Ringleading conspiracists like Watkins who actively organized for January 6 need to have the book thrown at them.

Our “justice” system sucks, I know. She should be treated humanely within it as a trans woman, though she won’t be. It doesn’t work that way b/c of her own ideology
It’s awful that Trump, to whom Jessica Watkins she rightly pointed as inciting the coup attempt, will probably never be held accountable (and certainly not by the Senate as that ship sailed).

But she is still a violent extremist who sided with those who would deny her rights.
Watkins wasn’t a bit player on Jan. 6. She founded a militia and is a dues-paying Oath Keepers member.

Most of the people indicted in relation to the insurrection aren’t being charged with conspiracy, a serious charge prosecutors are reticent to bring because it’s hard to prove.
That they are charging Watkins with conspiracy means they have an extremely solid case.

White terrorists like Watkins need to be sent a strong message that Americans will not put up with their toxic ideology and violent actions.

Watkins may be trans, but she’s no sister of mine

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17 Feb
In my latest for @RDispatches, I contextualize the letter Rep. Adam Kinzinger got from relatives telling him he’d “joined the devil’s army” by criticizing Trump over Jan. 6.

Good for him, but “respectable” evangelicals will never be able to fix the evangelical extremism problem
For more on why that’s the case, see this:

And this three-part series I did for @Convo_ist

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17 Feb
While one might argue that telling the truth should never be regarded as irredeemably uncivil, fascists do not deserve civility, in life or in death.
With significant caveats with respect to abuse and harm done, “Speak no ill of the dead” may be a decent enough general maxim for private individuals.

Apply it to public figures, however, and you only end up protecting unjust power and privilege.
Now that Rush Limbaugh is dead, we’ll be hearing a lot about how “talented” he was. “Charming.” A big tipper. I haven’t read the @nytimes obituary yet, but I noticed the headline describes Limbaugh as “relentlessly provocative,” which makes him sound “cool” in an “edgy” way.
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17 Feb
“The museum’s director, Charles L. Venable, said the decision to use ‘white’ had been intended to indicate that the museum would not abandon its existing audience as part of its efforts toward greater diversity.”

My home state never fails to embarrass nytimes.com/2021/02/13/art…
I’ve spent a fair bit of time at this museum, do there’s an extra degree of sadness—but not surprise, really—in learning that its executive management is still so racist and unwilling to listen and learn to make a robust effort at diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Venable literally seems to think “embracing diversity” means saying, “Oh hey, we totally want black people to come to our museum too,” without making any real structural changes.

But I like how his name sounds like an ill thought out combination of “venal” and “venerable”
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14 Feb
Oh yeah, and before I forget what day it is, happy Valentine’s Day, you filthy animals
I declared my roommate’s Pomeranian my valentine this year and bought her like $30 worth of treats
By request of @WendyBrandes, here is the Pom in question, Darcy, who belongs to @NutMeg897 and who I get to snuggle and help take care of ImageImage
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14 Feb
The Lincoln Project was never on our side. It was run by bigoted, terrible people who are very good at PR, and willing not just to abuse NDAs, but also to go nuclear” on anyone who might harm their image.

Some of us have been telling you 🤷‍♀️

Steve Schmidt has clearly lied about when he knew of the sexual harassment allegations against John Weaver. So we have a coverup, plus sexism, anti-LGBTQ animus, and general corruption in the org.

For the love of Fred Flintstone, could you all please finally stop defending them?
Flashy TV ads don’t even do much, if anything, to shift public opinion. They do, however, cost a lot of money to produce 🤔

TLP didn’t help us beat Trump. They conned liberals into providing funds and valuable personal data, and they abused people.
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1 Feb
Respectfully, calling dominionism a "perversion of the faith" is one reason it hasn't been "adequately exposed" as a "more resilient threat" to pluralism and democracy.

Christianity is what Christians do. Historically, that's mostly been protecting power and privilege.
I write a lot about how we must face the Christian nationalist threat without decoupling it from Christianity, because the "fake Christians" deflection only serves to reinforce Christian supremacism by equating "Christian" with "good." Christianity isn't always or inherently good
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