So I want to address a couple things about the last video just to clarify, namely trans men and "the children."

The majority of the media tropes as they are relevant to the way trans people are treated IRL pertain to trans women, which is why ultimately I focused on that, but...
As professional David Lynch drone-noise influencer @ContraPoints noted, the transphobia trans men experience is very different from what trans women experience, it is either infantilizing or more often erasure. In this context, it would deserve its own video.
But then there's "the children", which Joanne spends a lot of time on in her essay. This one would be tricky to include in a video about how trans people are depicted in fiction because trans kids are so rare in fiction they aren't really attached to any tropes or clichés.
So while obviously we did go into some real life examples of transphobia (namely, how the fear of trans women as predatory has real world consequences in prisons), and while we did do a LOT of research on Joanne's claims, we ultimately decided not to include "the children."
And we may do something with it at some point, because there is so much to unpack wrt Joanne's concerns for "the children," same with her concerns for trans men (whom she likes because they're women, actually) but for now that's why we included (and excluded) what we did.
although this I don't think i'll ever be able to talk about without falling into an apoplectic rage. Not the polls (idk about the UK but in the US it is not true), but that the only reason cis women aren't trans exclusionary is they've never experienced "male violence" 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

• • •

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24 Feb
glenn what do you think scarequotes “bi” means lol

this fuckin guy
greenwald gets terfpilled who’d have seen that one coming
Yeah, weird that in a world where opposite sex relationships are both safer and encouraged more “”””bi”””” ppl end up in opposite sex relationships
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holy f you guys our #feud is already a dead heat Image
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14 Jan
i try to resist dunking on their many, many bad takes that float across my TL but this sure is a lot of words just to say you don't understand how friendship works
*points at crows on a power line* social capital *points at kids playing tag on the street* social capital *points at lady walking dog* now that's DEFINITELY social capital
me, weeping as I turn in my fascist uncle who participated in an attempted coup into the FBI: "I... I'm sorry uncle working class comrade... I just... I need more social capital to impress the 'friends' that capital chose for me on twitter."
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4 Jan
Only because I can’t stop thinking about Bean Dad even tho I hope to forget about him tomorrow, but it’s pretty obvious to me that he kind of deep down knew he was being shitty to his daughter, and that’s why he took it to Twitter to reframe his shittiness as a Teachable Moment
That is why he felt compelled to share it at all, that is why he over explained everything, and more importantly that’s why he just got so defensive and kept doubling down and just genuinely did not understand the issue people took with the whole stupid thing
And I think people saying that this is an overreaction are missing the point – yes, many normal-ish parents do worse than that from time to time, but this guy was trying to turn his Teachable Moment into Relatable Content, and that’s not just a parenting oopsie
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3 Jan
*hearing about the can opener dad thread* how bad can it be?

*reading the can opener thread* this guy is a monster
Like I’m already floored by the caucasity of running to twitter with a 400+ thread how you turned your daughter’s inability to use a tool she likely is not strong enough to use into a Teachable Moment, but the blue checkmark + the doubling down, nah it’s open season
All this *and* he negs his own child? Wow, thanks, Apocalypse Dad
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27 Oct 20
So @EFF has blogged about this whole legal mess surrounding me, Addison Cain, her lawyer Tynia Watson, and their involvement in it. You can read it here, and I'll be posting supplementary evidence in the thread below.…
I'm doing this so people will be able to read an unabridged version of what happened if they're interested, but also to shine a light on Addison Cain's tactics -- if she ever uses them to target others in the future, people will be able to point to this to see it for what it is.
Tynia Watson's Sept 3rd letter to me demanding the video be taken down:
EFF's Sept 29th response to Watson's letter:…
Tynia Watson's (40 page!!) Oct 14th response to EFF:
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