Little known history about Malcolm X: Kwame Nkrumah warned him when he was in Ghana that he was going to be murdered if he went back to the United States. Ghanaian intelligence intercepted US communications talking about it. Nkrumah talks about this in More Letters from Conakry.
Still more evidence that the conspiracy that led to Malcolm X's murder was global in scope. Well beyond the capacity of Nation of Islam.
What the focus on the Nation does is make African people the primary scapegoat for the assassination on some black on black crime shit but it also completely obscures the larger political reasons why Malcolm X was assassinated.
More about the letter - which was from Kwame Nkrumah to Julia Wright, daughter of Richard Wright (author of Native Son) - and Nkrumah and Malcolm's relationship from #HoodCommunist editor @aacpc:
After Malcolm came back from Ghana, his speeches were even more militantly Pan-Africanist. The book entitled "The Final Speeches of Malcolm X" which represents - chronologically - the very last speeches Malcolm made in the two weeks leading up to his assassination
'all have a decided focus on Africa and it's role in the liberation of people of African descent everywhere.'
'This reality, coupled with the fact Malcolm decided to name his new organization the Organization of Afro-American Unity - after the Organization of African Unity that Nkrumah had helped found the year before,'
'say more about how much Malcolm was being influenced by Nkrumah's politics than anything Malcolm or Nkrumah needed to say about their relationship.'
'For his part, Nkrumah wasn't revealing much either, but he did speak to one chilling aspect of their relationship in his letter to Julia Wright, the daughter of author Richard Wright.'
'In that letter, written a couple of years after Malcolm's assassination and the overthrow of his government in Ghana, Nkrumah, writing from Guinea-Conakry, tells Ms. Wright that his intelligence officers in Ghana had alerted him during the time Malcolm was in Ghana'
'that they had intercepted "reliable" information that Malcolm would be assassinated once he returned to the U.S. Nkrumah writes that he passed this information along to Malcolm during one of their meetings and that Malcolm responded with dignity and resignation to the news.'
'Nkrumah's reason for revealing this to Ms. Wright was he wanted Malcolm to stay in Ghana and help to build the work Nkrumah was engaging in.' Source:…

We probably gotta republish this!
Kwame Nkrumah and Malcolm X in Ghana.
The more history you learn, the more you realize that Africans fighting for liberation in the US were in constant contact with Africans fighting for liberation in Africa. We HAVE ALWAYS worked together.
Correction, the photo above is Kwame Nkrumah at a rally in Harlem. Here's an image of Malcolm in Ghana in front of a Nkrumah statue:
Check out this video from the @AAPRP for more on the relationship between Kwame Nkrumah and Malcolm X and the way imperialism twists the truth about Malcolm's assassination:

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