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22 Feb, 27 tweets, 6 min read
after not having seen my doctor all of 2020 and so far in 2021, you're gonna open up with THIS QUESTION?
I understand why they ask these questions but, like, I've got insomnia and ADHD and I'm on a bunch of stimulants and I've got digestive issues. they're basically asking "are you still foone?" [yes] [no]
the last one is especially annoying because I have poor apatite every day. but I'm pretty sure my psychiatrist isn't really worried about that, because I'm not forgetting to eat because I'm depressed, it's because PART OF MY DIGESTIVE SYSTEM IS MISSING
and I don't think any amount of SSRIs and therapy can really fix that, you know?
let me replace questions #2 and #3 with "do you still have ADHD [yes] [no it somehow got better]"
although I guess technically the answer to #3 is "not at all"
because even if I have been very fidgety and restless and moving around a lot... is it really more "than usual"?
I'm not any more ADHD than I was last month
well then
lemme select "I feel like that most/every day" on that "internal server error" page
what level of ADHD is it that you're so bored by a mental health evaluation form that you're using content inspector to make it funnier?
I think it's ADHD level 7.
that's right after the sewer level
the only problem is you got to remember to answer the actual questions, not your joke versions.
fortunately as someone with ADHD I never forget minor details when distracted
oh man I really should build a fallout3/nv conversation generator
the formatting gets messed up if you make the text too long

how much do you want to bet that this is 100% the normal experience if you choose a language other than english?
the first time they've shown a MORE option, which just lists a bunch of drugs that "count".
Probably just there to remind you that pot counts, even in california. Although it does mean I can get away with recreational drug use as long as it's a weird one.
and now I've 404'd!
this isn't my fault, I haven't changed any IDs, the forms should still work... this thing is just broken.
oh fuck me.

Kaiser Permanente has a bug where you can get force logged out if you have two tabs open!
and here's the funny part: when your doctor sends you a message to take the quiz, you have to log in and view your Medi-Mail and it has a link, which opens in a new tab.

so now you have two tabs open
so you are always going to be in this situation unless you specifically close the email tab before you take the quiz!
here's what happens: every Kaiser tab has a javascript that is watching to see that you're are still active. after 18 minutes, it pops up a "hey, you're about to be logged off for inactivity in 2 minutes, are you sure you want to stay on the site? [yes] [log me off now]"
but here's the thing: the timer is PER TAB
the log-off? is site-wide
so while you're taking the quiz in tab #2, tab #1 is counting down to log you off.
eventually it'll log you off because you aren't doing anything in that tab, and when that happens, tab #2 loses access to the site, because you just logged out
that said I also was a professional java programmer back in the day and I definitely dealt with sites that had exactly this kind of terrible bug
I don't know that this site is written in java
but it smells like it is
amusingly it turns out it logged me out on the last question.
if I had been able to answer one more question, it wouldn't have been a problem
anyway I would write this info up into a more consise professional form and submit it to some feedback form, but Kaiser are the ones giving me my ADHD meds, so they should expect this sort of thing
also as a retrocomputerist, it turns out I don't actually have ADHD.
I instead have ADSD, which is very similar to ADHD except with a much lower resolution.

• • •

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I got my MDT9100-386 out again.
This is a terminal for police cars. Image
It's a lovely little machine. ImageImage
It's got little lights to let you type in the dark, but one of them is burnt out. One of the things I need to do while I've got it out is to figure out what that bulb is so I can order a replacement. Image
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Anyone ever notice that one of the eight people injured in the second Demon Core criticality incident is listed only as having "probably died"? Image
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Speaking of endoscopy... Here's a fun story from a friend who misused an endoscopy. Soo, he played a collectable board game called Monsterpocylpse.
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But it's a collectable game, that's the key thing: you buy blind boxes, and get random monsters.
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stupid idea: A small 16bit DOS program that reads every sector of the hard drive in increasing order, and displays it on screen, in MDA or CGA 80x25 mode.
a sector is 512 bytes, so a 32x16 (plus another line for metadata) display can show the whole thing, and fits in any mode
and the purpose is: it's a stupid way to get data out of a PC.
Doesn't have serial? floppy? parallel? network? SCSI? modem? WHO CARES
if it has a display that do either of the basic IBM PC text formats, you can exfiltrate data by recording the screen with a camera
the main problem is that some of these characters look like each other which is going to make OCRing them off the screen not fun
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So the latest LGR Blerbs episode is on the Keypatch AT, an interesting mid-80s device to add functionality to early PC keyboards. I was thinking I had another model of Keypatch and I thought I should go pull it out of storage...

It turns out, NOPE! What I have is a CXI Keyboard MATE, which is clearly a similar device, but not a Keypatch.
Keyboard MATE. I don't know why all of "MATE" is in uppercase. It's got the same set of scroll lock/num lock/caps lock indicators like the keypatch
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22 Feb
Shout out to Google, one of the biggest software companies in the world, who can't properly size their buttons, so the "Download" button turns into "Down...ding" when you click it.
There are only three real problems in computer science:
1. Naming things
2. Cache invalidation
3. UI layout
(And of course, 4: off by one errors)
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