Pick a Card: March Messages You Need to Hear

Card One: Evil Eye
Card Two: Opalite
Card Three: Clear Quartz

Posting results tomorrow morning! Reply with what you chose!
Tips are appreciated as im in tons of debt rn

V enmo - moonprismmm
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P aypal - @/moonprismmmm
Card One: 🧿Evil Eye🧿

Ahh. So you have chosen the Polarity Card! There is shadow work to be done, dearest children of Gaia. You have been neglecting and casting aside your shadow self, the part of you that needs just as much attention and care as your light. We have all—
— played in the shadows and dabble in darkness throughout different lifetimes. There is no judgment from the divine on what you did or didn’t do in this or in any other incarnation. Source sees you as wholly lovable and worthy, even if you were a part of distraction or deception—
—in other times. Only we hold ourselves in judgment and punish ourselves because we feel we are anything less than pure light. The unicorns in the card show you that there cannot be light without the dark. There cannot be day without the night – just as you could not have the—
—capacity to hold a love look like that you do know, if you have not plunged into the darkness before. you would not appreciate the good things you have now, if you have not experienced their opposite. This polarity serves you beautifully. Rather than trying to disown your—
— shadow side, be proud of it. I wanted an integrated. When you do this this month, they will no longer hold power over you and you can start to love and except every part of yourself. Doing this brings you true freedom. Freedom from the pre-nance believe you have to pay for—
—being less than pure. Freedom from the lie of original sin that has shackled humanity for centuries. Freedom from unworthiness and from feeling less than others. You are perfect, just as you are – with your light and your dark. Carry Black Tourmaline and Obsidian on you this—
—March, and make sure you are doing heavy shadow work. Acknowledge, process, release.
Card Two: 🌈Opalite🌈

Hmm. Here before us us the Discernment card. This card often comes as a forewarning. I sense there is energy around you now that is not honest and truthful. I see jealousy, and secrets here. Someone is jealous of you and your current path of success—
—and is keeping a lot from you at this time. This March you must protect your energy, your goals, and keep your movements a secret. Move in silence. Look closely at the situation before taking any further action or making a decision. An offer or a proposal may seem tempting at—
—first glance, but there is something going on under the surface. There is a hidden reason why this might not be the best choice at this time. Someone may be withholding information from you were trying to distract you from an unattractive truth. Pause proceedings and dig deeper—
—until you have the full picture. Regardless of what anyone else is telling you, use your discernment and trust your own intuition. If something feels a little off even though there may be no apparent reason you must honor that feeling. Avoid making a decision that doesn’t feel—
— completely aligned for you and let go of any concern of missing out. This is not the right opportunity and something better will be on its way. This unicorn and his maiden also urge you to keep your dreams a secret for now. May be excited by a new idea, but while it is in the—
—early stages of manifestation, it is easier and better to keep it to yourself. our dreams are precious and it only takes criticism from one person to diminish their magic. Going forward, carry Angelite and Angelica Root in a satin pouch. This will serve as a fine veil of—
—protection going forward. Keep things on the down-low this March.
Card Three: 💸Prosperity 💸

Oh yeah, baby. We got the Prosperity card, so you know what that means! Abundance is coming in so many wonderful ways. Tax season is here, so this may also be a big part of this newfound abundance for you. This unicorn brings news of a financial—
—blessing. A period of good fortune is opening up for you this month. If your flow of money has fall blocks recently, this is a sign that abundance is returning to your life. You’ve been working towards an increase in your income, it is a sign that your breakthrough will be—
—happening soon. let go of any worry or impatience, as this will only slow down your supply. Instead, imagine the money you desire is already in your bank account and feel the way you would feel if you already have plenty to spend, save and share. Let yourself feel relaxed—
— relieved, happy, grateful and excited, regardless of the numbers currently in front of you. Just a tease good feelings and positive expectations will help activate your prosperity more than any fear will. As you focus on your new financial reality, follow your guidance on—
— taking action, whether is organizing your accounts, asking for a raise or creating a new product in your business. Work on clearing any lived in blocks or beliefs about wealth, so you can create a clear channel through which funds can manifest. The Divine is your source for—
—financial prosperity. It is time for you to open up your flow and receive.
Did these resonate? I hope so!! Please consider tipping to help my debt!

V enmo - moonprismmm
C ashapp - $bunnystarot
P aypal - @/moonprismmmm

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