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23 Feb, 4 tweets, 2 min read
Einstein warned about the Nazis in 1922 and how you can't trust his colleagues (other scientists)
Essentially,. MC is right.

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23 Feb
Do you guys believe that Kween in Yellow, will put in the same effort I did? I have been doing research since about late October. I read 4 books. Got documents from Hungarian archives. I found a friend who spoke Hungarian to talk to the director to find and scan me documents.
Will @KweenInYeIIow actually in the effort I did?
Look at the dates. How many months have I been wrestling with it?

Look at all the books I've read. No. Because she does not care about the truth. ImageImageImage
This is why no one can beat me in a debate. It is because everyone is lazy. Does she really think I would be so careless as to make an extreme claim, if I did not have rock solid, incontrovertible proof?

Does she really think her 10 second *Teknikully argument can beat me?
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23 Feb
The main way regime-change propaganda works is by making Americans have such low expectations for a government that they cannot imagination a better world existing elsewhere.
Other people have had governments that shot the war criminals, jailed the bankers and made sure poor kids got the best schools.

But, you can't be so arrogant as to think you have nothing to learn.
So, basically, you need to be hungry for change through first-hand hardship or second-hand empathy.

People are capable of so many amazing things and you are missing it because US-propaganda has limited your imagination.
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23 Feb
Really, I've made extremely serious allegations about the nature of the American state you are living in. It isn't about me. If your state has mislead you, who claims to be Jewish into supporting a Nazi who cut out his heart and ..., what other kind of evil are they upto?
I just don't understand why @thisAeon can't register this horrific fact and take exactly 30 seconds to search Hungary 1956 secret officer heart

The truth is just there. It so so glaringly obvious. But, he can't. He is incapable of not
Why aren't you curious....about what if...?

It takes 30 seconds to connect these obvious dots. Not hard.

But the generation has been so tainted by standardized test, they have turned into trained labrats in a maze.
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22 Feb
Hungary: We called the Soviets to help us crush a fascist coup.
USSR: Yep.
CIA: Commies lying.

Declassified CIA documents in 2006: Yeah.. we totally lied.

So I am citing an internal CIA document to show you the CIA lied in 1956.

Has she taken evidence?
I'd never have to cite the CIA if you believed the Hungarian communist party in 1956. But you did not.

Radio Free Europe(CIA) actually invited Anti-semitic hate crimes.

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22 Feb
I'm not doing it to pick @BernetaWrites. Instead, it is to show you how even attorneys who are trained in cite-checking, are so sloppy about cite-checking.

This is why every news media fails you.

This goes back to the point, Americans are always wrong 100% of the time.
I was already skeptical and explained I didn't fact-check her.

But 🤣 she cited HRW "Why is China killing all their counter-revolutionaries" org. 😅

I'd change the location of the story to "Langley,Va."

You'd think @BernetaWrites who argues about BLM would know why BLM protests started: Because cops would kill on video and nothing would happen. Hence.. "Black Lives Matter"
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21 Feb
See how much of USSR territory the Nazis invaded and conquered.

There were 1 million "Soviet Citizens" who were mad that "Lenin took my slaves" that fought on behalf of the Nazis.

The Nazis had industrialists throw money at them.

Not same situation.
This is because the Nazis, who were funded by every major corporation in the world, were able to recruit many of the former slave owners and the Tsar's mercenaries since 1933.
The red army was so so so so forgiving .... they gave many of their traitor citizens mass amnesty.

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