Yuuji being a model for roleplay costumes for this one big sex shop. It's a side job and his friends and colleagues do not know about this at all. It's not like he keeps it from them but he does not see the need for them to know. He's just getting extra cash on the side after all
Yuuji's chilling with Megumi on a campus bench one time and Yuuji gets sent an email containing files of his last photoshoot.

The photographer this time wants to hear which photos he prefers since all of them are good anyway -
- so he gets a say on which ones will go to the magazine and brochure.

He goes, "Wait, Fushiguro. I just have to answer this email."
He starts to swipe through the photos. There's 30 of them and he gives each photo a proper look, scrutinizing each angle and pose, and goes to delete any that he doesn't want or at least doesn't want enough.
Accidentally, Megumi gets a peek from Yuuji's phone and his eyes go so wide.

Yuuji's in a tight black one piece, the back of it plunging and his ass cheeks visible. The tailbone of the one-piece suit has a fluffy ball of fur. He also has a long pair of ears

He's a sexy... bunny
When Megumi shifts so fast beside him, Yuuji turns and tilts his head, "What's wrong, Fushiguro?"

"U-uh... N-nothing."

"Why are you turning red then? Are you hot? Do you have a fever?"
Yuuji gets close to Megumi to check his temperature, leaving the phone's screen in full view of Megumi.

"I-Itadori!!" Megumi almost shouts. He closes his eyes so fast, trying not to see much of Yuuji in stockings, a necktie in a tight-fitting vest and heels with a whip in hand.
Yuuji startles, backs away in instinct. "Hey, what's wrong?!"

"Your phone-"

Yuuji furrows his eyebrows and finally brings his eyes to his phone and finally seeing the cause of Megumi's outburst.
Yuuji laughs, closing his phone and putting it away. "Are you panicking because of that?" He laughs again.

"What even is that?" Megumi scowls.

"Oh, it's a side job," he dismisses it, only realizing then he hasn't told anyone about it

Somehow, a few days later, when Yuuji tells Megumi, Nobara and Gojou that he has to be somewhere else by afternoon, Megumi calls him aside after the meeting and goes all fidgety that has Yuuji intrigued.

"Yo, Fushiguro. What's this about?"
It takes a long pause for Megumi to finally talk, and with a light pink tinting his cheeks too.


"What time are you ending today?"

"Hm?" Yuuji blinks a couple of times.

"You have a shoot, right? What time are you ending?"
"Oh, that. Yeah. I'm ending at 9PM."

Yuuji hears Megumi gasp, almost as if he's exasperated.

"That's too late though?"

"Eh? nah, it's the usual time-"

"So when you get back to the dorms late, it's actually because you're out on a shoot??"
"Yeah, most likely."

Megumi visibly scowls. "That's too often, ain't it?"

Yuuji laughs. "Well, I wanted to buy some things so I had to earn extra"

A moment passes again and just before Yuuji decides to cut to the chase, Megumi asks again, "Are your shoots always like those..?"
Yuuji looks at his friend, amused at his unusual interest.

"Well, yeah. It's for X shop after all. You know, the one downtown?"

"Ain't that a sex shop???"

Megumi has been very engaged and unusually expressive this afternoon, Yuuji can't help but laugh.
"Yes. You saw the shoots! They're very sexy, aren't they?" Yuuji wiggles his eyebrows a few and laughs at the darkening pink on his friend's face and ears.

"Do you want to come and watch?"
Megumi's eyes widen and answers in stutters, "N-no, no no... I'll just fetch you. Send me the address later. I'll be there at 9."

Yuuji watches his friend's back amusedly as Megumi turns and leaves him.

He might just "wrong send" a picture or two later, we'll see.

And "wrong send," Yuuji does.

He has just received the files of his last photoshoot while chilling on his bed when the idea comes to him.

He chooses the best photo - one in a maid uniform with plunging chest, mid-thigh length strapped stockings and high heels. -
- He's holding a tray, trying to cover the exposed parts of his thighs. His eyes on the camera are piercing. A part of his bottom lip is trapped between his teeth.

Even Yuuji is surprised he has a talent for this - pure seduction through the lens.
It's no wonder, really, that the photographers moan at certain shots.

And to be honest, this side of Yuuji only ever appears in front of the camera. That's why it's funny for him to see Megumi get flustered upon seeing one of the pictures.
Because it's not as if this is wholly Yuuji. It may be a part of him, but not all of him. It's not a dirty little secret. The costumes simply make him feel desirable and he's glad it translates well to the pictures.
And this picture? Yeah, this picture has translated well the seduction he had in mind.

The seduction that screams, 'Buy this costume or forever live in regret.'
Yuuji chuckles at his train of thought as he attaches the photo to Megumi's chatbox and when he hits send, it's not long after that he hears a loud sound from the neighboring room.

It sounded like something heavy has fallen that Yuuji sits up so fast, alarmed.
He hears scrambling and a moment later, a groan.

