Intelligence, like a dog, always returns to its vomit. Lately 𝙋𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙘𝙤 decided to dredge up an old fake and regurgitate it back into the public consciousness.…
I presume they did this to scandalize the younger generations who weren’t around in the ‘60s and ‘70s, when Operation Chaos (CIA) and COINTELPRO (FBI) were in high gear and may not know about this particular fake.
I am speaking of the Greensboro Massacre of 1979, when a gang of KKK members and American Nazis murdered five protestors from the Communist Workers Party in broad daylight, on film, 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝘄𝗲𝗿𝗲 𝗻𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿 𝗰𝗼𝗻𝘃𝗶𝗰𝘁𝗲𝗱.
The event unfolded over precisely 𝟴𝟴 seconds, a fact we are repeatedly told, though who had the foresight to clock it is beyond me.
That these three groups were all involved in this event makes this an open-and-shut case, since we know that the KKK, the American Nazi Party, and communism are all creations of Intelligence and its controllers (Jewish bankers and industrialists).
So it will come as a surprise to exactly nobody when we find their pawprints all over this one. The article in question is titled “The Massacre That Spawned the Alt-Right”, but there was no massacre, and it spawned nothing.
Let’s start with a list of folks involved in the Greensboro Massacre one way or another. Obvious Jewish names are highlighted in green. Names attached to peerage titles are in yellow. Some are both.
A few things worth calling out: The predominance of Jewish names, which account for about 20% of the people on this list. Remember, Jews are supposed to make up only 0.02% of the U.S. population, yet we always find them in disproportionately large numbers in these kinds of events
Something else that should stand out to you is the recurrence of certain names. Smith and Percy all appear twice. Lee appears three times. Wayne is a middle name of three of the attackers. We also have a Fowler and a Flowers on the attacker side. We have both a Wall and a Waller.
Let’s start with why the communists were in Greensboro in the first place. From the Politico piece:

Already we see the scene coming together. A bunch of well-educated, white leftists not from Greensboro descend on a poor black neighborhood specifically to incite a “revolution”.
So this is already not a real, grassroots protest going on. It’s a bunch of privileged white kids being shuttled in to make a scene.
We’re told children from the neighborhood joined in, but these children only appear in one bit of film footage, and they’re all wearing red berets, so it doesn’t at all suggest spontaneous participation, as they would have you believe.
More likely all the actual local residents stayed far away, save for the ones who were successfully bribed to stand around as extras.
The mainstream story flits past the fact that the victims were out-of-towners protesting on behalf of other people, but this is actually crucial to understanding the whole event.
Then we find this:

In other words, there was real labor activism by real black people, but all that was quickly buried after the Greensboro Massacre by a new narrative dominated by the KKK, neo-Nazis, and communists.
In one fell swoop they shifted the national focus away from real opposition to controlled opposition. The above quote pretty much admits the shift was intentional.
Under the auspices of “supporting” the black labor activists, their actual goal was to direct everyone’s attention to the KKK. And notice how muddleheaded their plan was.
A bunch of Ivy Leaguers got together and decided to “expel” the KKK from Greensboro by staging a protest in the very last place you’d expect a KKK member to be. So instead of “expelling” the KKK, they drew them right into the heart of the black inner city.
Wouldn’t it have made more sense to find out where these KKK members lived and protest outside their houses and places of business? So already we see a purposeful diversion of attention away from factory working conditions to race relations.
Who was employing these black factory workers? I’m glad you asked, since this is another crucial piece of the puzzle. Politico conveniently fails to mention it, and Wikipedia only gives us a passing mention in its list of victims:
Those 𝗖𝗼𝗵𝗲𝗻𝘀 again. Claribel and Etta Cone, friends of Gertrude Stein and Matisse. Their brother Moses owned the Greensboro textile mill where many of these locals worked. These Cones were originally Kahns/Cohens.
They were related to Adlers and Guggenheimers, with a probable link to Solomon Guggenheim and thus to Rothschilds, Sulzburgers, and Marxes. That last name helps explain why the Marxists/communists were involved in this event. Wikipedia tells us more about Cone Mills:
As you’ll see, these fake protestors were all wearing blue jeans. I trust the irony isn’t lost on you.
In case you aren’t familiar with the southern textile industry in the 1900s, these mills built their own “mill villages” for their factory workers, complete with houses, churches, schools, and stores. These were essentially self-contained towns 100% owned by the mill owners.
So in addition to earning minimum wage, the workers paid their earnings right back into the Cones’ pockets through their rent checks, groceries, etc. If that isn’t the definition of a corporatocracy, I don’t know what is.
To give you a sense of scale, the mill village at the Cones’ Greensboro mill covered 450 acres and housed 2,675 workers at its peak. That included a separate mill village for black workers called – get this – East White Oak.
That tells me the Cones were not only racist against blacks but liked to make a joke of it, too.

