Marco Rubio’s wife does not work.
(Does not work outside of the home for pay, which is how Marco Rubio is using the word “work” here)
Anyway it’s just incredible to see a guy say that giving families money without a work requirement is not pro-family when... one of the two adults in his own family would not meet that work requirement, and he certainly sees her staying home as pro-family and traditional.

• • •

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18 Feb
This column by @ezraklein is very good and I agree with him 100% on policy -- we need a generous child allowance now. But I'm seeing this creeping argument on the left that it's just not important for women to work outside the home, and that's concerning.…
Working 60 hours a week at two or three jobs? That's obviously awful. Being paid so poorly that you have no time for your family or leisure? That's not "dignity," that's exploitation. And it is single moms who bear the brunt of this.
But while the argument that at-home work is just as valuable as paid work may be morally correct, in our capitalist reality, not working outside of the home leaves women incredibly financially and physically vulnerable. It also leaves them isolated, depressed, and anxious.
Read 14 tweets
16 Feb
Conservatives want to talk about "cancel culture." Ok, let's talk about it -- about how right-wing groups created it, continue to benefit from it, and warp the entire debate about it.…
I am not a person who says that there’s nothing to see here when it comes to claims of left-wing over-reach. I think there’s often far less to see than what the loudest critics claim, but we are walking through new territory;, sometimes we over-step. This is worthy of discussion.
But that discussion and debate needs to be full and honest. The truth is that it’s not the left doing most of the “canceling,” or penalizing people for their views, actions, and beliefs. It’s the right. The religious right is the most censorious and cancel-happy force in America.
Read 12 tweets
16 Feb
I would also love if right-wing opponents of "cancel culture" and ostensible defenders of free speech would stand up to the many, many right-wing institutions, including schools, that bar speech they dislike and fire anyone who transgresses their very narrow rules.
I am sure many women who taught at Catholic schools but were fired because they got pregnant outside of wedlock, or the many folks fired for being LGBT, or religious minorities who were refused employment in the first place, would prefer to be un-cancelled.
Where are the free speech defenders when religious colleges bar students from forming pro-choice groups? Where are the worries about "cancel culture" when a student is expelled from a Christian school for wearing a rainbow sweater & having a rainbow cake at her birthday party?
Read 8 tweets
16 Feb
Seeing lots of very angry retweets about this one, but if you read the story, it sounds like she went through a restorative justice process and all parties agreed that jail wasn’t an appropriate consequence, which is... kind of what we want to see more of, isn’t it?
Of course I understand people want to see people of color being given these opportunities to get therapy and restorative processes over jail. And I agree! But I’m not sure refusing them to people like Cooper in the name of equity gets us any closer to equity.
That isn't to discount the legitimate anger, frustration, and hurt that so many people feel seeing this news, and knowing that these processes are so often not on offer to the Black and brown people who are much more likely to be incarcerated than whites.
Read 4 tweets
12 Feb
I'm really hesitant to engage with this hit job on me and my credibility. But since this accuses me of not reading a book I reviewed(!) and makes a series of false claims, here we go.…
This is not true. I never say Hirsi Ali is trying cover-over her own story; it's why I identify her as someone who herself sought asylum. As for her desire to end asylum as we know it, the first section of Ch. 18 of the book is titled "Repeal the Existing Asylum Framework."
As for the below, I am genuinely confused as to how this is any kind of gotcha. You can see what I wrote, and you can see what Hirsi Ali wrote in the Spectator piece -- and I think my summary is a pretty fair characterization.
Read 8 tweets
12 Feb
lol sorry this is just a badly spliced compilation of every Democrat saying the word "fight"?
...and it's going on for like 25 minutes?
...and it comes right after a whole indignant segment on how the Democratic House Managers "edited" footage of Trump because they didn't show his entire speech? And now it's just Dems each saying, like, four words before getting cut off?
Read 4 tweets

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