Secret towards being successful - Simple yet powerful rules.

Create your own luck. Be motivated, be inspired, do the hard work, stick to the basics.

Thread - Take a printout & read it again & again in your leisure.

#life #investing #success #TheSecret
1. Invest some part of your income in yourself

It’s only when you invest in something that you have the motivation to make it happen.

You are determined by

~ The quality of work you’ll produce,
~ The level of happiness you’ll have.
~ The quality of leaders you build
2. Invest at Least 80 Percent of Your “Off” Time into Learning

The world’s most successful people are intense learners. They are hard readers. They know that what they know determines how well they see the world.

Stop consuming junk media.

Read right & build your own content.
3. Don’t Work for Money, Work to Learn. Money is an outcome.

Wealthy & happy people work to learn. Unsuccessful & unhappy people work primarily for money.

ONLY 20 percent of your energy should be spent doing your actual work. Spend rest on learning, improving self, & resting.
4. Don’t Learn for Fun, Learn to Create Value. Value attracts everyone.

It takes wisdom to determine what you should learn, why you should learn it, and when you should learn it.

Learn, Relearn, Erase, Learn, Relearn. Be dynamic.

Find your own content. Build upon it.
5. Invest at Least 10 Percent of Your Income Into avenues that Will Generate More Money

The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The best time to start investing was also in the past.

Tomorrow doesn’t exist for people who don’t do something today.
6. Shift Your Motivation From Getting to Giving. Give more!!

“The world gives to the givers and takes from the takers."

~ Joe Polish

Find your CALLING, Build your CALLING.
7. Openly Acknowledge How Dependent You Are on Other People - Stay teachable, be a dynamic learner.

Just because your primary motivation is to give doesn’t mean you don’t also seek a lot of help.

Be a learner in every moment. Never ever try to be a perfectionist. Be dynamic.
8. Create "Win Win" strategic partnerships to achieve bigger goals. Moving ahead together as a team is important.

Most people are in a state of competition rather than collaboration.

Collaboration is a much much higher level than competition.
9. Dream big & set bigger goals. Face Your Fears. Challenge yourself.

When you set bigger goal, you'd think very differently about your daily behaviors.

You’d be more serious in all aspects of your life.

You’d eliminate limited thinking and consumptive distractions.
10. Selling is very important. Be very good at marketing.

Marketing is nothing more than applied psychology.

It’s about connecting with people, persuading them, and helping them.
11. Never Focus on Time, Effort & Money. Focus on Results Instead.

Most people don’t think in terms of results because their security is in a salary check.

However, when you shift your focus from how little you can do to how much you can do, you change how you work

Read again
12. Shift Your environments regularly.

The environments you work in should reflect the work you’re doing.

Doing several types of work in the same environment is ineffective.

Be very dynamic. Travel often, meet new people, change your ways of working often.
13. Be very very specific & clear in defining “Wealth” and “Success” for Yourself.

Success and wealth are not all about money.

Money, obviously, is very important. It solves a lot of problems.

" But money is a tool. It’s a means to an end. "
14. Be Firm. Have a Firm Stand, It Becomes Your Brand.

Only people with firm stand get really, really good at marketing.

They care enough about their message to get it out there. They realize that the "how" is just as important as the "what" and "why".
15. Be yourself.

Build your own identity. You are your own brand.

Believe in yourself, create your own boundary of respect.

Do not look towards the outside world for support, for approval.
16. Do it now.

If you don't want to do it now, you actually don't want to do it ever.

If you are dreaming about it, you have to actually do it and DO IT NOW.

Invest in self to invest in future.

17. Read the entire thread once more, take a print out and understand the gist.

Create your own luck. Be your own luck.

#inspiration #motivation #success #investing #life

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29 Jan
Short Thread

Investment process Is first and foremost about business and only business.

More you read, research and understand about business, better you would be able to progress in your investment & growth journey.

Understand the business in terms of it's
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~ Future survival
~ Future potential
~ Sustainability
~ Competition
~ Predictability
~ Monopoly nature /Any moat

Understanding of one business will help U understand many connected businesses
Very few parameters to understand business

~ Is it Capital Intensive
~ Type of customer - B2B or B2C or both
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~ Have learnt two things about the press and wives. When they say something – don’t react.

~ Markets are like women —— always commanding, mysterious, unpredictable and volatile.

~ Anticipate trend and benefit from it. Traders should go against human nature.
~ Successful investors are Opportunistic and Optimistic ones.

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~ Growth comes out of chaos. Chaos leads to growth opportunities.

~ Maximize profits and minimize losses.
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Thread on ITC

ITC is one great case study in FMCG sector.

It gave great returns in past, however poor returns in last 5 years.

A great quality company may not be a good stock always. Can it be a good investment from hereon, here are my thoughts & please research further
Few of ITC brands

~ Aashirvaad
~ Sunfeast
~ Bingo
~ Kitchens of India
~ Yippee
~ B Natural
~ Mint O
~ Candyman
~ Fabelle
~ ITC Master Chef
~ Farmland
~ Essenza Di wills
~ Flama
~ Vivel
~ Savlon
~ Classmate
~ Homelite
~ Paperkraft
~ Gold Flake
~ Navy Cut
~ ITC Maurya
~ e-Choupal
Multiple businesses under ITC umbrella & respective approximate % revenue as per FY20 data

1. Cigarette 41%
2. FMCG (non tobacco) 24%
3. Hotels 3%
4. Agri 20%
5. Paper, Paperboards, Packaging 10%
6. Others 2%
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Thread - How to spot a potential multibagger

Multiple fundamental parameters however we cannot be rigid on any of these parameters.

Be flexible to interpret things from bigger picture point of view.
Input 1 ~ No doubt on business survival

Come whatever event (health crisis, economic bubbles, economic recessions, political events, etc.), there should not be any doubt on business survival.

Earlier it used to be only food companies into this category, but now there are many.
Input 2 ~ Visible & sustainable growth potential

At any point of time, we can think with a certain common sense approach that if management wants, there can be a sustainable growth at any point of time.

Obviously this growth may come thru innovation, optimization, etc.
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16 Jan
Peter Lynch is a great investment manager of all time. He is famous for introduction of PEG. (P/E growth)

According to Mr. Lynch the faster the company grows, the higher the P/E ratio you should pay for that company

Here is a Thread - Peter Lynch thoughts & my interpretations.
1. Investing is fun, exciting & dangerous if you don’t do any work

Fun becoz we tend to learn so many things

Exciting becoz it give great moments of celebration because of unimaginable wealth

Dangerous becoz it can be addictive due to greed & people may start finding shortcuts
2. You can outperform the experts if you use your edge by investing in companies or industries you already understand.

Study businesses, apply common sense and invest into something which you understand.

No need to adventure & no need to be part of anything or everything.
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5 Jan
Model Portfolio 3

Time Horizon 3 years or earlier ~ Depends on if the stock performs significantly well in faster time. Review of business performance important every quarter.

This portfolio is suitable for aggressive investors who believe in risk taking and look for growth
Name %allocation

~ Laurus Labs 15%
~ Balaji Amines 15%
~ Deepak Nitrite 15%
~ Kopran 10%
~ Pokarna 10%
~ Eveready 10%
~ Dynpro 10%
~ Manorama 5%
~ Adani Enterprises 5%
~ SHIL 5%
~ Laurus Labs
~ Kopran

My top two picks in pharma sector are Laurus Lab and Kopran.

These have good earnings predictability, growth visibility & significant undervaluation. Growing from small to medium and to big.

Earnings can grow and valuations multiple can grow accordingly.
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