Gee, it might be because of the cynical short-sighted efforts of a certain party leader in the Senate whom @BenSasse has supported 99% of the time.
GOP Senator: why is the President gaining more power?!?!?! It's an atrocity!

Also GOP Senator: I support McConnell's efforts to not have a vote on any legislation ever.
If a legislature isn't passing new laws addressing the country's current needs, then the executive is going to shoehorn old laws which might not be directly applicable to address those needs.

And voila... the President has gained more power at the expense of Congress.
The irony is when Trump—an easily-distracted idiot who didn't understand the complexities of governing—was president would have been an ideal time for Congress to take back power from the Presidency.

Except nobody in the congressional GOP was interested in doing so.

• • •

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More from @4everNeverTrump

19 Feb
Don't blame Texans for "choosing" their statewide leaders like Cruz.

Texas has made it very difficult for an enormous number of citizens to vote; Texas's highest turnout in decades last November would be considered middling nearly anywhere else… because of voter suppression.
You shouldn't have to spend days figuring out what you need in order to register to vote.

You shouldn't have to spend hours in line trying to vote at your polling station.

Your shouldn't have to travel across your county to drop off a ballot.

Texas does all that and more.
These restrictions are targeted at voters who will be most likely to vote against incumbent elected officials; i.e., Texas GOP officials.

A 40 year old white man in a rural Texas county won't be substantively impacted and won't care if a 70 year old Black woman in Houston is.
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17 Feb
According to the Texas GOP, it's your own fault if you don't have a $2000 electric generator and a tank of diesel to get you through this multi-day blackout in sub-freezing temperatures.
Live in an apartment or condo? Welp, sucks to be you.
Also, make sure it's a really big diesel tank... because pumps at gas stations aren't working either.

Don't have the lot to safely house a big tank filled with a very flammable fluid? Welp, that sucks.
Read 5 tweets
9 Feb
For the life of me, I do not understand all of this effort to make sure people who make "too much" money—not even today but in 2019—should not receive stimulus checks.
For one thing, it'll be MUCH EASIER logistically to simply send *everyone* a stimulus check.

If we must means-test the relief, why not include a phased-out deduction when people file their taxes FOR 2021, instead of basing it on what people made before the pandemic struck?
This debate over what income level relief checks should be phased out is delaying relief for everybody! I mean, it's nonsensical.
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7 Feb
I didn't care that Don Jr got his books published when his father was president which wouldn't have been published otherwise and I don't care that Hunter is getting his book published.

This sort of ethical absolutism, IMO, will do more harm than good in the long run.
Is Hunter, a private citizen, not allowed to pitch a book to publishers? Are publishers supposed to ignore who he is when he does so? When asked, is Joe Biden supposed to have no opinion on his son's book?

This is silly.
Ethical rules should have room for a parent saying "I'm proud my son is writing a book and I hope it does well". We're not emotionless robots.
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5 Feb
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene still has a congressional staff and bully pulpit and can still introduce, sponsor and vote on legislation.
Do you know a time when a district was denied a voice?

When the Representative for the Detroit-area, John Conyers, passed away in December 2017 and the GOP Governor didn't schedule the special election for nearly a fucking year.
Seriously, it was a fucking scandal that most of Detroit didn't have House representation for a few days short of an entire year.
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2 Feb
I see three spelling or grammatical errors on the first page of Trump's impeachment trial filing.
Since the first paragraph is missing a crucial comma, it is saying that Trump AND Schoen are being impeached.

Also the first averment, which is presumably quoting from the impeachment article itself, is missing a quotation mark at the beginning of the paragraph.
It seems that Schoen was added after Castor and they did a quick "find and replace" without carefully proofreading it afterward.
Read 4 tweets

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