The mainstream story admits these blacks were the victims of discriminatory practices, but now you know why they deflect on who the discriminators were.
It’s no longer allowed to point out that some of the worst perpetrators of racism and oppression throughout history were not “white” people per se, but Jewish people.
It is already admitted that the Jewish merchants were heavily involved in the slave trade in Africa and the Caribbean, not to mention the slave-dependent sugar, diamond, and gold trades.
Many of the wealthiest cotton plantation and textile mill owners in the American South were Jewish as well, both before and after the Civil War.
Any serious observer of the living situation of black workers in these mill villages will conclude that they were as much economic slaves postbellum as they were antebellum.
The cotton field was replaced by the cotton mill, and lots of poor whites were added to the ranks too, but it was mostly just a change of scenery.
By the way, one of the alleged victims of the Greensboro Massacre, a Jewish doctor named Jim Waller, was a union organizer for textile mills and founded the Carolina Brown Lung Association to help mill workers who contracted lung diseases as a result of their jobs.
His wife Signe, who was also present at the Greensboro Massacre, worked at Moses Cone Hospital. Do you see the conflict of interest there? Here is Dr. Waller protesting the Cone mill:
This all reveals how nonsensical the Greensboro story is once you begin peeling it apart. To recap: a bunch of Klansmen and neo-Nazis targeted a bunch of white people (and Jews) who were protesting against Jewish mill owners.
The Politico article spins you around for almost 6,000 words, hoping you will be too dizzy to focus your eyes on the absurdity right in front of you.
Let’s get into the event itself by taking a look at police informant Eddie Dawson. In a 2006 investigative report commissioned by the city of Greensboro, they admit he played a much more leading role than an informant normally would:
In other words, he coordinated the whole attack. That would lead you to believe he really was a Klansmen, and in fact that’s the story we’re given. Wikipedia tells us he was a “Klansman-turned FBI/police informant.”
So was Dawson pulling the wool over the Klansmen, or the FBI? You can’t have it both ways, yet that is exactly what the narrative is trying to do. They’re trying to explain away what they all but admit in the quote above: 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗙𝗕𝗜 𝗳𝗼𝘂𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗱 𝗮 𝗞𝗞𝗞 𝗰𝗵𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗲𝗿.
They want you to believe Dawson really was a rabid racist who got embittered by a bad experience he had with his fellow Klansmen and so decided to get back at them by becoming an FBI snitch. But the narrative is given upside-down.
Over and over we see COINTELPRO agents “infiltrating” these radicalized groups, but the much more logical conclusion is that these groups were never more than FBI fronts to begin with. That reading helps us make sense of Dawson’s story, which is otherwise nonsensical.
We are told there were no police officers on the scene, even though the Greensboro PD was given advance notice of the event and even had Dawson feeding them information about the Klansmen’s plans to violently disrupt the protest. The reason? They were too busy grabbing breakfast:
But if we flip over to the 2006 investigative report again, on page 13, we get more clues:
The second bullet is key. For one, it contradicts the Politico article, which claims Chief Wiggum and his posse missed the event. In fact, it describes them setting up a perimeter and intentionally directing officers to stay away from the center of action.
A perimeter is set up to keep bystanders out of the crime scene, and I suggest that is exactly what they were doing. Only it wasn’t a crime scene, it was a film set, since media was present to film and photograph the whole thing.
Speaking of which, we get some “gruesome” footage of the event in this CNN video, which only exposes the farce. Scroll to around 0:40. You can see a denim-clad man with a rifle coming up to another man in a cream shirt and firing at close range.
The unarmed man in the cream shirt immediately reacts by stooping over, as if he has been shot in the stomach. But then he stands up straight again and begins running after the shooter. What gives? If he wasn’t shot, why did he act like he had been?
None of the footage shows any actual violence, just a bunch of people running around and doing inexplicable things like pretending to be shot.
We get more signs of acting as we go along. Let’s start with this photo, which seems to show a white man getting ready to shoot at a couple of other white men.
The cleanshaven man is oddly wedged between the two bearded men and is staggering back as if about to lean back into the man behind him. The man behind him is (sort of?) making a fist and has a giddy expression on his face.
Overall there seems to be a lot of chaos and confrontation going on, doesn’t there? But I found another photo of the same scene a few seconds later, showing something totally different.
The man with the shotgun is now turned away, and the other men are checking out something in the trunk of the car. So the armed man was, what, pretending he was shooting a Commie? Or is this just a neighborhood game of cowboys and Indians?
Here’s the photo we get at the very top of the Politico article:

