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For today’s post on #tsukasasupremacy
Tsukasa is 99% likely to be an abuse victim at severe degrees, whether physical or emotional (or both!)
He is a murder victim who loves his brother, but is BITTER about what happened to him. He wants Amane to know how betrayal from a loved one feels, not to have revenge for his death.
Tsukasa was the only one that believed in Amane no matter what. He was also 99% likely to be his only friend, as we know he didn’t have friends and yet, he can recall how it feels like.
Tsukasa didn’t isolate Amane as Amane was the sociable one who likely chose to stay beside his brother. Why? They had a dependent relationship, and no one wanted Tsukasa compared to Amane. Tsukasa lacks social skills and cannot tell when people want to be his friend as a result
Tsukasa is NOT emotionless and cold. He shows a broad range of emotions and was even explained to be overly emotional and sensitive as a child by Amane himself.
It’s highly likely that The Yugi Twins were from a rich household that was neglectful. Evidently that also means once again, Tsukasa would be a victim to abuse. Neglectful environments would force Amane to take a parental role, and Tsukasa would become very dependent
Amane DOES NOT WANT to lose Tsukasa for a good reason. He was his caretaker and has a complex because of it. It’s 99% likely that Tsukasa is his yorishiro (confirmed by Sumire’s seal).
Tsukasa goes about things chaotically, which is bad. But what he wants is innocent. He thinks BOTH humans and supernaturals should have individual freedom to be however they want, even if it breaks the order of the world. There is a very personal desire behind this drive
Continuing on, in a co-dependent relationship he likely was in while alive, you lack individual freedom. He wants people to not hold back and be their TRUE selves, and for everyone to achieve what they desire regardless of how they achieve it.
Tsukasa exhibits learned behavior from Amane, which also signifies a power dynamic the relationship had. Tsukasa likely idolized Amane. How Amane communicates is what Tsukasa dealt with first hand, for we know from Tsuchigomori that Amane hasn’t really changed.
AidaIro made sure to hint at us that the Yugi Twins make one another complete. Tsukasa is the stars of the night sky while Amane is the moon. Tsukasa even followed after his brother, showing interest in astronomy himself even though he is more of the type to create things.
Tsukasa wasn’t born some “psychopath”, and he was even shown as a child being LED by Amane. Amane always took control as his elder brother while he followed, and official art always shows that Tsukasa’s heart is extremely beaten up and broken, moreso than even Amane’s
Amane being the head would be the one to speak to people (we have seen him talk to strangers without issues). Tsukasa was probably more observant and watched people a lot. We actually see this habit still in the series where he stares intensely and says nothing.
Nevertheless Tsukasa IS very perceptive because of this. He deduces quickly Amane’s relationship with Nene, knows who can bring out whose true wishes, and even here he figured quickly something was wrong with Sakura’s drink and threw it back to Natsuhiko.
It becomes clear the power dynamic the twins had in their co-dependent relationship, and also that Tsukasa probably figured people out quickly and didn’t like that no one was being true to themselves. There is an obsession with individualism and freedom here.
AMANE IS NOT AFRAID OF TSUKASA. He is fearful of reliving what HE did to Tsukasa. The two are very attached to one another and affectionate. And all Tsukasa wants is to be beside his older twin again who was always there for him during his life.
It’s likely in the 60’s that their co-dependent relationship was questionable, which could spark a lot of grounds for them being bullied. We can tell there was public embarrassment due to Amane’s reaction to Nene witnessing him with Tsukasa.
People are FREE to make any theories or assumptions on Tsukasa. But I think his character is misunderstood here and this needed to be discussed while providing manga evidence. There is one panel I want to bring into attention that is always at the spark of controversy...
Its important to understand that the anime didn’t portray this scene properly. In the manga, Amane is bound by his shadow self of his past committing murder of Tsukasa. We see this with blood splatters and seals tied to his brother. This is not present in the anime.
People also seem to mix that the Tsubaki (Camellia) flower represents HanaNene, but it actually represents the Yugi Twins. Wherever Amane or Tsukasa is present, Tsubaki flowers are with them. In some scenes it also means that Tsukasa is tied with Amane.
The Tsubaki Flower can define the relationship of the twins, and also (possible) foreshadowing (?)
SO LONG STORY SHORT, before you see absurd rumors please actually pay attention to the manga and take the time to understand how important Tsukasa is, especially to Amane. TBHK is about the Yugi Twins, not anything else. Their dynamic is the main focus of the story.
The conclusion of the series will likely revolve around if Amane atones for his sins, if Tsukasa moves on, etc. While we have other aspects, there is a REASON why the mystery behind them and their past is a massive focus on the series.
NO TSUKASA IS NOT A PSYCHOPATH ABUSER‼️ He is a victim, and he likely has a lot of mental issues. He has an awful background, wasn’t even able to learn what a healthy relationship is, and now is unwillingly running around as a yorishiro for eternity. Cut him some damn slack.

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