Weekly Fundamentals✅: $VUZI Corp was 🆙 over 30% today.

I've been talking about $VUZI since it was $9 b'cos of the capability to solve key problems across multiple verticals.

So here below was my thesis (maybe its why $ARK Invest bought? or $AAPL is investing here)

This $VUZI thread contains of the following

1-5: Overview & industry use-cases
7 - Financials
8 - Industry
10 - Competitive advantages I believe makes $VUZI maintain a good position in the AR Market

*There are risks, but you'll need to be open-minded & be big picture minded*
1/ $VUZI

They design, manufacture, market and sell Augmented Reality (AR) Smart-Glasses display, wearable computing, AR optics technologies, display engines and products for the consumer and enterprise markets.

*No, this is a real product being used today, not a story stock*
2/ $VUZI -How it works:

The AR glasses have sensors & computers that enables the user to view, record and interact with video and digital content -> When viewed, they create virtual images that appear like computer monitor views & a real environment/ think $ZM-like on a glasses
3/ $VUZI Value Proposition:

- Multiple use-cases across where $VUZI is used today to connect surgeons and healthcare providers from Telemedicine to Warehouse; Manufacturing, Field Service, Training services etc.
- Massive increase in productivity for enterprises

More below:
4i/ $VUZI Healthcare uses:

- Enabling precision in surgeries and care delivery:

Some examples:
- It was used during Open Heart Surgery at the Chi-Mei Medical Center in Taiwan
- Knee surgeries at multiple hospitals in the US
- Used for virtual rounds and Physician training
4ii/ $VUZI In addition:

The University of Louisville School of Medicine, during the course of clinical trials utilized $VUZI glasses to enable over 320 students to receive a clinical shadowing which would have not been possible otherwise.
4iii/ $VUZI Customer Client list (These are just a few)

- Most of these healthcare clients started using them in 2019/20 as VR needs for hospitals increased as Covid accelerated key changes.

- Building a strong customer list:
5) $VUZI SaaS:

- $VUZI integrates with various communication software like $ZM and $CSCO which enables those telemedicine or virtual trainings

- They have invested significantly into their software/SaaS offering and investors can expect Recurring revenues from here later
6/ $VUZI Hardware

-They have a variety of customers within the OEM, Aerospace and Defense contractors space that are utilizing the software for production of engines or repairs that would have required having an in-person engineer.

There's much more Use-case, but I'll stop here
7/ $VUZI Financials:

• TTM Revenues: $10M: Growth from Q2: 40% -> Q3: 100% YoY Growth
• Mgmt preliminary results expecting Q4 Revs over 107% YoY
• Estimated 2021 Growth: 78%
• Cash: $52M
• Low-debt

* Valuation is off the roof but deservedly (I bought when it was better)
8/ $VUZI Industry:

• Markets&M Data estimates $77B market by 2025 driven by Healthcare; Retail and e-comm
• Ark Invest estimates the revenue from Virtual worlds will compound by 17% to $180B
•ARK forecasts that by 2030 the AR market could scale from under a $1B today to $130B
8i/ $VUZI Industry

Additional industry data here “We've seen a huge uptick in commercial interest in both virtual and augmented reality driven by the pandemic” – industry expert IDC.

Bottom line is this industry is big with a few players.

Read more:
9/ $VUZI Competitors:

$FB, $GOOGL, $AAPL have been investing here bc'os of the big opportunity available

The most important thing is that $VUZI has found a niche by designing smart glasses for enterprise solutions like healthcare while, we know big tech is focused on consumer.
10i/ $VUZI Competitive Advantages:

- Market leader with a niche and 20yrs core competency within the enterprise markets in 5G & edge computing for key industries

- Over 184 significant patents & IP in key AR smart glasses technology and waveguides (Also why Intel owns a stake)
10ii) $VUZI Comps con'td:

- They have products positioned across all verticals for B2B & B2C markets while maintain a niche.
- $VUZI has production scale and customizability features based on industry
- Better pricing than Comps
- Product validations with huge customer wins
11/ Future Product-Line:

This is going to be the huge game-changer. They are working on perfectly normal glasses for consumers.
- It has Full-screen and phone LED videos connections
- Headphones capabilities
- Wireless connectivity
- Advanced projections
12/ $VUZI Ownership Structure:

- Mgmt owns over 10%
- Intel ($INTC) owns over 10%
- Significant insider buying and no-selling over last couple of months which brews mgmt confidence

* They've won CES awards for innovation btw '05 - 2021 and several tech. innovation awards
13/ $VUZI Risks:

- Competition from Big Tech is always one if they dabble into $VUZI niche
- More execution risks to attract more clients
- Reducing R&D costs to drive cash flow and sustainable margins overtime
- Time lag b4 Widespread adoption of AR
- Still small & growing
14/ $VUZI Bottom-line:

- AR is helping solve key problems
- They've created a core competitive niche in AR for enterprises & Healthcare w. significant patents
- Huge TAM
Me: Its High risk, high-reward as I started a small pos - They've *shown execution* which is key

Thanks :)
Interesting question @parth_ir on $VUZI vs $U

$U's is mostly focused on the VR & AR Gaming market (which is huge)

Meanwhile, $VUZI primarily caters to the enterprise market focusing on building AR Glasses for healthcare and others in the thread.

Every week, I write to Investors about upcoming companies with massive competitive advantages and secular tailwinds below.

Follow or check it out.