The problem is, we’re told all the bad guys escaped the scene of the crime and were intercepted after getting into their getaway vehicles. So why is this guy on the ground by himself?
They say the photo was taken on November 4, after the massacre. But the way he has been arrested makes it seem like they’re still in the midst of an active shooting scene, doesn’t it? Also, did the news crew just happen to be around to catch this guy’s arrest the next day, too?
Below is Nelson Johnson, one of the Communist protest organizers, standing beside a victim. Notice two things: one, the overtly staged nature of Johnson’s pose and existential staring off into the distance, which actually made me laugh;
two, the fact that this victim is supposedly dead despite only one gunshot to the buttocks and minimal loss of blood. They can never seem to get the amount of moulage right, always underdoing or overdoing it.
Here’s a photo of Johnson at a news conference the next day, with significant bandages on his right hand and left arm. He doesn’t appear to have any injuries in the photo above. When and how did those wounds happen?
If he was still in imminent danger in the photo above, do you really think the photojournalist taking this picture would have had the presence of mind to capture it?
The photo at the start of the paper gets the award for best “acting face”. If you scroll back up to it, you’ll also notice the way-too conservative use of moulage on the victim’s stomach. I’m not even sure how that’s supposed to be a bullet wound.
Lastly, I direct your attention to the gravestone for the five victims, who were all buried in the local black cemetery despite none of them being from that area. Do you think the families of these white, upper middle-class men would have been okay burying their bodies here?
The only one who wasn’t buried there is the one black victim, Sandi Smith.
What do you notice about the gravestone? None of their full names are given. Shouldn’t it say James Waller, Michael Nathan, William Sampson, and Sandra Smith? Sandra actually spelled her nickname Sandi, so whoever commissioned this fake gravestone didn’t bother spell-checking.
After the event, Politico tells us 14 of the offenders were arrested and charged by the state with first-degree murder and felony riot. By the way, that contradicts Wikipedia, which says police arrested 16 offenders.
Good luck finding out who these 14 or 16 people are; I couldn’t find any comprehensive list of names anywhere. Even the victims list is incomplete; we know the five fatalities but are only given six of the “10 or more” wounded survivors.
The initial list of people I gave at the top of the article I had to compile myself, and in took some digging. Anyhow, the trial for this should have been open-and-shut, since, you know, it was witnessed and filmed by news journalists. Per Politico:
So they couldn’t present a convincing case because the Communists wouldn’t cooperate? Really? They were so mad at the cops they refused to help bring their friends’ murderers to justice. All that despite the piles of evidence, including eyewitnesses and video footage. Okay, sure.
Actually, the real reason we’re told these 14 actors were acquitted of all charges in what should have been an open-and-shut case was that an all-white jury was appointed. That should have been immediate grounds for appeal, but an appeal was never filed.
You will say that just goes to show how racist the southern courts really were back then, but remember this was 1980, not 1920. This case was already receiving significant local and national media attention.
You think nobody questioned the all-white jury? You think it really occurred to nobody to file an appeal? The absurdity of this is an insult to our intelligence.
Next, we’re told nine of the Klansmen and Nazis were charged by the Justice Department, this time including Virgil Griffin and their own former informant Eddie Dawson. Obviously, they would never do that.
The federal jury yet again was all white, and yet again, nobody thought to appeal. Your intelligence should really feel insulted now. The DOJ didn’t charge them with murder, but only “conspiracy to violate the civil rights” of the Greensboro victims.
But they had already been acquitted of murdering them on account of self-defense, which means they had already admitted in a court of law that they killed the victims.
How did the DOJ intend to prove that these defendants violated the civil rights of the Greensboro victims while simultaneously upholding the earlier ruling that they acted in self-defense?
In other words, the second charge would be impossible without first overturning the first verdict. But they’re counting on you not to think too hard about it, and apparently nobody until now has thought very hard about it.
Finally, the victims filed a $48 million wrongful death lawsuit against 87 defendants, including the original defendants, the city of Greensboro, the state of North Carolina, the DOJ, and the FBI.
Politico gives the fun little detail that one of the Klansmen, Roland Wayne Wood, “felt confident enough to give a Nazi salute when sworn to testify.” That would earn anyone in a real trial a contempt-of-court charge, but as you can tell, all of this was just theater.
It also reminds us that this Nazi salute crap didn't start with Breivik in Norway. It has been part of the vaudeville since Hitler retired to Hollywood to do Playhouse 90.
Perhaps the strangest detail of this event is that the communists were self-described “Maoists”.
Politico even goes out of its way to mention this, calling them “full-on” Maoists. There's an unusual connection between Duke University and the Communist project in China
Madame Chiang Kai-Shek’s father was a Methodist missionary christened “Charles Jones Soong” who studied at Duke University and other schools in the South. He was on personal terms with tobacco magnate Julian Shakespeare Carr, who was instrumental in founding Duke.
Wikipedia tells us even more about this connection:
At least three of the five Greensboro victims were Duke alum – Cesar Cauce, Jim Waller, and Mike Nathan. Mike’s best friend Paul Bermanzohn was also a Duke grad.
The lesbian writer Blanche Boyd also went to Duke, and her Greensboro papers are at Duke.
(That link also mentions that she traveled to China in 1983.)
It turns out the Maoist movement in America started with a man named Jerry Tung, whose father was a visiting Duke University student who was supposedly murdered by the KKK in 1951.
It should strike you as odd that these Westerners fashioned themselves as Maoists, since none of them had Chinese connections and Mao is considered by many to be the world’s top mass murderer for the number of deaths that occurred during the Great Leap Forward.
If you really believed in socialism, wouldn’t you try to distance yourself from Mao? They may as well have called themselves Pol-Potists or Idi Aminists.
Cesar Cauce’s family supposedly fled Communist Cuba, making it especially unbelievable that he would ever become a Maoist, as I’ve already mentioned.
Based on the Duke connection, I’d say the Mao reference is some sort of inside joke, as is the fact that the first clash between these Maoists and the KKK happened a few months earlier in what is now called the China Grove Standoff.
This happened when the same communists crashed the KKK’s screening of Birth of a Nation in China Grove, NC. Also interesting is that the Greensboro Massacre took place in a section of the Morningside Homes neighborhood known as “the grove”.
The governors love the word grove, as it denotes a small (elite) cluster of trees (think family tree), and also denotes shade/cover. It comes from the Old English grǣf, and there may also be a connection to the German noble title Graf or Count, akin to an English Earl.
Graf comes from an older Byzantine title grapheus, which ultimately derives from the Greek verb for writing. Remember, the Phoenicians were known for spreading the first standardized alphabet. You know, phonics.
Anyway, the fact that the first standoff happened in a place called China Grove is all part of the inside joke.

