s go into little more detail about the definition of a gig.

Any kind of job that you can perform for a
client is a gig. These are limited
only by your imagination and by what you can sell on Fiverr.

You can create a gig to create e-book covers, proofread text, compose videos, transcribe audio into text, create infographics, draw cartoons, and even write the lyrics for songs
You can’t offer any service that requires face-to-face contact, direct email or speaking with your client (Fiverr is testing a new feature that allows you to exchange emails though). That’s because Fiverr does not allow you to pay outside of their interface, and they assume
if you contact people outside their
messaging system, you’ll be tempted to accept money “under the table.” If you get caught, your Fiverr account could be closed. Bye Bye.

Before you continue, kindly RT this for experienced and new freelancers on your TL. They can as well join
My telegram channel here t.me/Laptoplaivstyle

So, let's continue....

Shall we?

Oh! You are tired? Don't be

Making dollars online is sweet oo

Are you still tired now?

Fine, let's continue....

All communications must go through Fiverr’s messaging system, and all payments
must be paid and received on Fiverr. That might sound unfair but think
about it. Fiverr has set up this great site for you to use to make money, so they deserve their cut.

As a freelancer, I’ve spent thousands of dollars purchasing gigs on Fiverr to get things that I needed
accomplished. I often do this anytime my hands are tied or the gig is not within my specialty.
These services include:
• Book covers, paperbacks, and audiobooks.
• Pages for coloring books.
• Illustrations for use inside books and brochures.
• Transcriptions of interview
- business plans
-pitch decks
- voiceovers

And this is only the tip of the iceberg. There are probably thousands of other types of gigs you could create that can earn you a good income. People from all walks of life need your services & there is something U can do 2 help them.

So what kind of gigs should you create? Well, this is where the “different mindset” stuff comes in.
The way I see it is that you always want to maximize the time spent/dollars earned ratio. I understand that this isn’t breaking news
but the solution that most people come up with is wrong.

Here’s the PERFECT way to do it…

Think of your Fiverr gigs as parts of an overall marketing funnel. There need to be extremely low priced offers that are a “no brainer” to say
yes to, as well as mid-level offers, and
high ticket offers. Each one should flow logically into the next, higher priced, offering.

Let’s talk about each of those offers for a minute and how they all fit together as part of our new Fiverr funnel.

Like I said before, this should be a “No Brainer”. It needs
to be something extremely valuable to the buyer, for an insanely low price. And it should be something that takes you VERY LITTLE time to deliver. My friend, I’m talking about a few seconds here.

This is usually priced at $5 to no more than $10 and it has 3 purposes… none of
which is to be profitable.
The most important part of the BAIG is that it flips the switch in the buyer’s mind from being a “prospect” to a “customer”. Don’t underestimate the power of this mindset change.

• • •

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For example:
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You don't need a website (having one makes your work easier)

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This is an easy to fail test for many aspiring entrepreneurs (people with life-changing business ideas). It may seem simple but most of the time most people fail this test. It's like a value proposition question for freelancers. When a prospect asks "what do you do?"
A simple way to answer this is through the "dinner table test". Imagine visiting your girlfriend for the first time and her father asks "so, biola, what do you do"?

If you can't answer this question within 5 minutes to an extent where the father understands what you do without
asking a follow-up question, you will honorably fail this test when you meet your potential investors.

In short, start with the pain points (ecommerce owners who are struggling with abandoned carts; freelancers who are having problems receiving payment from foreign clients, etc)
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I received many requests from people who want to learn copywriting. The best way to learn copywriting is to learn from copies written by some of the early copywriters. Learn from their swipe files.

Note where they say, how they say and when they say it. Notice how they
play with emotions.

I have written copies for my clients using 4-5 swipe files. Many of the people advertising copywriters masterclasses are rewording some of these swipe files.

Today, I will upload what the American Writers and Artists Institute (AWAI) called
"The 50 greatest ads ever written by the best Direct Response Copywriters " on my channel t.me/Laptoplaivstyle

The rationale is not to use the exact copies for new products or services but to use their ideas.

If you want to learn copywriting, it's one of the best resources
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17 Jan
Some people will just rt and comment "this is lit" under how to make money posts

For some people, the only thing stopping them is the fear of failure.

They don't want to fail

Others simply don't fear failure, they just don't know how to start.

Regardless of your category
Start anyway, anyhow.

Just start. Start somewhere

Say to yourself, enough is enough.

I'm sending this cold email today.

I'm clicking this "send now" button NOW. Not tomorrow, NOW

I am registering on @fiverr today

Today, @Upwork will welcome as a freelancer
I will optimize my LinkedIn profile today

Try everything to make your first $1 online. You just need to make your first $1. You need that first "5-star review". You need that soul-soothing referral.

Everything you need is just the extra push that tells you to Do it.
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