Bon soir, mes amies, c’est time for some cuisine de francaise from 1953’s Betty Crocker Cookbook, another edition of #YeOldenTimeCooking
Tonight we’re featuring French Epicurean Peas, which I couldn’t find any info about, but “epicurean” means “a disciple or student of the Greek philosopher Epicurus” so ... French Greek Philosopher Peas?
You’ll note the recipe ended with “serve in Swedish Timbale Cases,” which are like those deep-fried rosette cookies, just cone-shaped. I am a failure with deep-frying and I don’t have the irons. What to do?…
Little tart shells! Supermarket didn’t have any, so I made my own, and thought I could skip the pie weights for blind baking by draping them over, instead of putting them in, the muffin tins.
Grandma’s sifter makes another appearance – I’ve used it more this year than I have in the 20+ years prior that I had it.
Draping over the tins – what a great idea I had! Popped in the oven and checked/rotated at 6 min, when only parts were barely golden.
What a difference six more minutes makes. Oof.
Well. that was last night. Today I did the filling, which will hide how “well-browned” the shells got.
Ingredients! Note that I could not bring myself to do canned peas. (bleah!)
BACON! but it’s turkey bacon, so it didn’t produce a lot of fat (which became a problem later). Chopped 1tbsp of onion, which is not a lot of onion.
Added onion and here’s where I had to add some fat (butter) since the bacon didn’t produce enough to keep the onions moist enough to brown without burning.
Flour added to make a roux; also a problem with less fat. Butter added.
PEAS! because they were frozen, I knew they would take a little while longer than canned. Also, 2.5c of peas is pretty much a small bag of peas, there weren’t many left in the bag.
Added the light cream and lowered the heat so it wouldn’t scorch.
Got the mushrooms ready. 1c chopped mushrooms = three nice-sized white mushrooms.
Added the mushrooms. The sauce definitely thickened.
I had kept the shells at room temperature but warmed them in a VERY LOW oven (God knows they didn’t need any more browning) while making the filling.
Filled the shells and plated and crossed my fingers. I’d sautéed scallops in butter to make up for the peas in case the peas were a failure.
Hubby, who doesn’t know he’s a key character in a social media experimental cooking series, offered his first comment about the pie crust: “It’s so light!”
Then he tasted the innards. He seemed to like it. He only ate one. But that’s understandable – a starchy vegetable with a pie crust and a LOT of butter and (light) cream... it’s filling.
How was it? Good! I had the darker-brown shells but the filling mitigated some of the almost-burned taste. The peas were tasty, bacon added a smoky/salty note, mushrooms & cream smoothed it out. It wasn’t too rich, actually needed a little salt, was (almost) worth the work.
Verdict: would make again, but it's definitely not a weeknight side dish. *fin*
If you missed the last episode, where I took Shrove Tuesday pancakes to a new level, it’s here:
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