That inside joke is that the industrialists and financiers are always controlling both sides of any social upheaval.
It helps to know that Julian Carr was an outspoken racist and KKK member. Since he was one of the wealthiest men in America, and at one point the wealthiest man in North Carolina, you can bet he was not just a Klansman, but a leading figure of the NC chapter.
Meaning, he was a major pusher of the charade. In that light, it makes perfect sense that these anti-KKK folks who showed up in Greensboro would come out of Duke. The goal of the event was neither to blackwash nor whitewash the KKK or the communists or the Nazis.
The goal was to merely to reinforce the perception that these groups were real. If they were real, Intelligence wouldn’t have to fake these events, would they?
That should give you some comfort, since it means there aren’t raving lunatics out there plotting to burn a cross on your front lawn or run you over with their car or shoot up your local synagogue, and never have been.
As a final nail in this coffin, in 2008 a former intel officer with the Greensboro police alleged that 50 boxes of police files related to the Greensboro Massacre were destroyed around the time the Greensboro Truth and Reconciliation Commission began its inquiry in 2004-2005.
If that weren’t enough of a clue, two city attorneys implicated in this allegation were Blair Carr and Maurice Cawn (Cohn/Cone/Cohen). Like the proverbial world on the turtle’s back, this one is Cohens all the way down.
Maurice Cawn was the attorney for the city’s police department. Want to guess what year he began that role? 1979.…

• • •

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