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22 Feb
BIG beat for $ZI - 10% AH

Key Highlights:
✔️Q4-2020 Revenue: Actual $139M vs. Est. $130M (53% YoY Growth) (7% Surprise)
✔️EPS: Act. $0.10 vs Est. $0.12
✔️Q4- GAAP Ops. Income Margin of 21% and Adjusted Margin of 45%
✔️FY 2020: 63% YoY Growth

This is a Top-class company-✅🔥
Part 2 - $ZI

- Cash flow from operations of $169.6 million, and Unlevered Free Cash Flow of $243.7 million.

- $ZI closed the year w. >20,000 customers, including more than 850 customers with $100,000 in annual contract value

- FY 2021 Guidance below
Part -3: - $ZI

* I may start another position again as I sold my position a few weeks ago.

- Top-line Revs growing >50% consistent
- High gross and ops margin
- Founder-Led with three awards for 2020 culture & placed No. 15 on for Best Company Culture
- Moat within sales teams
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20 Feb
$PLTR Investors should focus more on Foundry, the commercial business and leave behind the past $PLTR of US Gov’t

In this analysis, I utilize my experience as a Product Lead for AI projects to highlight factors I believe differentiates Palantir.

Below is a thread of the report- Image
1/ The best way to understand $PLTR software philosophy. Think of it as a funnel.

i) Data Integration to absorb data
ii) Knowledge & Data Management
iii) Advanced search and discovery
iv) Intuitive app to drive collaboration

It goes back to the early days with Peter Thiel.
2/ The Four Tenets that guide Foundry:

i) Ontology of data and wide-ranging use case templates
ii) Advanced AI Capabilities and simulation modelling from the ontology
iii) Modularization with a variety of software apps
iv) Interoperability with any data platform such as IBM’s Image
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16 Feb
$PLTR Palantir Technologies announced FY results – Stock is🔻12%

Below are $PLTR Full Earnings + Year Review/Takeaways after the Conference call:

+ Why Q4- looked weaker than expected
+ Why I’ll be buying more shares
+ This week's volatility

Review Thread & hope it helps:👇 Image
1/ $PLTR - Let’s start with Revenues:

Full-Year 2020: 1.093B vs $743M (2019) - 47% YoY

• Q4-20: Rev Est. vs Actual: $322M vs 2019-$229M - 40% YoY

• Overall, 56% came from Gov't and 44% from Commercial clients
**Slight improvement from 2019 in Revenue mix

We break it down>
1i/ $PLTR - Government Revenue:

- It was $610M grew 77% YoY

- QoQ basis: Q3-19: $97M > Q3-20: $163M (68%YoY) > Q4:20 190M (85% YoY)

- 10 National Govt generated most of it.

*The growth was boosted by more Govt clients spending on Covid-19 (FDA & NHS England) and the US Army
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16 Feb
Dye & Durham $DND
Q2 Earnings Takeaway & Highlights:

Leading Canadian provider of cloud-based software solutions designed to improve efficiency within the Legal tech industry holds a MONOPOLY.. yes extremely rare.

Q2-2021 (3-mths) Revenues grew $33M (96% YoY)

Cont'd below.. Image
- For the 6-months ended 2020 with $55M (63% YoY)
- Guidance for June 30, 2022: Revenue of over $340M (> +100% Growth) *includes acquisition of DoProcess*
Most of their acquisitions are being integrated earlier than expected

Adj. EBITDA $200M (below) Image
Managements goal:

They are focused on dominating the legal and real-state tech platform markets within Canada, the UK & Australia.

Hence, the strategy is to continue:
- Acquisitions to capture competitors
• Broaden and expand customer base
• Innovate platforms
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4 Feb
$APPS - 🔥 25% 🔥

My Full Earnings Call Takeaways + Analysts notes

1/ Basic Info

- Rev of $89M vs Exp $75M Exp. (16% beat)
- 146% Growth YoY (58% organic growth as MP reps $31M
- EPS: $0.21 vs Exp $0.17 (23% beat) - 425% earnings growth

Cont'd - Hope you find helpful! - 🙌
1b/ Financials $APPS:

- GP expansion – 166% – due to content
- GM 43% - content media, apps business based on revenue mix is driving margin expansion
- Ops. margin expanded by 23.2%.
- Adj. EBITDA up by 302% Y/Y to $22.51M; and margin expanded by 25.4%
- FCF keeps improving
- Overall International revenue is gradually representing a much higher share than US
- Revenue Per Device (RPD Growth) which is key metric is growing - nearly 70% growth in Int'l
- Int'l supply revenue for media grew 200% YoY
- Primarily from partners such as Samsung, Xaomi
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3 Feb
Pre-Earnings Watch👉: $APPS

Digital Turbine, a platform provider for building apps, enabling content discovery and mobile digital ads

Why I'm bullish L-T:
1/ They have a strong competitive position within the mobile operator-advertiser niche for android devices.

Cont'd -
2/ $APPS Growth Pillars:
- SingleTap is a new product where a user can automatically download an app in a single-tap without visiting the actual app
- Mobile Posse: Product that goes natively on a phone and includes news, sports, ads etc.
- 5G roll-out and Increased phone ads
3/ $APPS software is installed on over 450M+ phones, and this total is increasing by 20M phones per month

$APPS is increasingly building additional revenue streams, such as providing content for carriers such as Sprint

Major clients include Samsung, AT&T, Verizon, Uber.
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