You know how I’m “deardean22”? On here? The 22 is for the day of the months Teenlet & I are born. Both on the 22nd. Me June and her.. today. Teenlet is 16 today. Omg. She’s my only kid and she looks at me like that all the time because, teens. Short birthday thread:
She was a cute little sprite when she was born.
Grew up and started liked music & boy bands, as one does.
She has seen the best politicians in her short life.
She’s only reading boring school books but I always make certain her library is stacked for when she reads for pleasure again.
She’s always been a hard worker and she certainly doesn’t put sugar on her grits and she’ll give you that look if you suggest it.
She’s extremely in love with her dog, Darth Shnoodle. Uh, Sir Darth Shnoodle.
She has lifelong friends w/the girls. And Bunny/Berry
She’s good in school, unlike me. Thanks to her mom. She loves her older cousin.
She’s Leah Dean, named for her grandmother, my mom, Floy Dean. This is each of us at 16. Two beautiful young ladies & a malcontent weeks away from dropping out of high school, me. Thank goodness for her other genes 🧬
She is.. a curly girl and loves it. My drains hate it. She’s learned to be quick to say: “don’t touch my hair” to folk.
I wrote this book so she’d have an original Goddess mythology that shows the divine love of women & girls, & honors the divine feminine. It’s from bedtime stories I made up. I read the first copy aloud as she was going to bed, like when she was little, & she fell right to sleep.
Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes. I shared with teenlet a bit ago and she says thank you (and other stuff about me using her cuteness for likes 😂😂🥴🥴🙃)

• • •

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23 Feb
Neera Tanden being dragged by left/right at a moment that should be the creation of wonderful memories to share w/family is the violence america requires women to go through & survive to get past the glass ceiling. It is violence and trauma under the guise of vetting by abusers.
It is asking the slave master for a job recommendation. Asking abusive parents for allowance. Asking abusive partners permission to go shopping. Asking white nationalist to not choke us to death. Ask a white supremacist to hire/promote us/sell us a house. What we are seeing is
Abuse. Her family is seeing it. Her peers. All of us. It is structured, orderly, official. And if she fights back at the destruction of her character- BASED ON TWEETS- she’s unfit, overly emotional. Like a cop with a knee on our throat telling us to stop resisting. Manchin.
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4 Feb
I hate listening to the abstract discussions of “the hurtful words” “harm” as they discuss whether to kick a loud proud white supremacist & antisemitism spouting racist off “committees” when they should be discussing how many years she should be locked up. The allowances they get
Black & Jewish folk don’t live in the abstract discussions in the halls of Congress. We are threatened in real life every single day. That lady gets the honor of such deliberation is an affront to us. The normalcy of white supremacy is buried in banality but remains deadly to us
We don’t “win” anything if one white lady is off a committee but is still in office, still given a platform, and still have her peers and leaders defending her. We lose. This is a loss and folk treating it as a win shows the depth & power of the living trauma of white supremacy
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3 Feb
On the manchin issue that so many in the media and even white dems are missing: Black people will *never be okay with MVP being disrespected even if it is done to future dem plans. This isn’t our norm and never will be. Castigating Black voters for “not understanding” how
politics works isn’t needed. We understand more than any in this country. We also understand that MVP is attacked daily, that the attacks started years ago, and that Black politicians are expected to endure white bullshit for “the good of the party/country” and that a historical
VP that we’ve waited 400 years for will be protected by us. Always. Manchin and his state aren’t more important than respecting MVP. So please don’t lecture us about political theatre when there’s exactly 1 MVP Harris and exactly 0 Black women in senate and thus *all our energy
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29 Jan
I’ve worked since my first summer job at 14. Been gainfully employed for 42 years & have voted in every election since I became eligible. No republican has ever asked for my vote. None have ever consider me “working class” & none have ever tried understanding me as a voter.
The media - whether left right or center, whether print, television, or internet- have never asked them what they are doing to reach me. Or what they need to do to reach me.
Or why they aren’t doing better. It reminds me of the story my grandfather told abt his first time registering to vote in Texas once Black folk were allowed. He entered the building passing armed white men. Upon signing his “party affiliation” box was already checked: Democrat.
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24 Jan
A year after my mom was diagnosed with inoperable colon cancer and given a year to live, she and I had a small "party" honoring her stubbornness and refusal to allow her doctor to be correct. I made a small yellow cake, chocolate frosting - it was my favorite she used to make me.
She could only eat a bite as by that time I was feeding her just bites at a time. She had no appetite - the massive amounts of morphine I gave her throughout the day/night made certain she threw up every bite. Even water was hard to keep down by then. She took her bite of the
cake though and, because she was a mother, complimented me and said she would like to eat the whole thing. Most of the bite she took was still on the fork. She laid back - I had sat her up but even those few moments were tiring by then, and she smiled. Her smile always
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31 Dec 20
Hello, friend. It is the last day of the year & I have a few words for you. You had a good year & I am proud of you. You adjusted your entire life to get through a plague & pandemic & you did so w/little to no help from our Government. You switched gears, started new jobs, began
new projects & new home businesses. Some of you became homeschool teachers, & others became primary caregivers. You learned to bake, cook, clean, shop online, & manage your way through Zoom. You did so much & because we were all "In it", no one really was available to shout your
praises. Well, I am. You are awesome. You stayed being a good friend, even when you told your friends you would not gather. You constantly told friends & relatives to wear a mask, social distance, wash hands, don't gather - even when they no longer wanted to hear that message.
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