For paid subscribers—Part VII: The right temporarily reverses its electoral declines using antisemitism, but this triggers a Radical backlash, providing new hope for the Dreyfusards…
Sorry this is a little late today. Also I had hoped to get to the coup attempt of 1899 in here, but this ran long, so that will have to be part of its own episode
Historian Nancy Fitch: "Dreyfus, the Jewish traitor, appeared almost miraculously in 1898 to save the cause of anti-parliamentarian conservatives."

Anti-Dreyfusard Charles Maurras: “Everything seems impossibly difficult without the providential appearance of antisemitism."

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24 Feb
The evidence in the Dreyfus case revealed to be a forgery; the forger Colonel Henry commits suicide; Maurras turns him into a martyr; anti-Dreyfusards attempt a farcical coup; Socialists enter the government; a heavy hand is brought down on the far right…
it's interesting to see how badly planned adventures with little chance of success still were labelled attempted coups, but in the Third Republic the plotters did have some real hope of rallying the Army to their side
We are very familiar with the politics of right wing backlash, but reading about the Affair has revealed there was a politics of left wing backlash: the right kept on doing stupid and crazy provocations that lead to increasingly left-leaning governments
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23 Feb
the dreyfusards believed the jesuits were controlling everything, anti-dreyfusards believed it was some combination of masons, jews, department stores
the thing is the Russians were actually kinda behind spreading reactionary ideas to France! read Faith Hillis's incredible essay on this!…
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22 Feb
I would say the biggest problem I have with academic history writing is not the prose, but the organization: Argument is often favored over narrative for the sake of rigor I guess, the result being that neither are easy to grasp on first reading
There's also so much repetition of the argument that's trying to disguise itself as specification, but it's not: it's restatement
but the repetition doesn't make things clearer: it makes you think that you are missing some development of the themes and then you realize, "oh that's the same point"
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21 Feb
okay the curtis thing gets perilously close to just listing everything that happened
it’s also like yeah i know i lived through this not all of this is excavating forgotten arcana, there should be more than one register
“and then a surprising thing happened” well it can’t all be surprising
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19 Feb
i mean no one *has to* accept an apology, if there's a public apology anyone in the public has a right to decide they don't accept it, the problem is that the public is so amorphous and open ended there will always be someone who doesn't want to accept it on principle
you can't apologize to the public, and any apology made in public people will think is an apology *to the public* and they have a right to accept it or reject it, even if strictly speaking it might not concern them
so my advice is dont apologize in public or to the public because that doesnt work; yelling at the public to stop acting like the public probably wont work. everyone arrogates the right to be a member of the public at some point or another
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18 Feb
I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of Italians suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced
this is a crime
confirmed italian response
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