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22 Feb, 24 tweets, 6 min read
How To Understand How Your Physical Body (Musculatoskeletal System)

& Prep Your Physical Body for Pain Free, Healthy & More Athletic and Mobile Living

You need to understand that skeletons moves and operates around joints, and then together in waves/slings. (We will talk more on the latter later, focus on the former today)

All of those joints are comprised of bones, tendons, muscles, ligaments... here we will focus on muscle.
(Because for most of your problems and goals, that’s enough to get you the big results!)

Anyway, your muscles work in ANTAGONISTIC pairs or groups around every joint.

Ever hear of the famous phrase, “every reaction has an equal and opposite reaction”?
Well this is a great way to think about your musculature.

Your musculature, again, works in pairs, about joints

They flex, extend, abduct, adduct, rotate, explode, and so on

But without thinking about the antagonistic nature of these muscles, you will get less ideal results
And most people end up with less than ideal results.

They are tight, weak, injured, etc

So how can you have less injuries, be stronger + more athletic + more mobile?

And subsequently impress more of both sexes with athleticism, feel more confident, and have less pain?
By starting to understand structural balance, on a joint by joint basis, and applying it with an antagonistic muscle pairing approach. Let’s JUMP INTO IT.

To have a health musculoskeletal system, you need to have
-Proper Motor Patterns
And, really, they are all the same thing

Mobility and strength go hand in hand because when an antagonist muscle is WEAK in a stretched position, it has to TIGHTEN, making the partner muscle stretch to compensate and thus losing strength. (Ability to contract w/ enough tension)
Most of time people have the strength or mobility to do something, but they LACK the antagonistic strength to oppose this movement, therefore your nervous system shuts it down. (So you don’t get hurt!)

And this also leads to bad motor patterns, of muscles carrying more stress..
Then they are strong enough for.

So you get your hamstrings carrying load your glutes should in hip extension.

Or your anterior deltoid carrying load your chest should.

Or your rotator cuff carrying load your rear delt should. And so on and so forth...
So how do we get the proper neural firing pattern and enable strength & mobility?

Well, you can derive PROPER patterning and start to understand how the joint systems should load through perfect POSTURE and through fundamental movements, like a perfect OVERHEAD SQUAT
You can split it into systems.

More Stable systems: Cervical Spine, Lumbar Spine, Knees & Elbows. (Knees and Elbows work extremely similarly)

More Mobile Systems: Thoracic spine, Hips & Shoulders (work extremely similarly). Ankles & Wrists (work extremely similarly)
And then from there break down which muscles should INITIATE patterns, and which ones should carry a vast majority of the stress.

And how you can train for STRENGTH in ELONGATED positions, so the antagonist muscle will relax and let you hit them (in sport, in training, or life)
For most patterns, the muscle recruitment should start from zone 1 above (from the core of the torso)

& For the majority of people, their anterior musculature is overdeveloped (and tight) and their posterior is undeveloped (and weak) but it depends on the joint.
And since I love you, I’m gonna sketch out each basic joint, the general issue with its antagonist pairs/typical problems, and basic approach to fixing with stretches/movements.
Cervical Spine:
Shoulder Joint (for this and thoracic spine, which are intimately related, look up at upper crossed syndrome pic):
Thoracic Spine:
Lumbar Spine (for this and the hip joint, which are intimately related, look up at that lower crossed syndrome pic as well) :
Hip Joint:
Knee Joint:
Didn’t do wrist, or ankle, and obviously can get a whole lot more granular with all of these things but more so wanted to get you thinking in terms of opposing muscle groups and give examples. Let me know if these drawings were cool/helpful or not, I liked, good way to show ideas
If you found this helpful, would appreciate you sharing so it can help me help others!

Like I said, many of these things could go so much further in depth with and this is leaving out a lot of context/additional coaching that can be added. So with that being said, before you go
If you want to work with my partner @KdotUntamed (a near Olympic level sprinter) and I 1 on 1, to become the you that you’ve always wanted to be, get that HIGH ENERGY, ULTRA CONFIDENT, HEALTHY, MUSCULAR AND LEAN, GOOD LOOKING, BEST VERSION OF YOU? ⬇️


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The reason a lot of the info out there sucks is because of marketing reasons, they HAVE to proclaim “their method” as superior.

Reality: we have similar sets of physiologic governing rules, but genetics are real. Mine =/= yours

U must find what works 4 U
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