Rig Ved 1.39.7

Here we are trying to understand our memories which are full of knowledge. It is this knowledge laden memory that helps us to carry on our traditions. Tradition denote children. This tradition gathered through forefathers help us to continue this knowledge.

आ वो॑ म॒क्षू तना॑य॒ कं रुद्रा॒ अवो॑ वृणीमहे ।
गंता॑ नू॒नं नोऽव॑सा॒ यथा॑ पु॒रेत्था कण्वा॑य बि॒भ्युषे॑ ॥

Translation :

रूद्राः - Oh Son of Rudra, Maruts!

तनाय कम् - To get a son.

मक्षु - Fast.

अवः - To defence power.

आ वृणीमहे - To pray from all sides.

पुरा - In first Pura kaal.

नः - Ours.

अवसा - For security.

यथा - This way.

इत्था - That way.

विभ्यषे - Frightened

कण्वाय - Intelligent Yajmans.

नूनम् - Fast.

गन्त - Come.

Explanation :Oh the son of Rudra, Maruts! We pray to you for the protection of our children.

Just like you immediately went to protect the kanvas or yajmans similarly you also immediately come to our rescue.
Deep meaning:Here we are trying to understand our memories which r full of knowledge,It is this knowledge laden memory that helps us to carry on our traditions.

Tradition denote children. This tradition gathered through forefathers help us to continue this knowledge.

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24 Feb

Everyone knows that Sita was the daughter of King Janak or Seerdhwaj of Mithila. Once when Janak was ploughing the fields for a Yagya, he discovered a baby while digging the mud with his plough. Image
He named the beautiful child as Sita.

She grew upto be a beautiful lady. Once she along with her friends were playing in the garden. There she saw a parrot couple talking to each other sitting on a mountain. Sita overheard them discussing about Shriram's life.
They were talking that King Ramchandra would be a very able, benevolent and a handsome King who would rule Ayodhya for eleven thousand years along with his Queen Sita.

Sita was interested to know more as she realized that they were discussing her life.
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24 Feb
Rig Ved 1.39.8

मन परमात्मा की दी वस्तु है, उसमें कभी बदलाव आते है कभी प्रमाद, आवेश से या अन्य कारणों से। व्यष्ठि रूप से उसे मन या अंतःकरण कहा गया है और समष्टि रूप में वह माया है। माया और अंतःकरण आच्छादित है अज्ञान से। हालांकि मन परमात्मा की कृपा से चलित होने

1/6 Image
पर कभी कभी कुसंग के कारण विकार आ जाये, तो उसकी रक्षा के लिए प्रार्थना की जा रही है।

यु॒ष्मेषि॑तो मरुतो॒ मर्त्ये॑षित॒ आ यो नो॒ अभ्व॒ ईष॑ते ।
वि तं युयोत शर्वसा व्योजसा वि युष्मार्काभिरूतिभिः॥


मरूतः - Oh Maruts!

यः - Whoever.

अभ्व - Enemy.

युष्मेषितः - Through your inspiration.

मर्त्येषितः - Inspired by someone else.

नः - Ours.

आ ईषते - Come in front.

तम् - Theirs.

शवसा - Foodgrains.

वि युयोत - Seperate.

ओजसा - With strength

युष्माकाभिः - Ours.

ऊतिभिः - Security.

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23 Feb

The abode of Vishnu is called Vaikunth. It is huge in size and in its centre is the divine city known as Ayodhyapuri sorrounded by huge walls and large doors adorned with gold and precious stones.
The four dwars(doors) are guarded by Chand and Prachand in the east side, Bhadra and Subhadra in the south side, Jay and Vijay on the west side and Dhata and Vidhata on the north side. Apart from these the others who guard this city are Kumud, Pundrik Vamaan etc.
There are glowing rows of houses where immortal young people reside. The main house of this city is in the centre adorned with pearls and gopurs(pyramadical towers). The pillars are studded with pearls and ruby. There are many Vimaans, Palaces and houses. Even Apsaras are there.
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22 Feb

Zakir Naik and many Hindus claims that he is mentioned in Bhavishya puran and he will remove corruption, bad habits and he bring new wave of devotion.
Now lets see the Original Bhavishya puran by Gita press. Its mentioned here as MAHAMED not Mohammad. Twisting of words will not give you secularism certificate. Also MAHAMED is said to be Asur(Demon) here and no where mentioned in whole chapter that he will remove corruption,
bad habits and he bring new wave of devotion. SS is in front of you👆.

Ok if we even accept as per them that it is Mohammad only, then dont you think so they are disrespecting them? As MAHMED mentioned as demon.

Many Dharm gurus claimed this, Not sure why.
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20 Feb


I have refuted this earlier too but still. The images which you have used shows your mentality and half baked knowledge.

Lets start the refutation..
Some people are of the view that 'gopi chirharan leela' was vulgar and obscene.People forget that Krishna stayed at Gokul for merely eleven years. This leela possibly must have been done when he must be eight or nine. How could gestures of a child can be obscene.
Rishi's and saints have used such words in their scriptures for centuries but we in this modern world are taking their present day meaning without considering the inner nuances of those words.Such words were used to make us aware about the pure bhakti which according to them was
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20 Feb

We all are aware of each and every aspect of Prabhu Shri Ram's life. But not many will know the previous life of the horse selected for the Ashwamedha Yagya.
The story describes the preparations for this Yagya as directed by Muni Vashishtha. This Yagya was well attended by Kings, Muni's and even devtas from swarg lok. Sixty four Kings were directed to bring the pious water of Saryu.
After performing the puja of Devta's, Rishi's and Brahmins, it was the time for the Yagya horse to be sanctified. So the pious water was poured on the horse.

But the next words of Shri Ram made everyone curious with attention.
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