For slavery apologist Tom Cotton, the greatest enemy to America is not racism, or racial violence or white nationalism or insurrection: it's racial equity.
For example, African people and all of their progeny being enslaved by European-descended people and all of their progeny was an example of an American society that lacked racial equity. Cotton calls that a "necessary evil."…
But a society that tries to place Black people and White people on the SAME societal level; i.e., one that reaches racial equity, would in @SenTomCotton view be an outrage, since White people are SUPPOSED to be at a higher societal level than Black people. Is that the gist, Tom?
Oh, and when ole' Tom talks about what was "necessary" in our nation's past, even if somewhere deep down in his Tom Cotton soul, he also thinks it was "evil" (which I struggle to believe) ... it's clearly personal...…

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23 Feb
Republicans/Republican groups have opposed and/or run ads attacking these Biden nominees:
- Vanita Gupta (AAPI woman/DOJ)
- Neera Tanden (AAPI woman/OMB)
- Xavier Becerra (Latino/HHS)
- Alejandro Mayorkas (Latino/DHS *confirmed)
- Janet Yellen (Jewish woman/Treasury *confirmed)
...and they are gearing up to fight Deb Haaland’s nomination as Interior Secretary (she is an Indigenous American woman). I think that’s something we should just notice about Republicans, who have not generally attacked Biden’s white male nominees.
It’s pretty gross for any Democrat to get on that train, though looks like Joe Manchin is grabbing a ticket to ride. But the bottom line is, these transparent Republicans had no problem confirming the worst of the worst Trump cabinet nominees, from Bill Barr to Mike Pompeo.
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20 Feb
This point exactly. @LindseyGrahamSC @tedcruz @HawleyMO @mattgaetz @laurenboebert @govkristinoem @mtgreenee and the rest are examples of the kind of perforative trolling-as-government the GOP has devolved into. They don't DO any governing. They only exist to troll.
It suits a base that is frankly disinterested in governance, and economically comfortable enough to believe they don't need government anyway. So all they want from their representatives is the visceral pleasure of watching them yell at, swing at and try to hurt those THEY hate.
This, from @laurenboebert ... is performative trolling-as-government. There is literally no point to what she's doing here, other than to troll, and to send a signal to armed militia types, gun nuts and far right wing paranoiacs that she is their girl...
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20 Feb
Something to think about and never forget: these same unregulated Texas utilities who left 25 million Texans freezing and suffering, will turn around and hike up the electric bills to force those very customers, especially the economically struggling, to subsidize the repairs.
This will wind up creating debt, power getting shut off and even more suffering, disproportionately for Texans who are poor, Black and Latino. Something @ewarren has talked often about, as have @BetoORourke, @aoc and other Democrats. We'll be paying close attention, Texas.
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19 Feb
One of the strangest things to this day about the 1/6 insurrection is how little we still know about the law enforcement response, any investigations and any fallout. There have been none of the normal press conferences. Now this:……
This was the deadliest attack on our federal government since 9/11. Where are the press conferences? We know about individual officers’ acts of heroism and how officers faced the terrorists hand to hand, but there are still lots of questions. Who were the officers who died?
Does the department know the precise causes of death? Were there suicide notes? Did Officer Sicknick die of blunt force trauma or not? How many officers sided with the insurrectionists? Did any of them have advanced knowledge of the attack? Did they know any of the terrorists?
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11 Feb
Every word of this by ⁦@davidfrum⁩: “There is no defense. There is only complicity, whether motivated by weakness and fear or by shared guilt. And the House managers forced every Republican senator to feel that complicity from the inside out.”…
Frum writes that “The Republican senators are shrinking before the eyes of the whole country. They are all becoming “liddle.” They know it. They feel it. They hate it. But they cannot stop it.” And @marcorubio had imagined becoming so much more than a Trump Dalmatian.
He had been hailed by the political press as the “Hispanic Obama” who could do no wrong and would bring youthful electricity to conservatism . Now, he’s just another loyal (liddle) Trump pet, trying to avoid the newspaper swat of a cruel master.
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11 Feb
It's crucial that the impeachment managers are including the racist/white nationalist elements that Trump spent 5 years activating and cultivating (including in his 2016 campaign) in their case. Trump couldn't have assembled that mob without a core of white entitlement...
meaning a sense of entitlement to the president of their choice, regardless of the actual election outcome, and especially if the declared winner was the choice of nonwhite people (who don't count). But there was also the sense of entitlement to the physical space of the Capitol
and to physically seize the bodies of elected representatives, to force them to give MAGA "their" president, regardless of what "democracy" calls for because screw democracy if they don't get their way. Per Mike Lee, democracy is not even necessary. Only "liberty" (for his side).
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