The Fitnah of Aversion to Fitnahs. 🧵

The Prophet (saw) said that future rulers will be unjust and corrupt. But you have to obey them even if they torture you. He also said that whoever can stop them by pointing out their errors to them should do so.

The first and second Fitnah following the shahadat of Uthman (RA), Imam Husain’s (RA) shahadat and the subsequent sacking of Madina and Makkah - where thousands of Muslims, Sahaba, and even many family members of the Prophet (saw) were killed - shocked Muslims and scholars.

They unanimously agreed that obeying the rulers (even if they were not Islamically sound) was paramount for avoiding the greater Fitnah of incurring their wrath and leading to bloodshed.

So they tolerated the Umayyad tyrants till Umar bin Abd al-Aziz set it right.

The fourth Fitnah that solidified this stance was the Caliphate war between the sons of Haroon Al-Rashid that led to destruction of Baghdad.

It was fomented by the Mutazilite sect who slandered the younger al-Amin and played up his elder brother al-Ma’mun.

A pivotal role was played by Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal (RA) who discouraged the orthodox Muslims from responding to the Mutazilite campaign of whisper and slander to install their own compliant Caliph.

Imam Ahmad, never spoke ill of the Caliphs (at least while they were alive).

Instead, he adopted the attitude of silent resistance. Kept calling Caliphs al-Mamun and al-Mustasim as Ameer Al-Mumineen - even as he was caught up in the Mutazilite inquisition and being tortured to recant his faith.

He was tortured to within an inch of his life.

Fortunately, for Imam Ahmad, the thing that saved him was what he was trying to avoid. People gathered in front of the Caliph's palace, protesting and demanding his release. Something he himself would have warned against.

Al-Mustasim, fearing an uprising, released him.

Then came the Mongol hordes. Their brutal attack and destruction of Islamic cities consolidated the people around what little leadership or resistance could be offered.

The Mongols being the greater external threat than the errant leaders.

The Mongols were also clever to realize this quirk of Islamic world.

After their defeat at Ain Jalut and their win at Kose Dag against the Seljuks - they changed tactics. Instead of trying direct-rule over their Muslim subjects - they unleashed nominal vassal Muslim rulers.

After all, the Mongols (as colonisers) were not interested in protecting Islam or Muslims - they were more into collecting taxes and extracting resources.

And if they could do it without getting their hands dirty - the better it was for them.

Even in India, when the Marathas were ascendent, they still kept paying nominal homage to the Mughal "emperor" in whose name they ruled.

It was Shah Waliullah who saw this for what it was and invited Ahmad Shah Abdali to restore Muslim rule in India.

Ever since the end of direct colonialism after WWII - that is the favorite tactic being employed by imperialists.

They have learned that it is far more beneficial for them to control a few collared and leashed rulers of Muslims than 1.3 billion Muslims themselves.

If you are relying on scholars to stop this - forget it. Most of these countries have centralized scholars under state departments - where a scholar is there at the pleasure of the rulers.

These are not your Imam Ahmad by any stretch.

So here we are. Our reluctance to create Fitnah is creating more Fitnah. Even neutrality in the face of a tyrant ruler is a political stance.

Our fear of Fitnah creates a conducive climate for tyrants to practise their oppression.

I seek tawbah from Allah (swt) for abusing rulers without justification.

Going forward, I will also continue to criticize them and prevent them from doing evil unhindered. That is my duty as Muslim.

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