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21 Feb
Thread Remastered I: Taylor Swift's vocal mini analysis from Physics (Waves & Oscillations) and Music (General Vocal) perspective, Extended Version (an educational thread) #TaylorSwift Part 1 ImageImageImage
For anyone who's looking at the original thread of this version, the link below will provide you, with the original thread, which's the very first thread I created on Twitter and always intended to keep it around. Therefore, enjoy both versions!
What's new for this version?
- Additional on Theoretical Physics materials on Waves & Oscillations, Taylor's Vocal, her method to combined her vocals, accolades for her
- Polished & restructured sentences in the thread
- More Pictures & GIFs
- Sources Quoted Extended
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19 Feb
List of things Taylor Swift has given us throughout the year 2020-2021, a timeline thread (during pre-pandemic and current state) [Updated every-time there's a new release]:
Version 1.0 (my version)
A. Pre-Introductory
This thread was created as a "transition thread", due to the needed time to learn and create the "scientific-based" threads I planned to release during late Q1 2021, from Heredity (Biology), Society Impact (Sociology) & Balanced Equation (Chemistry).
As they have very sophisticated materials and which one I can officially carry out that people still able to understand in the Stan Twitter. I'll let you know when it's ready.
In the meantime, let's start the thread, shall we?
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8 Feb
When evermore will reach 1B streams? (Arithmetic Mathematics mini analysis thread):

Last data recorded: 719.010.755 streams total
Streams on the 8th week: 41.939.662 streams

Let's assume the 8th-week streamers are continuous sequences, therefore using the arithmetic equation
The solution (Un equation)
The difference (b) = 41.939.662
The first term (a) = 719.010.755
Weeks assumption (n) = 7 weeks from 7 Feb (= 28 March)

[1st Equation: Un = a + (n-1) b]

-> U7 = 719.010.755 + (7-1)*41.939.662
-> U7 = 719.010.755 + (6*41.939.662)
U7 = 970.648.727
Based on my calculation above using the arithmetic formula, on the 15th week of evermore (28 March), evermore is approaching 1B streams. However, we need more simple math calculation to count the difference how much extra time evermore reach the goal:
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4 Feb
When INTHAF will reach 50M streamers? (Arithmetic mathematics mini analysis thread):

Last data recorded: 47.574.498 streams total
Streams per 31 Jan.2021: 43.620 streams

Let's assume the 31 Jan streams are continuous sequences, therefore using the arithmetic equation.
The solution (Un equation)
The difference (b) = 43.620
The first term (a) = 47.574.498
Days assumption (n) = 50 days from 31 Jan (=22 March)

[1st Equation: Un = a + (n-1) b]

-> U50 = 47.574.498 + (50-1)*43.620
-> U50 = 47.574.498 + (49*43.620)
Equals to 49.711.878 streams
Based on my calculation above using arithmetic, not even on 22nd March (50 days from the original date) INTHAF could reach 50M streams. Therefore, we need to more calculation on how many extra days to reach the target with simple math below:
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13 Jan
Every Taylor Swift's album as Sony Xperia phones (a thread): The Introduction
As you already know, I'm a Swiftie for 8.4 years now and going strong. However, you may also know in my Bio, I'm also an Xperia fan, Sony smartphone lineup, since 2011 until now. It's because 6 out of 7 phones I collected, are Sony, and XZ Premium is the latest (pic below): 6th Sony Xperia collection:...
And Sony used to collaborate with Taylor Swift for its older Cybershot DSC-TX7 and its peers advertisement in April 2010, prior to Speak Now Era, which's nostalgia. Though it's not Xperia, at least proof Sony and Taylor have connections. Here's snippet of the proof: Sony Cybershot advertisemen...
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8 Jan
Taylor Swift's vocal mini analysis from Physics and Music perspective (an educational thread) #TaylorSwift
Disclaimer: This is my first thread ever, so there's a possibility of mistakes. Please informed me regarding that (for extension). And this analysis thread will mention Physics & Music perspectives about Taylor's singing ability. Sources are quoted at the end. Enjoy!
1.) Intro: Taylor has been in the music industry for 15 years, and music has a close connection to Physics. The study of this is known as Musical acoustics. Physics material that has a relation with music is Waves & Oscillations. Here's a brief explanation of Waves: General "Classical" Physics in a picture
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