Verifiable Credentials Thread:


It’s now official, after months of toing and throwing the UK is now on a collision course to introduce Health Passports also known as Immunity Passports, Vaccine Passports or under the official Government banner ‘COVID Status Certification’.

The COVID status certification involves using both the testing and vaccination data to confirm in different settings that people have a lower risk of transmitting COVID-19 to others.

This matrix like technology will combine with other holders of COVID Status Certifications to determine both your own and the areas you visits live risk scores, all graded, marked & historized.

The Government are not only reviewing the technologies but have implemented trials of such technologies to determine whether COVID-status certification could play a a part in the role in reopening the economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety.

This includes assessing to what extent COVID-status certification where it would be most effective in reducing
risk & for the potential use cases to enable access to settings or a relaxation of COVID Secure mitigations.

The Government is also consider the ethical, equalities, privacy, legal and operational aspects of this approach and to what limits, if any, should be placed on organisations like workplaces using certification going forward.

It will draw on external advice @AdaLovelaceInst to develop recommendations that take into account any social and economic impacts, and implications for disproportionately impacted groups and individuals’ privacy and security.

The Government will set out its conclusions in advance of Step 4 (June) in order to inform the safe reopening of society and the economy.

The UK is working with other countries who have started similar programmes, to lead global efforts to adopt a clear international framework @wef with standards that provide
consistency for passengers and industry alike.

The Government will make this a reality through ongoing work with @WHO and other multilateral organisations, the UK’s presidency of the @G7 this year, and by working with other international partners.

The UK will use its G7 presidency to encourage leaders to increase their funding for #COVAX in support of equitable access to vaccines. In addition, the UK is working closely with global bodies and international partners such as the @CEPIvaccines @Gavi

Like some strains of flu, COVID-19 is a relatively mild illness for much of the population, but it is more dangerous to vulnerable groups. The Government will
ensure the country can live with the virus in the longer-term without imposing restrictions

which bear heavy economic, social and health costs. The outcome of the four programmes of work set out in chapter 3 (large events, COVID-Certification, international travel and social distancing) will inform Government policy on living with the virus.

Areas where COVID Status Certification is possible / Likely to be introduced:

Large indoor & outdoor events, International Travel, Hotels, Workplaces, Care Homes, Leisure Facilities, Hospitality, Attractions, Night Clubs and Gyms.

Many do not realise yet what is happening, they soon will do. My instincts are they have the infrastructure already in place, they will go light, one industry at a time. Could take 18 months to fully implement and possible use of the @NHSCOVID19app.…

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21 Feb
Vaccine Passports Update Thread:


The future is one where all our connected devices and user inputs are integrated with #AI intelligent triaging & messaging and this will be the bedrock of the next generation of digital health they say.

Logifect announced that it won a substantial 100% grant from @innovateuk of £37,000 to build a platform for #COVID19 digital vaccination certificates that could be used by any venue for access to events, cinemas and at many other locations.…

Logifect in total has been handed £62,000 in grants by the agency @innovateuk and has designed an app which is due to launch next month, this will allow Britons to show confirmation of their vaccinations when prompted.
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20 Feb
Digital ID Thread:


In 2016:

Dakota Gruener the Executive Director of @ID2020, a global public-private partnership, which brings together technologists, advocates, implementers and funders toward a common vision: A global digital ID for all based on #blockchain. Image

@ID2020 partners believe that ethically implemented, privacy-protecting, user-managed, and portable digital ID solutions offer an opportunity to put the ownership of personal data back in the hands of the individual.

Dakota launched @ID2020 in 2016, following her work at @gavi the Vaccine Alliance, where she served as an aide-de-camp to the CEO, @GaviSeth.… Image
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19 Feb
Biometrics & Facial recognition camera's will merge with Digital Vaccine Status Passports and real-time individualised health scoring surveillance.

"I do not want to live in an Orwellian society," said Rob Watts, CEO of Corsight AI. Image
Watts said that Corsight AI believes the ownership of biometric data should belong to the traveler enabling them to access and control this information in the IATA travel app.

He says his company's tech could enhance Vaccine passports efforts with airport security technologies. Image
And to mitigate the spread of contagion and assess passenger flows, airports have incorporated a vast suite of technologies including thermal imaging, artificial intelligence (AI), and more are going to be used. Image
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17 Feb


What are the main issues around Vaccine Passports?

The headline is that at present, any use of vaccine passports or health status apps is not justifiable given the lack of evidence on transmission.

The vaccine passport relies on the assumption that my vaccine status tells you something about the risk I pose to you, not simply the risk I face from COVID-19. That’s not something we can currently know.

Add in different vaccine regimes combined with emerging mutations that may impact upon vaccine effectiveness, and it all makes for a complicated picture.
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17 Feb
Nadhim Zahawi on Tuesday said the government would not intervene to stop businesses using the domestic version of the documents.

That it was “up to businesses” to decide what rules they introduced, following reports that cinemas were considering making customers prove
they had received a Covid jab with special NHS-verified certificates.

Some venues might require customers to carry an official certification, likely to be digital, which states they have had a vaccine.
The electronic certificates would be verified by the NHS and stored in a digital wallet on a smartphone, according to IT firm Verifiable Credentials – which claims to have already agreed a deal with at least one UK theatre and a cinema complex.
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16 Feb


The globalists hook in #COVID19 was always going to be a technological renunciation, their evolution towards a 4th industrial revolution. This quantum-leap moment could only be archived over a cowardice populace of sheep, which were cowering in a fear induced coma.

This global agenda, just like 9-11, where all countries were riding in lockstep were given orders far in advance & simulations of the agenda & the planning to implement a one world digital identity system based on blockchain that ties us to the digital grid permanently.

Because once you breed dependence on the system to buy food, water, or shelter or to enter a premise with your real-time digital health status. The system can be used to control our human behaviours, our compliance to degrees our humanity has never once witnessed.
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