kill me now
Yes, SNL has taken jabs at Biden since his inauguration. No, they haven't had any sketches where someone is actually *playing* Biden, which probably has to do with the fact that a.) he's not constantly doing goofy crap in public, but also, b.) NO ONE IN THE CAST PLAYS HIM
I really want to know what kind of Biden sketches people at Fox News think there should be. What's an example of something he's done that lends itself to comedy?
I really liked Jason Sudeikis' version of Biden, but I don't know that the whole wacky-uncle-Joe character thing would work as its own thing. Woody Harrelson's version was pretty good. Jim Carrey's... well, he had the *look* down if not the rest of it. But I don't know.
If anyone actually cares, I'm sure that they'll mostly be poking fun at him during the Weekend Update segments, not in standalone sketches
kill. me. now.
everything is so goddamn stupid
It's worth noting that these stories are all being framed as though "the woke mob" demanded that they add warnings (this is not a thing that happened)
They kept trying to present it as though Disney is going back and adding this to episodes that had already been streaming, but no! These are newly uploaded episodes. This is just how they decided to add them. JFC. I hate everything.
longing for the sweet release of death tbh
everything is so fucking stupid
And I know there are a lot of people to pick from, but I'm pretty sure that Joe Concha is the biggest hack on TV
Decided to see if there was anyone complaining about the Muppets before right-wing media got itself all worked up into a lather over it, and nope. Searching for "muppets" and "offensive" just brings up tweets of people calling other people muppets and whatever.
Anyway, as usual, conservative media has invented a controversy it can rage about for a few days

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23 Feb
Nearly two years ago I wrote about how Bret Stephens and Bari Weiss were bizarrely obsessed with schools. And nearly two years later, they're both still churning out article after article of the same drivel.…
It's really the ideological inconsistency that bugs me the most. It's not that they have some sort of core principles they're trying to promote. They just want there to be more people saying stuff they like, and fewer saying stuff they don't. That's it.… ImageImage
It's boring. It's lazy writing. It's pathetic, really. It's not new. It's just a rehash of things that have been written about for more than a century.

1903: Image
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23 Feb
The fact that this isn't just the standard position in media, generally, is very telling.

No, legitimate media organizations should not go and cover a convention which has seven different panels about how they think the election was rigged (it was not).
And not just for opinion stuff. Seriously, how many news organizations send people out to cover CPAC every year but don't devote even 10% as much energy covering progressive conferences?
And just... I swear...

Journalists, I am begging you: if you are covering that, do not just live tweet nonsense being spouted from the stage. If someone says something false, YOU NEED TO NOTE THAT IT'S FALSE IN YOUR TWEET.
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23 Feb
I responded to that tweet by noting that opinion pieces and reported pieces have different tones and suddenly I have a bunch of people in my mentions being like "lol, lib! cope! lollll!" like, wtf is wrong with people on here? Image
If you want to make a media criticism, you have to compare apples to apples, especially when the argument is "wow, tone sure changed." I'm pretty sure WaPo never used the term "kids in cages" in headlines of reported pieces.
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22 Feb
Once again, the right-wing obsession with trans stuff outs the party of Dennis Hastert as a bunch of creeps.
Pedophile Foghorn Leghorn uses his limited amount of time to obsess over people’s genitals. Creep.
The Republican Party is a haven for pedophiles, which is why they obsess over that stuff.
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22 Feb
So weird how this keeps happening!
(You guys all get that they're totally fine with those views, but just responded to negative press to save face, right? Conservatives are a conspiracy cult)
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22 Feb
Is it the guy who loves Hitler? No, wait, he's still on the site...
Oh, wait, I know. It's the guy who called himself "David Duke without the baggage" and spoke to crowds of white supremacists. Right?

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