1/ Greatness is Anti-Mimetic.

Nietzsche, Anti-Mimesis & Original Greatness

Using the status signaler word Mimesis says "I've skimmed Taleb/Girard and get internet culture" —which sounds better than, "I'm into the hyper intellectualization of memes, something kids get."
2/ Mimesis means "imitation."

Rene Girard pioneered the concept of "mimetic desire", that all desire is imitation. People don't want things, they imitate the wants of others.

Through Mimesis one sees Art/Culture as "culture imitating culture imitating life" in an endless cycle.
3/ The mimetic answer to the question of nature vs art is that ART imitates NATURE (or other art).

In agreement, Shakespeare (Hamlet), speaks to the mimetic role of actors "to hold, as ’twere, the mirror up to nature.”

LIFE is the ORIGIN imitated by ART.

This is WRONG.
4/ Anti-mimesis is the opposite position. Oscar Wilde writes "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life."

For instance, he posits we appreciate the beauty of fog in nature today because of great painters who revealed that beauty. Artists "discovered" the beauty of fog.
5/ He holds that anti-mimesis "results not merely from Life's imitative instinct, but from the fact that the self-conscious aim of Life is to find expression, ...and that Art offers it certain beautiful forms through which it may realise that energy."
6/ What is that 'energy'?

It is Nietzsche's WILL TO POWER. The WILL creates ART not to imitate lowly nature & herd animal humans, but of its own accord, an expression of VITALITY. The WILL triumphs over that which was previously considered possible or even conceivable.
7/ Nietzsche writes, "A living thing seeks above all to discharge its strength--life itself is will to power;”

His description of ascendent life driven by a vibrant Will To Power is innately ANTI-MIMETIC. MIMETICS would have a being IMITATE, what N calls "herd morality" (lowly).
8/ Therefore Nietzschean interpretation of mimetics in art (+greatness generally) is that successful WILL TO POWER leads the way with unbridled and unprecedented originality. The originators belong to fat tails of the bell curve, the outlier geniuses who NATURE later imitates.
9/ This is both implied, and evident in Nietzsche's writing on the works of Poussin and Lorrain (pictured). The greatness of the art superseded the imagination of Nietzsche, or that which he could infer from nature. He described it as nothing short of "REVELATION."
10/ What is AFTERWARDS done is mimetic: imitation of the heights reached by the Will To Power of an Alexander, Rafael, or Shakespeare. However, this mimesis is only a holding pattern or stasis until the Will triumphs elsewhere, raising the ceiling of what was considered possible.
11/ Look to the fragility of precedent in gymnastics or other olympic sports to see that mimetic imitation is the plight of losers. Greatness progresses through unbridled Will To Power pushing horizons of expression, and is therefore anti-mimetic. imgur.com/gallery/yV0V4
12/ A final metaphor from evolutionary theory is Gradualism vs. Punctuated Equilibrium.

Punctuated equilibrium is how greatness shapes the world, and mimesis only governs the plateaus between the legs up.

ART from WILL TO POWER leads the dance.
NATURE pants to catch up.

• • •

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