He decides to knock on his possibly pained and shocked friend.

If at all, he has to apologize.
Upon learning that Megumi fell off the bed upon seeing the picture, they have come to an understanding.

An understanding that Yuuji will warn Megumi first if ever he does send another picture of the like the next time.
Well, Yuuji sees that as an invitation. To keep sending pictures 😏

So Yuuji keeps sending his best photos from his photoshoots to Megumi - with warning, of course.

Once he receives the photos while waiting for a meeting to start and Yuuji gets to choosing right then and there, sending a quick, 'wrong sending one rn' to Megumi.
He sees him visibly tense up just beside him and when he sends the the photo to him, Yuuji turns to watch Megumi's reaction, only for his friend to glare at him.

"Later, you idiot."

He laughs.

Somehow, along the road, Yuuji has come to look forward to seeing the flustered face and hear the flustered sound that leaves Megumi whenever he sends a new picture.

The loudest he has been was with Yuuji with cat ears and a cat tail for a buttplug. -
- It has probably something to do with his favorite shikigami, the divine dogs or something? But Yuuji has clearly heard him breathe heavily. Yuuji likes to think it's a good reaction.
Upon seeing Megumi get flustered all the time though, Yuuji is unable to prepare himself for Megumi's come back.

"Itadori, let's go buy you a costume. I'll take the pictures."

Yuuji blinks once... twice... many times.

Megumi's face is straight, that same poker face he has when they first met. His voice is low when he repeats his words,

"Let's go buy you a costume."
After a lengthy LENGTHY banter - Megumi's face straight and serious the whole while, Yuuji finally agrees.

It's the first time he stutters and blushes when talking about roleplay costumes and he'd like to deny that it's because of Megumi but really, who is he kidding?
Yuuji walks in the shop and he's instantly greeted by a clerk.

"Oh! Yuuji-kun, finally taking your costumes?"

Yuuji scratches his nape, "Ah, not that. I'm actually here to buy-"
The store's manager butts right in, "Oh nonsense! Just take all the ones from your shoots! They're all yours. We keep giving them to you but you would never accept them."

Yuuji chuckles awkwardly, "Well, I never saw the need for them...""
"It's okay, we'll take all of them. Where may we get them?" Megumi's voice is calm and serious beside him and it has Yuuji startling, momentarily forgetting he's there.

The clerk's and the manager's eyebrows raise, a silent question which Yuuji rolls his eyes to.

The clerk snorts before looking at Megumi, "I'll guide you there, Mr...?"

"Fushiguro Megumi."

The clerk nods, "This way, Mr. Fushiguro Megumi."

Yuuji stares at the paper bags covering the whole floor of the hotel room. He hasn't counted just how many shoots he has been in but it must have been a lot now, huh? Judging from the paper bags everywhere, it really is a lot.
Megumi is checking each and every bag and Yuuji just watches him. A while after, he finally mumbles a "This one, this one," lifts the paper bag and pushes it to Yuuji.

"This first."

Yuuji peeks at the bag and sees the cat ears protruding. "This is your favorite huh?"
Megumi doesn't answer. He just blushes. And Yuuji can't help but smirk at him.

"But really, Fushiguro. You didn't have to book a hotel room for a shoot. We could've done it back in the dorms."
"They will find out about your job-"

"It's not like I'm keeping it a secret anyway. And besides, if they go to the shop to buy anything, they'll see my face and eventually find out-"
Yuuji stops upon seeing Megumi's scowl. He laughs it off and shrugs, "Well, you're the only one who officially knows about it anyway."

Megumi's scowl softens, "Let's get on with it."

He pulls a huge ass camera and waits on the sofa across the bed.
Yuuji breezes through the paper bags and a few times, here and there, he hears Megumi grunt.

That must be his version of the photographer's groans.
But alas! They finish everything and when it's finally time to leave, Yuuji drops a casual remark that he didn't think Megumi will take seriously.

"Do you want me to wear the cat ensemble again and chill?" His voice is hinted with playfulness.
His pun of 'Do you want to netflix and chill?' going over Megumi's head.

His friend looks at him with dark eyes, freezing in his spot as he ponders the question.

"Do you want to?"
Yuuji shrugs, "Well... I have no objections."

Megumi shuffles and drops all that he's carrying. "Go. Change."
And as fast as Yuuji puts on the costume, every piece of it gets ripped off him just as fast
Megumi /does/ like this costume after all.

Really. If his careful arranging at the side of the bed after he has ripped them off of Yuuji is of any indication just how much he does, Yuuji bets it's a lot.

Yes, they fucked. And yes, they started dating after they did.
(i started writing the sex scene but stopped halfway lmaooo twitter is scary so I'll save that for proper platforms if ever this leaves here)

Thank you for reading!
That was a disappointing end but please be forgiving of my exhausted brain. It's been tired since 30 tweets ago 😂😂😂
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